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11 children from each one thousand been born do not live a syndrome of sudden death of babies of

according to the state statistics in the Russian Federation till one year. Infantile mortality in Moscow monthly claims the lives from 70 to 90 babies.

at the heart of this tragic statistics - not only various diseases and congenital anomalies. Considerable number of babies, mainly, aged about seven months, die of the syndrome of sudden death of babies (SSDB). Scientists of the whole world still do not manage to find the reason of their death.


both premature and full-term children Are subject to sudden death. Unexpectedly, without any visible reason the child has a respiratory standstill - apnoe. Most often it happens at night or early morning hours when the child is in the bed one.

during pre-natal development the child “breathes“ through mother`s placenta (from armor. placenta - “afterbirth“). Having been born, he also does not suspect about dangers which can trap him in a cozy crib: asthma from - for vomiting of food, hit in a trachea of alien objects, interruptions of breath from - for instability of nervous and respiratory functions.

Function of breath is vital. We seldom think that we need to make a breath which will provide with oxygen all our bodies again. And only getting into a situation when the breath is held specially, for example, when diving, we feel the value of the next drink of air.


Children of chest age are subject to a breath irregularity. Even at absolutely healthy children short pauses in breath are observed, but their duration should not be more than 12 - 15 seconds. Frequent delays of breath (apnoe) lead to oxygen starvation of a brain that can be reflected subsequently in intellectual development of the child.


weakening of the kid because of prematurity, problems with digestion of food can Aggravate a situation, especially at artificial feeding, the vaccination reducing the immunity of the child, and also an infection considerably increasing risk of respiratory standstill.

Recommended by the doctor of a measure of prevention - a night dream of the child on a back, airing of a nursery before going to bed, the rigid mattress and lack of a pillow in a crib - not always happen effective.

One of the most modern methods of prevention of the tragedy connected with respiratory standstill at babies is continuous monitoring of children from 0 to 1 years by means of the children`s respiratory monitor which will instantly give an alarm signal in case of respiratory standstill at the child.

Sudden respiratory standstill and heartbeat of babies needs to be prevented in time. It is necessary to remember that most often children perish from SVSM at night and in the morning, aged from 2 till 6 months. SVSM meets at boys more often, than at girls. Scientists noticed, that SVSM children are subject in a cold season (in the fall and in the winter) when there is a raising of catarrhal diseases and immunity is reduced.

children treat risk group:

What needs to be made if your child does not breathe?

Check breath frequency, having approached a mouth and the child`s nose, trying to catch the movement of a thorax.

Estimate skin color. Respiratory standstill is demonstrated by pallor of integuments and a posineniye of lips.

stir up

in the absence of breath, wake the kid, carefully massage handles, patches, pound lobes of ears. In most cases it will be enough for breath restoration.

If breath did not appear, then be convinced that in a trachea there are no foreign objects, having opened a mouth and having a little thrown back the child`s head back.

Immediately call the ambulance before which arrival give help to the kid, having made an artificial respiration, and in the absence of pulse on a manual artery carefully start massage of a thorax. Very important during preparation for childbirth to learn these receptions - it can save life to your child.

All these measures can help

, only if are rendered in due time. The most important - in time to notice the approaching danger and to interrupt with active actions development apnoe. Therefore the most effective remedies of fight against a syndrome of sudden death of babies is the constant control of breath of the child allowing to obtain immediately disturbing information on emergence at the kid of problems.

Such control in house conditions can be exercised by

by means of the respiratory monitor. This method will allow parents to determine easily at any time the breath frequency which is one of the most important indicators of a state and health of the child and in time to give to the child help, and also will give the chance to mothers and fathers it is better to get enough sleep and to direct more than forces to education of the kid.