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Summer holidays passed the near resort of

, till New Year`s vacation still far, but if drops out three - four days off, it is simply silly to sit in the city. Moscow area, especially in Indian summer is ideally suited for an outdoor recreation. How to choose Moscow region boarding house, the correspondent of “SP“ Andrey Zhigalin

of All in Moscow area more than two hundred rest houses found out. They can be divided into three categories conditionally: rest houses and boarding houses for passive pastime (to go to have a sleep, breathe fresh air, to drink - to have a snack); sanatoria where it is possible not only to have a rest but also to receive medical treatment; houses and bases for active recreation (it is sports - the improving centers and tourist`s complexes where it is possible to play tennis or golf, to make water walk, to hunt). In each category there are institutions of different price range (unless golf - and yachts - clubs do not happen cheap).

the Majority of Moscow region rest houses are located

at distance from 20 to 60 km from MKAD though is also such which are removed from the capital and on 170 km as, for example, nephrological sanatorium “Lake Beloye“. Constructed generally in the Soviet years, they initially differed on the class. Since then owners changed repeatedly, but essentially little changed. And “Dawn“ on 38 - Kiyevskoye Highway km m not to compare the former summer camp to the former rest house of Council of ministers of the USSR “Forest distances“ in any way that near Zvenigorod. Despite European-quality repairs, modern shower cabins and the prices in “Dawn“. Though both institutions are positioned as boarding houses of family rest now.

Before going to have a rest to Moscow area, it is necessary to understand, than you want to be engaged outdoors and to decide how many money you are ready to spend.

the prices of rest in a midland of Russia sometimes are comparable

to the prices in the Mediterranean resorts.

the Old Soviet landowners

After working vanity is often attracted by “vegetable“ rest: to lie on a sofa or in a rocking-chair and that nobody stuck. For this purpose there are rest houses. The cheapest are the generally former trade-union boarding houses which hardly coped with European-quality repair, bought furniture from IKEA and offering a minimum of additional services: the pansionatsky dining room in the evening representing bar, DVD - a player in the hall and the sauna remade from shower for personnel. Neither pools, nor any special entertainments are offered there.

the Price for one place a day with food seldom exceeds 1 thousand rubles. Such boarding houses - the suitable place if there is a wish to sleep off, take a walk in park, it is simple to live in the mode other than Moscow.


These rest houses are not subject to a seasonal agiotage of demand, unless only on New Year`s Eve it is necessary to think of booking of places in advance (in a month or one and a half) as told SP in Berezovaya Roshcha boarding house of the Moscow railroad which is located in the Mytishchi district in 20 km from the capital. The most expensive places of luxury range in “Birchwood“ cost 1,5 thousand rubles, and the price for a standard single room in days in this boarding house do not exceed 900 rub

of Additional entertainments any, from sights - nearby to the Trinity - Sergiyeva of laurels. Quiet rest. For middle class such network hotels as “Geliopark“ (“Talasso“ in Odintsovo district and “Country“ - in Taldomskom) or “Forrest“ provide the services (“Tropikana“ near Zelenograd and “A festival - park“ in the Chekhovian area).“ These are the first country hotels which passed to the western standard of work“, - the head of department of travel agency “STB Tours“ Tatyana Demidovich tells. It means that in numbers of these hotels there is a decent furniture and the working bathroom equipment.


Besides, to you will offer various additional service, however, for additional money. The prices of accommodation make, for example, in “Gelioparka“ - 3,7 thousand rubles a day for a standard double room and 3,9 thousand rubles for luxury with a fireplace.

Part of country hotels of middle class - new construction and individual architecture, from cottages from the rounded logs to stone fantastic teremk (“Geliopark“), part - reconstructed pioneer camp and rest house. For example, in “Forrest“ in the territory of a public garden where there passed pioneer rulers, there is a plane MiG - 15 near which local veterans conducted courage lessons.

