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Battle for purity: my experience of

For everyone the house - the favourite place where the person feels under reliable protection, in safety, is surrounded with heat and a cosiness. This is true, but you should not forget about that, as there live bacteria invisible to an eye and microbes very hazardous to health of children.

Ya faced that, despite all modern means, bacteria and microbes can threaten my family practically everywhere at home.

I want to share

In the article with you successful experience of fight against microbes. By means of the special means available to everyone, I easily cope with a problem of maintenance of purity in the house. For me it does not make big and tiresome, as for most of hostesses, work any more.

At first I armed with means of fight - various sponges, napkins, basts etc. By the way, I use goods for the house “Neatnik“ - very wide range, it is easy to find, and it is qualitative inexpensive production.

So, I defined for myself places where threat for my family can disappear is a kitchen, a bathroom, a toilet and … dust.

the Most favorable circumstances for reproduction of microbes - dampness and moisture. Therefore in kitchen I am always:

the Scouring sponge in itself is universal

. It can even wipe a sink. But whether you noticed that if we wipe with a sponge, the surface remains damp, stains turn out, and the limy raid on a metal covering appears subsequently? I use cellulose napkins. They for one movement wipe a surface dry - “Is not present to the damp environment for bacteria!“ - also relieve of need to buy expensive means for removal of a limy raid.

By the way if you do not use gloves for protection of hands, then I recommend to you to try the scouring sponges “Neatniks“ Comfort. In a sponge there is a special deepening which protects hands and manicure.

the Dining table is worthy

special attention. Every time, having wiped a table, I carefully wash out a napkin, is frequent even with soap. After cleaning surely I dry up wet towel wipes. By the way, recently I tried thin viscose napkins. They well clean crumbs and moisture and quickly dry. Thin viscose napkins are intended for short use therefore there is a lot of them in packing. I very much am pleasant to get every time a new beautiful napkin and to wipe a table.

In a bathroom I clean up together with my little assistant. My daughter Dasha very much loves detachable viscose napkins in a roll. At “Neatnik“ such is. Having torn off (process is important!) one piece, my daughter first tried to wash up it everything. It was necessary to remember advertizing about terrible green horror films and to tell that it is impossible to wash with the same napkin both a toilet, and a bathroom, and a tile.

to forget about a fungus which leads to serious diseases I wipe a tile at least, than once a week with a cellulose napkin or a special sponge for a bathroom. It is convenient to wash with the same sponge a bathtub - it big, with the soft cleaning layer and, thanks to deepening, it is convenient to hold it.

By the way, here one more council: try everything that you use for house cleaning, to change at least, than 1 time in 2 weeks. Goods for the house are available to all, and you should not save on safety of a family. Agree that hanged in a bathroom and in kitchen the used rags besides create a slovenly look.

With dust at me the special relations. Dust - the enemy No. 1 for my family. Recently I read interesting article on the Internet. Scientists from Germany conducted research in which they revealed composition of dust. It turned out that dust - it pass - Mendeleyev`s table, at its structure there are a phosphorus, chrome and even arsenic. But not only it is terrible. On the apartment together with dust unhealthy microorganisms fly. By results of the made experiments in dust mold fungi, bacteria, pollen, a dust tick were found. The favourite residence of microorganisms are particles of carpets and other types of house textiles, stuffings of upholstered furniture and mattresses, hair of the person and hair of animals, the remains of foodstuff.

So far I did not know

about a napkin from microfiber, fight against dust continued infinitely. I moved away her, and it appeared on the same place in only a few seconds again. Once the girlfriend advised a remarkable thing: a napkin from microfiber.

Microfiber - unique material. In such fabric there are special microcavities which reliably involve in themselves dust, without allowing it to scatter on the room as it often occurs when cleaning by a usual rag or the vacuum cleaner. Thanks to unique properties of microfiber, the napkin absorbs dust, moisture, fat, eliminates microbes. Therefore such napkin needs to be erased. By the way, it is very durable. I use it two years.

A still, thanks to the fact that I have a napkin from microfiber, glasses and mirrors in my house always in perfect tune! The napkin quickly and effectively eliminates pollution, absorbs moisture, does not leave stains and pile. Now, when I use a napkin from microfiber, I have no problems with cleaning!

Of course to get rid of microbes and bacteria for 100% it will never not turn out, but for 99,9%... I fight. I hope, my experience is useful to you. I will be glad if you share the experience with me.

A here my assistant - the daughter Dasha!

Finally I want to advise to visit to you the website of goods for the house “Neatnik“ of www. chistula. ru. I will tell honestly what problem at me would not arise with cleaning, I always find the solution by means of “Neatnik“. With “Neatnik“ the considerable saving of time turns out, and I give attention to the family more. By the way, on the website “Neatnik“ it is possible to participate in actions at the same time and to win prizes!