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As we gave birth during a thunder-storm of

Ya - mother. Yes, quite so I can speak about myself now. It is so much expectation, doubts, pain, it is so much patience and how many I enclosed in this phrase! More precisely, worried to tell it is proud and is happy: “I am a mother!“

I will Not describe the pregnancy, it will take too much place, and I think that completion of this concerning process is more interesting to much of those who reads this modest story nevertheless.

I Will tell

vkrayets, we are married nearly 4 years, and till this moment especially did not think of replenishment of family: university, moving from the country to the country... Generally, not so precisely was. And here last fall as dawned on us that something that cannot be bought is missing in our life, something bigger, any sense which only the kid can give. And here after such thoughts I also found 2 stripes on the test in the morning, is banal, in a toilet, having bought the night before the cheapest of the tests which are available in a drugstore.

Then all was excellent

, I did not learn neither what is toxicosis nor what is nausea in the mornings. I had super all, and proceeded so till 20th week. Till this time we managed to fly to Turkey, to learn that we wait for the lassie the daughter and to return here.

Here my wanderings on day hospitals also began

. Long I will not write if to list all my diagnoses... There was everything, since threat and a tone, and finishing with lack of water! During this time I got acquainted with all personnel of maternity hospital and when came to give birth, accepted me almost like native.

In two days prior to childbirth the stopper began to depart at me, I then still plainly also did not understand that it is a stopper or not? That evening in the house disconnected light from - for thunder-storms so I by the light of the mobile phone tried to consider something in a toilet. After that next day I was examined by the doctor and told that we will give rise... And when we will give rise, she does not know.

the 39th week Went. The doctor advised to drink a sage that I also did, drank it just in liters... In a disgusting way, but there was a wish rather. Besides there arrived my parents, and it should be come back home, in principle, and they very much wanted to find my childbirth. Generally, all disposed to giving rise, and childbirth was not... I was upset that parents should leave, without having waited for the granddaughter, and bitterly sobbed over this fact!

B that day, memorable for me, day of childbirth, I was engaged in monkey business, i.e. washed houses the floors, climbed the Internet and did nothing. Pulled out mother on walk behind fruit in the evening. Felt my heart that it is our last sweet cherries - strawberries.

Already on walk to me it became somehow not really good

, something began to pull, somehow unusually. I will tell that I had no training fights therefore I felt similar feelings for the first time. After walk sweet cherries with strawberry gorged on, on the TV just showed our maternity hospital, and my doctor told about the office. Well, all of us looked at it and went to sleep.

Was hours of the 10th evening. Everything took me, but I was silent as the guerrilla. Why in vain the people to excite? Went to bed, to be enough the beginning it is concrete, the husband began to note time, it jumped from 15 to 10 minutes, and I convinced him that if it were the real fights, time would be exact! I am clever, so much on the Internet read. And at most the thought crept in: “Mother! This is Ono!“

Till one o`clock in the morning I went on the apartment, and all thought:“ Well why at night? It will be so inconvenient if it is false contractions, and we will arrive to maternity hospital. And it is not really good to awake my doctor at night too, it is necessary to suffer till the morning“. But till the morning I was not fated to suffer, started me anew to feel sick, and then and to tear, simply to turn out after each fight... Here then I also understood that it is necessary to go to maternity hospital-. And so...

Prenatal seemed me very lovely place. Waiting for my doctor to me decided to make one more 5 - a liter enema and as I convinced the people what to me was already done, all the same on them it did not work, probably decided that I eat much, here and it is necessary to clean well me, and that everyone at attempts happens... Or perhaps they in practice what case had, and now they are reinsured?

generally, were pumped in me by 5 more liters of water and sent to communicate with “the white friend“. I sit on a toilet bowl again, and nearby a huge window and heavy rain. Already the sun begins to rise, I think, here it, dawn of new life! And in the head the silly thought for some reason climbed that on the street smells of the foliage which fell down from trees and the earth now, well you know how the earth after a rain when after a heat these vivifying streams suddenly spill smells? Well it is fine... From lyrical thoughts me fight tears off, to sit becomes more cheerful.

After me insert a catheter into a vein and prick a background, I ask, what is it? Speak, that you sustained it, the organism is fed who knows when he eats … E, I speak, so business will not go that means who knows, I by a lunch want to give rise...

there Comes my sleepy doctor. I am conducted on a chair, in a corridor discussing that I have a lack of water, the child already low, and the bubble should be punctured. After the phrase about a bubble puncture I before eyes had all those stories read on the Internet where the people told about that terrible subject by which all this is done. But long did not allow to suspect this subject to me, I got on a chair, legs are higher, to a priest, sorry, closer, and I wait.