These boarding houses are ideal

for passive rest. It is possible to have a rest in number, it is possible to fry a shish kebab, to catch a small fish or to take a steam bath in a bath. Entertainments are offered different: and the wet bike if the lake, both surfing, and a paintball, but all in the quiet mode, without fanaticism is near. That, say, the beginner in surfing felt comfortably among the same beginners, but did not feel discomfort among professionals, as in specialized sports club. It is necessary to pay for use of the pool, a sauna, hire of sport stock in addition, without speaking already about SPA - procedures. It is necessary to pay even if to you will take in head to fish in a local pond.

, for example, it will cost to

In “Gelioparka“ about 300 rub in hour However, service of the cook who will prepare for you the caught fish also is included in the price of fishing: will fry or will cook a fish soup. The most interesting that you will not be left without fish soup even if you will catch nothing. Fish it is possible to buy right there, and is not more expensive, than in shop (the carp costs about 100 rub/kg).

Managing directors of rest houses thought up the original commercial course which allows clients to spend money with pleasure, without looking constantly in a purse. As told SP in administration of the company of “Forrest“, in the territory of its rest houses turnover of cash is forbidden. Any service - massage or driving on a horse, I go also binge in the bar and restaurant, the parking of the car on the special parking - to you will be offered on credit, having recorded the account with your card. And at departure it is necessary to pay everything at once, otherwise will not pawn the passport left. Under the law it is forbidden to take the passport as a deposit, however the lawyer of the company of “Forrest“ Alexander Semenov explained SP that in their company such rules. If you do not want to leave the passport, leave 15 thousand rubles of pledge. “Non-cash“ life has also light parties: it is necessary to worry, give or to give tip to personnel. Such system works almost in all rest houses working on the western sample: in “Forrest“, in “Gelioparka“, in “The atlas park - hotel“.

Here to you just as on the dacha, friends can come to stay for a while. For this purpose it is necessary to buy the invitation ticket, and the visitor legally will be able to eat in the dining room and to sleep in your number on an extra bed. Such ticket costs four times cheaper, than the full permit. By the way, almost in all rest houses the breakfast and a lunch is served in the form of a buffet, and it is necessary to pay for a dinner separately. Often both the breakfast, and a lunch, and a dinner can be ordered according to the special menu, and even with delivery in number.

can order fresh flowers as addition to a romantic breakfast There. Flowers inexpensive, on 50 - 150 rub apiece, but here formation of a bouquet costs about 500 rub, and delivery - 200 more rub. Nuances of room - service are that.

can be found

Among the boarding houses offering measured rest also institutions of the highest class (as a rule, departmental, but now ready to receive any solvent guests). For example, Vatutinki boarding house of Administration of the President, and earlier - Council of ministers of the USSR (14 km from MKAD on Kaluzhskoye Highway). Numbers, food, an improving complex with the pool, baths and SPA - top-level procedures. As told SP in service of booking, the place in “Vatutinki“ will cost from 2,4 thousand rubles on the person in days or about 5 thousand rubles for two.

the breakfast and the pool twice a day are included

In this price.

- billiards, massage, the gym - should be paid

For all the rest separately. Furniture in numbers almost antiquarian, but not from those sets that is sold according to photos at the subway. The bathroom equipment - expensive, food - as at decent restaurant, and is an opportunity to choose and dietary kitchen.

can Make a reservation in “Vatutinki“ by phone.

Going to similar rest house, it is necessary to be ready to the fact that there you will appear among very respectable public which got used to have a rest here from Soviet period. In such houses “with history“ there was even the local folklore.

are Told a story as to one lieutenant colonel on acquaintance got the permit to “Vatutinki“ from the Ministry of Defence. And here he goes on avenues of park and sees a disorder: some men in sports suits walk in the park and address to each other not under the charter: on “you“ moreover with a mention of military ranks it seems “listen, the major“ or “estimate, the lieutenant“. The lieutenant colonel put slovens on standing at attention and uttered to them that the military even on vacation has to live, and especially to address to similar under the charter. And then it became clear that the major is a general - the major, and with the lieutenant similar history. And spoke so that to avoid long words and are familiar one thousand years - silly on “you“ to each other to address. And rest ended with a heart attack at the lieutenant colonel.

on the other hand, traditions of service in such “old Soviet“ places corresponding. So, on the website www. pansion. ru the people who visited “Vatutinki“ write that the personnel of rest house “very quickly learned to distinguish vacationers on “Mercedes“ with flashers from the others“, - and belonged, respectively, differently.

