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The unfriendly neighbourhood of

is known to All young parents that 6 - 7 - the monthly kid cannot be kept in a bed or an arena: it is torn to will to study everything around. And as acquaintance of the child to interesting objects usually happens through a mouth, at this particular time there is a risk that together with toys eggs of worms and other parasites inside will get.

With age the kid becomes more active than

, reaches any places in the apartment or the house, from - for what the risk of emergence of problems increases. At the age of 1,5 - 3 the probability of infection with parasites reaches nearly 100%! By the way, for this reason the diseases caused by worms consider as one of the most widespread in the world.


the Description

Worms (on - scientific helminths) call helminths and their larvae. The quantity of types which can be in a human body is quite high, but, fortunately, the majority of them meets very seldom. In the European part of Russia is more often than others so-called intestinal nematodes or roundworms (an ascarid, pinworms) living in intestines find themselves. Less often the parasites living out of intestines or in its wall (an ankilostom, a nekator, a trikhinella, an intestinal ugritsa) meet. Absolutely seldom - sosalshchik (trematoda) and tape helminths (tsestod): they threaten only those children who eat the crude or badly fried thoroughly / boiled thoroughly meat or fish, dirty vegetables and fruit, drink water from the rivers and other reservoirs. As in 90% of cases occurs at children askaridoz and enterobioz (the illness caused by pinworms), we will dwell upon them.

of the Ascarid - roundworms of white, pink or beige color, translucent, from several millimeters to 30 - 40 centimeters long. This species of worms is in the basic in a small intestine, is not attached to its wall and constantly makes the movement aside, opposite to the direction of food. That is why it is quite difficult to find an ascarid in Calais. From time to time in contents of a pot there are microscopic eggs of worms which are not visible with the naked eye. Without treatment the ascarid can live in intestines several years.

of the Pinworm - small, up to 1 cm long, often curved parasites of whitish color. They live in the lower departments of a small and large intestine therefore them more often than ascarids, find in Calais. At the night of the pinworm get out to skin, pleated which lay eggs. At girls they can creep in genitalia, irritating and infecting mucous membranes with bacteria, protozoa, mushrooms, that is all the fact that parasites bring with themselves from intestines. Life of pinworms is short - about 1,5 months, but at the expense of a huge number of the laid eggs their number constantly grows, and the illness without treatment can last for years.

From where worms undertake? eggs or the larvae of parasites of the microscopic size very steady against influence of environment get To an organism of the child: it is known, as that and others can be waiting long enough in the wings, being in the earth, on a surface of objects or products, pleated linen, on skin, under nails. When eggs of worms get into a mouth, they with some losses pass through acidic, hostile environment of a stomach and become more active in intestines where there are all conditions for their development.

Absolutely small children catch

more often worms as they still badly developed protective barriers zheludochno - an intestinal path. Besides, owing to the age they not always follow rules of hygiene.

to Warn - means to protect?
How to protect the child from ubiquitous worms

So far the kid will not begin to move on the apartment, ask adult and senior children before contact with the child or his things, after the street or visit of the bathroom properly to wash hands with soap. Do not allow pets to approach the baby.
When the child will begin to creep or go on the house, do not let it in a hall and a toilet, do not allow to play with street footwear.
On walk you watch that the kid did not select and did not thrust objects into a mouth, did not get acquainted with vagrant animals, whenever possible do not let to play it in unenclosed sandboxes. Disaccustom with
the child to a habit to take in a toy mouth, to lick fingers, to gnaw nails. You learn small to wash hands with soap after the street and visit of the bathroom. Do to
houses damp cleaning, using disinfectants. Wash with toy soap, vacuum plush animals and carpets. do not give
to the child and do not eat dirty vegetables and fruit, badly boiled thoroughly / fried thoroughly meat and fish, do not drink unboiled water from the rivers and other reservoirs. and greens you keep
Before food of berry in a bowl with water of 10 - 15 minutes, then wash out them under flowing water. Wash firm vegetables and fruit with soap.
do not allow flies and other insects to products.

the Dangerous way

As it is surprising, the kid can catch house worms, in policlinic or kindergarten, in all rooms there is what serves as an excellent shelter for parasites: street footwear, not ideally clean floor in a hall, toys, public places.“ Acquaintance“ with worms often happens also on the street if the child lifts curious objects from the earth, plays in a sandbox. Danger is represented animal, especially vagrant, or house, happening on the street. Carriers of eggs of parasites are insects - flies, cockroaches, ants. Besides, “bombs“ of the slowed-down action can be in dust, on vegetables, fruit, greens and in water. The risk of emergence of worms is big if adults and children do not follow rules of hygiene famous for all: do not wash a hand with soap, eat dirty vegetables or fruit, drink unboiled water from the rivers and other reservoirs.


