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Find to me mother of

In the Moscow boarding school No. 55 for children - orphans and children without parental support, I for the first time came to practice five years ago and remained for a long time. Because it is difficult to forget these children, it is difficult to leave them.

are the children with wounded soul more sensitively perceiving the attitude of adults towards them, more sharply feeling falseness, sometimes excessively mistrustful - already burned. It seems that the soul of some of them is similar to the bared nerve - instantly and sharply reacting to pain. At some on the contrary, feelings as though became dull - protective reaction to that bad that happened to them.

the Children who endured a gap, separation from a family, from relatives. A time cruel life in their families, but a gap with the habitual environment for the child - one more stress was terrible, he feels fear of the future, loneliness, a grief for loss of relatives. But also on stones, as we know, trees grow. They should endure all this, and they continue to live, play, rejoice, communicate, to be on friendly terms and quarrel, as well as all children, try to be stuck to those adults who nearby. But at heart there lives pain that you - one that to nobody in effect it is necessary, and hides desire someone to embrace, to nestle, call mother, to tell that it concerns.

Five years ago, small and ridiculous, first graders rushed to us, students. It was just necessary for them that someone caressed them, stroked on the head, listened therefore they told everything in a crowd, in eager rivalry. At the tutor and so put much and it is necessary to keep order.

Most of all I then fell in love with one kid, Vaska, he was six years old, he was the foundling forgotten by mother on the street. He approached then told, lisping as two foreteeth were not, did not grow yet.

- And you want, I will tell a verse to you?
- Of course, I want.
- a puppy Was lonely,
Wandered it restlessly.
Somehow time was solved by a puppy -
Will find to myself the owner.
Since morning of a dog of all breeds
With people leave gate.
With people
we, Why to us loneliness want to stay.
In some court yard empty
One remained since the childhood I,
I began to dream a puppy of that,
As it will wag a tail, welcoming
of the Owner.
I here a puppy gathered at way,
Ran it for passersby,
I though somebody would ask,
You that such alarmed?
Further Vasya did not know

, but also I had enough it. This abated A. Bartho in his execution sounded as if he about himself told. To me this fragment was forever remembered since then.

When practice came to an end in

, we, students, remained volunteers in this boarding school, in process of forces taking part in life of children. Already when we occasionally took them on a visit, it became clear that really it is possible to help children, having only found it families which will take them at least only on a visit, but is constant.


For me it is surprising, but circumstances developed so that I began to work in foster service of our boarding school, that is to be engaged in search of the families ready to accept children.

Having learned

about it, children quickly understood that to what. Nastenka from the second class approached me and quietly whispered in ear: “I want mother“, and Igorek, always the active, unruly and cheeful boy of ten years, efficiently took an interest: “Speak, you look for parents?“ - and on my affirmative answer declared: “To me find to the first“.

Somehow time one visitor told

to me:“ Your children have surprising eyes, with a spark. I such did not meet on the street, at ordinary children“. Probably, in her words there was an exaggeration, but often our children look at visitors with secret hope - can, it for me mother came? This - that a hope spark, apparently, was also noticed by my guest.

Children wait for

and hope, especially small. They ask unfamiliar: “And you to whom?“ They ask:“ Find to me mother“, they think out to themselves parents, brothers and sisters if they are absent. This hope cannot be disappointed.

of One boy, to Kohl whom in maternity hospital mother refused at last mother and the grandmother found receptions and had to take away it every other day. When they left, having visited the boy, Kolya began to cry, they consoled him:

- Pricking

, we will come for you on Monday.

- And you will not deceive me? - five-year-old Kolya asked.

They did not deceive. Kolya lives in the new family now. Once, leaving the temple where they came with mother, the boy turned to icons and told: “Thanks to You, God that You rescued me!“. Surprisingly grateful soul appeared at the child.

Of course, education of the adopted child - work hard, not to everyone on forces, but is work fertile.“ The orphan to the house - happiness to the house“, says popular wisdom.

One foster mother, Elena, told me a strange story. She was at odds with the mother ten years, they almost did not seem, mother did not want to forgive for something her, did not even answer the phone calls. And here the child, the boy whom Lena took on patronage came to the house.

having Once again made a reconciliation attempt, Lena called mother and told:

- I took the boy from children`s home.

- I go, - mother answered.

the Child reconciled them, without knowing that. Now the grandmother does not hope souls in it and helps Lena much.

A how many still such “treasures“ waits for the new mother in our boarding school and in other orphanages!

They very much love the song from the animated film about a baby mammoth, and in general a song about mother. At many mothers are living, but lost themselves, forgot the children and became indifferent to their destiny. Not to us to judge them, but our business by the whole world to help these children, to give them heat and care, to give the chance to live in a family.

the Family to the child is necessary as the breath of life

, it is school of love. In a family he learns to love, to care for relatives, to help, to build the relations with people, to overcome difficulties, learns to live independently. Studies it, looking at parents, they - an example in everything.

We wait for all who have desire and an opportunity to help children, to accept them in the family.


At boarding school No. 55 the foster service works. We will try to prepare you for a difficult role of adoptive parents, we will render the psychologist - the pedagogical and social help, also material support of foster tutors is provided, funds for keeping of the child are allocated.

our phones: 172 - 66 - 38, 175 - 15 - 40, 8 - 903 - 202 - 32 - 79.

our address: Moscow, Marshall Chuykov St. house 26, boarding school No. 55.

of the Metro station Kuzminki, Volga.

If to you to the destiny of children - orphans is not indifferent for
If you have a desire to help to children without parental support If you have an opportunity to accept the child to themselves in a family,
At boarding school No. 55 for children - orphans and children without parental support, the service of foster education is organized by .
Foster education - such form of education at which you are a family tutor, you bring up the child in the family as native, you give it love and caress, and at the same time he remains the “state“ child, reserves all privileges and social guarantees.
Foster tutors are given professional support of experts: teachers, psychologists and social workers.
live In our boarding school children from 5 to 18 years who very need a family and close people.
can obtain More detailed information by phones:
172 - 66 - 38 (Olga Nikolaevna, Svetlana Viktorovna, Olga Sergeyevna)
8 - 903 - 202 - 32 - 79 (Olga Nikolaevna).

Address of boarding school No. 55:
Moscow, Marshall Chuykov St. house 26.
Journey of the metro station Kuzminki, Volga, trolleybus No. 74, stop
“Street of the marshal Chuykov“.