Almost in all expensive rest houses not of sanatorium type for an additional fee are offered by cosmetic and improving procedures. All SPA complex - procedures which can be met in the Moscow beauty shops several tens boarding houses and rest houses with the accommodation price offer not less than 2,5 thousand on the person in days. But really to receive medical treatment, but not to preen feathers, it is necessary to go to sanatorium.

Podlipkinsky waters

Sanatoria are the same rest houses, only with a medical bias. There it is possible to poprinimat mineral and mud baths, to repair teeth, to drink mineral water or special teas for kidneys. The prices of permits are usually specified in sanatorium without treatment cost. The set of procedures is rather wide and they register the doctor individually.

I the service level, and the accommodation price in sanatoria depend on their departmental accessory, and a set of the offered procedures - on a medical profile. For example, to live in the case from glass and concrete of the sanatorium “Moscow area“ (is warm - vascular diseases) which is nowadays belonging to Administration of the President, and earlier - to Council of ministers of the USSR, will cost 2,5 - 3,8 thousand rubles on the person in days. As certified SP of administration of sanatorium, “Moscow area“ is a full-fledged hospital with all necessary equipment and great doctors.

I there you can complete any course of treatment in parallel with rest. And the maintenance of a course and, respectively, its cost are determined by the sanatorium doctor whose primary consultation is included permits in the price.

the Sanatorium of “Birch“, a class is lower, endured reorganization, being assigned to the State Committee for Construction of the Russian Federation, and quite recently passed into private hands. But all medical base remained from Soviet period. He is located near the settlement of Pavednika (5 km on Dmitrovskoye Highway) and as told SP in service of placement, offers rest at the price from 1 thousand to 1,2 thousand rubles from the person in days with three meals a day.

, naturally, should be paid

For treatment separately. For example, the bathtub with mineral water costs 150 rub, inhalation - 170 rub, and the most expensive - individual medical massage - to 500 rub. Let`s notice that almost in all sanatoria traditionally offer balneotherapy (more rare - dirt), phytotherapy, a wide range of inhalations. For example, in gastroenterologichesky sanatorium of “Monino“ treat local mineral water “Moscow“, and also “Kashinskaya“ brought from the Tver region. Some waters from local wells use for bathtubs. And in sanatorium of “Podlipka“ developed the whole complex of procedures for rehabilitation after myocardial infarctions: course of massage, electroprocedures and inhalations.

Country sports

If you want

that even short rest to you was remembered for all year, then and it is necessary to choose such boarding house which will be able to surprise you with something. There are places offering to the guests a certain highlight.

It can be sports rest: from simple soccer before extreme parachute jumps or elite golf. Many rest houses offer hunting. Some are glad to individual clients, some are focused on teams of athletes. For example, it is sports - an entertainment complex “Tyagachev`s Club“ (the former sports Shukolovo base of the Olympic reserve) as told SP in service of placement of club, accepts only groups from 20 people. However, the payment of accommodation and food which is quite sparing - 1,2 thousand rubles from the person in days.

the Sports country clubs and parks constructed recently is distinguished by modern approach to customer service and high prices. For example, the sports park “Is free“ offers both summer, and winter sports: mountain and flat skiing, paraplane, soccer. It is possible to play a paintball and tennis. At park there is a hotel in which accommodation costs from 1,5 - 2,6 thousand rubles per weekdays to 5,5 thousand rubles - during the week-end.

By the way, it is very widespread practice: in days off and holidays of the price significantly grow. To save, the administration of IP Volena advised to buy the permit for three days at once - Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Then should pay

not 16 thousand, but only 11 thousand rubles. Admiral and Novy bereg hotels - popular vacation spots of fans of driving on yachts.

As the captain of the Alaska yacht Roman Verzin told

SP, it begins nearly five years the travel on Black and Caspian exhausting from week warm-up in “Admiral“. He does not live in hotel: there is the yacht, but uses the local mooring and comes off before start with friends in local club. The captain of sea club “Admiral“ Pyotr Rubtsov explained SP that the parking of the vessel costs from 600 rub and above, depending on its length.

