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Education by freedom: And on a sofa - drying of

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to me is said that I too limit freedom of the daughter to various bans. But I consider that relatives are mistaken in the relation of my excessive severity. You judge. I do not allow it to touch street animals because from them it is possible to catch some muck. I say that and close did not approach a bull terrier when stays with relatives in the village. I do not allow to stand under the stove because know how many children were incidentally scalded boiled water. I insist that she washed hands after the street, and especially sitting down to a table. I ask not to come one to a balcony and not to climb on a window sill - they with mother live on 7 - m the floor.

it is Too much bans? But the child is not four years old yet, and with much what the adult can protect himself from, to it not to cope. It is always better to be reinsured, than to allow misfortune.

It is not always easy for p to communicate with the child. Sometimes the best parent lacks patience to cope with obstinacy and harm of the child. But, thank God, in the first years of life it is easy to switch attention of children from undesirable occupation to another. So, at one time in consciousness of my girl the important place was taken by such character as the princess. Answered the question “Who Are You?“ of Vick:“ Post of a pitses“. And when she did not want to blow nose once, I had to explain that princesses snotty do not go. You would see with what diligence she made from what she otbrykivatsya first!

, of course, any education is senseless

I if the behavior of parents crosses out requirements imposed to the child. Recently, when I had a daughter on a visit, I did not allow it to eat on a sofa, and moved on kitchen, at a table. And then the paper bag with sushka which I ate greedily caught sight to me, lying with the book... We indulge the weaknesses, and we demand following to various rules from children. There is a wish, of course, that they us were better brought up, formed, developed. But then it is necessary to watch himself that the affairs not to depreciate the requirements.