What worms are dangerous?

They are

a matter of course that put dark...

How to understand that the child has worms? Sometimes, that mother, considering pot contents, finds live or motionless parasites (most often pinworms). Besides, eggs of ascarids can be found in analyses a calla or to reveal enterobioz, having made special research - soskob. But most often it is necessary to guess emergence of problems on indirect signs.

  1. At the kid strongly flow saliva, he chokes with food (or he feels sick), does not want to eat or, on the contrary, constantly asks additives. Sometimes the child complains of pain around a navel or cannot precisely specify in what part of a stomach it arises, at it periodically or constantly the chair falls apart (there is a diarrhea or a lock). Besides, the kid quickly is tired, he hurts often or turns the head, the person turns pale, and under eyes blue circles appear. All these symptoms speak about organism poisoning.
  2. Some analyses too indirectly confirm to
  3. existence of worms: an ultimate intestinal dysbiosis, low hemoglobin, a large number of eosinophils in blood (norm to 5%), the raised SOE indicator in the general blood test.
  4. In case worms became the reason of emergence of an allergy, to the forefront there are skin manifestations (for example, atopic dermatitis) which, as a rule, are not really well treated. By the way, if at the child years suddenly are more senior the allergy develops, most likely, he got worms.
  5. As for an enterobioz, the discomfort in the field of back pass and genitalia at girls and all problems connected with it is especially characteristic
  6. of it. From - for “expansion“ of pinworms by the evening the child becomes too excitable, is capricious, badly falls asleep, cannot long find the place, turns. At night he screams, wakens, fidgets, gnashes teeth (if these symptoms are not characteristic of a day dream and there are each 10 - 15 days, it is possible to speak with a high probability about an enterobioza). Plus to it the kid can complain of an itch in a crotch which is often shown by too great interest of absolutely small child to this part of a body, reddenings in the field of back pass. And, as it was already told above, at girls enterobioz can be followed by an inflammation of genitalia.

Attention! These or those symptoms occur approximately at a third of the children infected with worms. However if the kid does not complain of anything, it does not mean that parasites avoided him: it happens that worms slowly but surely weaken the child`s organism.

Usually infection with worms occurs in the rage from March till November. Alas, from - for freezing of the soil of egg of helminths do not perish, and only “fill up“ and again become active after rise in temperature. That is why it is possible to catch worms also in the winter, especially if she does not indulge cold weather, and around there are a lot of homeless animals.

of Difficulty of the translation

we Will repeat: it is difficult to find worms. Especially if for these purposes to appoint to the child the one and only analysis. To find eggs of parasites in Calais, it is necessary that several conditions coincided at once:

As for the analyses which appeared recently on definition of antibodies to parasites in blood, they are not absolutely reliable too. It is considered that by diagnostics only 1 of 100 cases of infection with worms comes to light.

the Exit is!

“What to do? - you ask. - Really physicians have no ways of fight against parasites?“ Of course, is: presently there are safe antivermicular means which kill helminths and do not influence at the same time a human body. For this reason doctors often appoint to children preparations from worms after find in it not direct proofs, but indirect symptoms of an illness. By the way, according to recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) all parents two times a year (in the spring and late fall) have to carry out preventive treatment of children from 1,5 to 7 years even if they have no complaints and symptoms of an illness. If any signs of appearance of parasites nevertheless draw your attention, it is necessary to see a doctor: it happens that they point not only to availability of helminths, but also to other indispositions. In case of detection of worms you should not self-medicate: the antivermicular preparations chosen without consultation of the doctor can be inefficient.

we Head

Can be told with confidence that preparations against worms are safe? Yes, in case the patient observes the dosages ordered by the doctor which, by the way, not always correspond to instructions of the instruction (for example, for not soaking up preparations they it is more, than it is recommended). However in response to reception of means there can be side effects connected with destruction of parasites. It is about a diarrhea, small belly-ache, sometimes vomiting, rise in temperature, unpleasant feelings in a mouth. However, it is very simple to get rid of these misfortunes: it is enough to give to the child absorbent carbon or laktofiltrum.

the list of safe antivermicular drugs made by specialists of WHO Exists. Four preparations which are appointed also to little Russians enter it: levamizol, mebendazol, pyranbodies, albendazol. Experts proved that the best results can be achieved by means of the complex courses consisting of two or three preparations.


In certain cases after detection of worms at the child or at someone from family members (especially if it is pinworms or a dwarfish tapeworm), it is necessary to treat all family whenever possible. Besides, you need to boil and iron bed and personal linen from two parties. If in the child it is found askaridoz, such measures are not obligatory.