Hotels of the highest class offer the guests elite entertainments, for example golf or really “imperial“ hunting. The prices of numbers there not strongly differ from hotels for middle class, but here the additional services making just quintessence of elite rest are noticeably expensive. For example, Moscow Country Club has golf courses on 18 holes. Game will cost 3 thousand rubles on the person on weekdays and 6,5 thousand - during the week-end. As to one to play it is uninteresting, it is necessary to prepare at least 6 - 13 thousand rubles a day. By the way, on the international classification the Moscow Country Club hotel complex located near the settlement of Nakhabino on Novorizhskoye Highway near Krasnogorsk has five stars. It enters a world network of Le Meridian hotels.

Other hotels, boarding houses and houses of sports rest fall short

also of three stars how many they to themselves in prospectuses drew and however many cost day of accommodation. All tour operators realizing permits in Moscow area surely declare that it is connected with staff recruitment. That is the kitchen, numbers, an arrangement, a set of services at a number of institutions approximately identical, and here a lot of things spoils personnel. Managers of Moscow Country Club, where the standard double room costs 7,3 thousand rubles, do not save on training of employees and hire only Muscovites. Here those who want to play golf go generally.

Close on a class of service is the Zavidovo hotel complex (100 km from Moscow on Leningradskoye Highway, 2 - 3,5 thousand rubles for the place or 5 - 7 thousand rubles for two) where traditions of quality are put from Soviet period when it intended for rest of the high-ranking foreign diplomats. Here it is possible to stop in the rooms of the hotel, constructed as a townhouse, and in individual cottages on the bank of the Moscow sea.

the Most interesting that is offered in “Zavidov“, is a hunting for wild animals. Pleasure not from cheap: it is necessary to pay 1,5 thousand rubles for a duck to the hunting ground and 500 rub to the Zavidovo complex for the organization of action. The organizer of hunting of a complex Semyon Semeshka told SP that hunting in “Zavidov“ unique, is carried out in the hunting ground of the Russian President.

can Trade in

a wild boar (25 thousand rubles), an elk, a deer and a maral (about 100 thousand rubles) and even a bear (from 45 thousand rubles and above). Semyon promises to undertake all efforts: to bring, bring, show places, to organize a piknichok after hunting, to help to transport trophies.

So far, is claimed by Semeshka, nobody complained. In the hunting ground people who organized hunting still to communistic leaders work to this day. Personnel then learned not to be lost in any situations. Tell that when the leader of Socialist uniform party of Germany Erich Honneker came to the Zavidovo to hunt together with Brezhnev on a hare, in advance prepared hare died just before the beginning of hunting. The service staff did not become puzzled and sewed up a local cat in a skin of a hare. And there was nearly enough Honneker blow when the “hare“ who jumped out on a glade suddenly got on a tree, having heard bark of dogs.

Where to buy

When the boarding house is chosen by

and the decision is made, it is necessary - to give the most important money and to receive in exchange the permit. As told IP Tatyana Demidovich from “STB Tours“, it is possible to buy permits and on the place, in the rest house, and through tourist bureau. Almost each decent rest house has so-called authorized travel agencies where permits arrive with 10 - a percentage discount for agencies. And the tour operator sells to the client the permit at the price of rest house. As a rule, the list of such agencies is posted on the website of rest house. If the travel agency is not authorized by rest house, then it buys permits on an overall cost. Also it is necessary to prepare that 10% of commission charges are paid by you. If you plan rest for New year, May or Christmas holidays, then the place should be reserved in advance: for example, for New year it should be done in October.

And even before arrival should pay with

all 100% of cost of the permit. Now the summer flow of vacationers fell down, and on everyday life to buy the vacation package easily on the same day and for the weekend there can be problems only if all rest house chosen by you is handed over under corporate parties.

Rest in Moscow area something is similar

to rest at the dacha: or on expensive - across Rublyovka, or on five hundred parts with a bath where - nibud on the suburb of area in a one-storeyed lodge. And guests can appear suddenly in the same way, and the shish kebab can be fried under vodka. Here only the dishes should not be washed then and the linen to you will be changed in time.