Here my doctor something got

, similar to a stick there. But I did not manage to see the end as it very quickly hid it (in me respectively), but after 2 minutes of kovyryaniye punctured nothing. It was necessary to get down to the second doctor to business. (By the way, running forward when I for the first time looked at the head of the crumb, saw that it was scratched this hook with which the bubble to me was punctured and if pressed slightly stronger... Even I am afraid to think.)

After 4 - 5 minutes a kovyryany bubble was punctured and from me water poured down, and was it very little, just it is not enough. I always thought that there will be at least falls, and from me flowed out to steam of glasses at most... Then I was sent to expect strengthening of fights.

I Lie, I look to myself out of the window and suddenly I see that the girl what at a window, goes already just crazy, tells, Caesarian I want, and the lot of doctors calms her! Wow, I thought, and about 30 minutes ago all at it was so good, really and me it waits?

I was asked not to lie, and to walk on a corridor to acquire fights. And here I went for a walk. In life I will not forget that corridor: 3 doors on the right and 3 at the left, an exit, the delivery room, family rodzat... I studied everything that though somehow to be forgotten, fights - that actually amplified. My doctor came as an angel to me to the aid, having promised that now it will become easier for me, to me will stick but - to a shp! Hurrah, I thought, the end of pain. But, I will tell you honestly, or without but - shpa it would be even stronger, or this but - a shpa to me was just in any way.

It became more cheerful than

, the girl, that that at a window, was taken away in rodzat, and I went to torment the doctor with a question: “WHEN I WILL GIVE RISE?!“ Brought the brand new girl, at her could not understand, whether fights, whether a tone, generally, meanwhile she lay and with horror watched at us, with that that she remained... Hours there were about about 7. The doctor told me that we will give rise by a lunch why I declared that I by a lunch do not agree, give by a breakfast. What she answered:“ Let`s look“, and asked whether podtuzhivat me? Did not podtuzhivat me yet, there was a few pressure, but....

Those 2 hours that remained before childbirth, were the most difficult, to me the papaverine, effect as from but - shpa stuck. And I continued to go. I will tell you honestly, it is much easier to go and stand on fights than if you lie on a bed. When rolled pain, I leaned against a wall and groaned. Then understood that I begin to howl from pain. It I - that which in life any pain is capable to be sustained quite heroically. After fight took place, it became a shame to me that I howl... Though it is silent, but I howl...

All this time the midwife considered by

fights, and listened to a masik, the heart fought normally. Hours in 8 I began to torment the midwife with the same question. And still me began to grieve. Yes, now I knew that it precisely it, from within me just broke off, and it was impossible to make an effort. Not to express such feeling in words, it is not pain, it something else, indescribable any more. The high was that I began to make an effort periodically for what I received from the doctor which promised me seams... well, generally, everywhere. I also knew that if I make an effort, I will tear, but, little girls not to make an effort is periodically unreal.


to me was helped by breath like a dog with a sound “faugh - faugh“. Now I write also most ridiculously, and then I ran on chamber and did so: “Faugh - faugh“. The girl at whom is not fights, not a tone, looked at me eyes, huge for horror, and asked: “Painfully?“ And I spoke: “Still as!“ I was helped by no massage, nothing... Helped only “faugh - faugh“ and to hold a bed back, to hang on it and to think, as it will pass too (wise there was an uncle Tsar Solomon).

Somewhere in 8. The 30th midwife told that we will give rise to hours to 9 - 10. I began to consider minutes. That girl, that already was there when I was brought, began to be indignant that I supposedly too want, I here arrived earlier on what received the answer: “Well as you can give rise if you have one fights, and there are no attempts yet?“ (Shouts of that girl when her began to grieve, I heard already when I was carried to chamber.)

the midwife with the doctor allowed me to be extinguished by

B 9 on a bed. It turned out that I am not able to make an effort, I make an effort a bottom and all anything, but not as it is necessary. Generally, began to teach me:“ We gather air, and give, 3 times for fight“. Few times it turned out well. Then the doctor told that volosik at wash crumbs dark.

Next time I saw the doctor already in a new suit. “You what changed clothes“, - I ask. And she speaks: “To give birth we go, give, get up, only do not sit down, the head there“. Here still forgot, the high was when I was carried to chamber on a wheelchair and all the time took out legs forward on what I was indignant. And then there was a trip on the elevator where I declared all the time that I dreamed here so with a breeze long ago to drive on maternity hospital. And that also on the elevator....

I one more detail which I remembered: so far lay in postnatal, heard calls all the time, one, two. Asked the midwife that it, and she told me: “One call - means, childbirth began. And two calls - mean, the child was born!“

Here so... Two calls - the beginning of new life!