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2007 - year of the child of

at the end of May of this year at a meeting with exceptional children the Mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov introduced the idea that future 2007 will be completely devoted to children, to the solution of their problems, and year even the name will carry - “Year of the child“.

Should note

that having declared a Year of the child, the Mayor listed Seven rules which had to become a peculiar rod basis of this unusual Year. According to the city head, Moscow during 2007 has to take an enormous step in the social development that by right it was possible to call it:

the Mayor also sounded the size of the financial investments supporting the program of future actions in this direction (about` 10 billion rubles), and also gave an assignment in the shortest possible time to develop and submit for a meeting of the Government of Moscow the Comprehensive program by a Year of the child. The program which in essence and to appointment would become really Vsemoskovsky.

the Program Considered today - on the unique document.“ The comprehensive program of additional measures for support of families with children, to creating favorable conditions of development of family forms of education and formation of the identity of the child for 2007“ is both the arch of the actions, and the set of rules allowing to put life in the megalopolis on fast and beautiful “children`s rails“.

That is characteristic, the Program the gravity and validity does not give the slightest chance that someone from its numerous performers put toy cars on “children`s rails“. The program aims structural divisions of the Government of Moscow, the district and a justice of the city, the industrial enterprises and higher education institutions, business of structure, all capital community at active and concrete work. It is the answer of Moscow to the tasks set by the Russian President V. V. Putin in the Message to Federal Assembly regarding improvement of a demographic situation.

“Big changes“

It is supposed p that thanks to this new Vsemoskovsky Program, in the capital there will be big changes.

Questions of improvement of the situation of families with children, ensuring health protection of mother and the child, expansion of providing the address help to a family in education of children always were priority for the Government of Moscow.


In the capital successfully realize specific city programs on social protection of a family, women and children, the mechanism of providing the state guarantees to the families having children is constantly improved.

Just within the Comprehensive program of measures of social support of residents of Moscow in which concrete types and volumes of measures of social support are provided in 2006 for measures of social support of families with children planned more than 25 billion rubles


In 2005 - 2006. received further improvement standardly - legal base concerning a family and the childhood. The adopted laws of the city guarantee to Muscovites, especially needy, receiving very notable address help in a type of grants, compensations and natural privileges.

Significant indicators for the city are steady tendencies of decrease in infantile mortality, increase in number of the registered marriages and reduction of quantity of divorces. The last indicator is very important first of all stability of marriage is one of birth rate increase conditions. In 2005 in comparison with 2000 birth rate in the city grew by more than 20 thousand people annually.

At the same time, data of official statistics are not consolatory since more than five official stains are the share of each nine registered marriages in Moscow. As a result of stains more than 18 thousand children annually are left without one of parents. A large number of stains along with growth of illegitimate birth rate involves increase in number of incomplete families, leads to birth rate restriction.

remains Disturbing the fact that the Moscow family - a malodetna, its average size makes 2,8 people

Proceeding from it, main objectives and tasks of the Comprehensive program are:

  1. Formation of the environment in the city, benevolent to children, creation of conditions for convenient, comfortable and safe residence of children in the city, protection of the rights and interests of the child.
  2. Rendering the state support to families with children:
    • in the field of social protection
    • in the field of health and physical culture
    • in the field of education and employment
    • in the field of culture, the organization of leisure and rest.
  3. Increase of prestige of institute of a family
  4. Assistance in the solution of vital problems of families with children.
  5. Development of system of family forms of education.

the Program places Particular emphasis on a problem of health of mother and child. It is noticeable that the closest attention will be paid to the measures directed to health protection of mother and child, development of a health service and obstetric aid, prevention and decrease in children`s incidence. To department of health care the task about 100% of medical examination of children is set. For all young Muscovites “The passport of health“ which will not only state annually a state of health will be offered, but also to define in case of need rehabilitation plans, rehabilitations, the organizations of rest and physical occupations.

of the Tendency in the field of protection of motherhood and the childhood in the capital now really quite good. Birth rate grows in the city from year to year. The capital health care takes the most active measures for fight against infantile mortality and recently reached convincing indicators. Today infantile mortality in Moscow makes 5,9% that corresponds to the European level.


Judging by the Program, in 6 - ti children`s hospitals will create necessary conditions for joint stay of children with parents for what reconstruction of offices of children`s city hospitals - Morozovskoy, Izmaylovska, St. Vladimir, of Filatov, the GKB children`s cases No. 70 and No. 67 will be carried out.


To new qualitative level will bring hi-tech medical care. Retrofitting of children`s hospitals by computer nuclear magnetic resonances - tomographs, an additional equipment of female consultations and maternity hospitals ultrasonic devices and biochemical and hematologic analyzers, offices of newborns in maternity hospitals and children`s hospitals narkozno - the respiratory equipment, resuscitation systems, couveuses for newborns will be for this purpose carried out.


In the capital will provide expansion of opportunities of rendering the specialized help to childless families, having strengthened individual medical escort of the Muscovites wishing to have children.

design and construction of new cases 3 - x children`s sanatoria, capital repairs of obstetric hospitals in maternity hospitals Is planned to carry out

, etc.

to One of priorities of activity of the city authorities.

Improvement of system of art education, acquisition by children of profound knowledge in the field of art, development of their esthetic senses also is art - creative abilities will help children to learn more deeply world around, to keep national traditions, to create at them respect for the senior generation and the country. It completely corresponds to the tasks set by the president in the Message to Federal Assembly. It is, maybe, a basis of bases of both a family, and state policy. Money has to be invested in harmoniously developing personality.

Within a year in the capital the network of cultural institutions, libraries and additional art education is planned to expand

, to make more available to children theaters, exhibition platforms. At the same time, cultural institutions have to be not only are as close as possible and available to children, but also are oriented on the organization of joint family leisure that will promote strengthening of institute of a family.


Will twice increase the funds allocated from city budget for financing of the program of free visit of theaters and museums by pupils of schools.

Will carry out additional equipment by musical instruments for training of children at music schools, 80% of the available worn-out arsenal of musical instruments will be replaced with new.

the City will take care that the healthy lifestyle became a cult for the Moscow children. In addition to the existing plans provided by various target programs will be constructed fizkulturno - improving complexes and domestic sports grounds, the network of free sports sections for children is expanded, the number of sports tournaments, including domestic is increased.

Not less important task - creation of conditions for safe residence in the city. It is for this purpose planned to develop the program of training in behavior of children in the megalopolis, including to rules of conduct on roads and streets, in places of mass actions. Children should not perish or become disabled people from inability to live in the big city. For this purpose, in each district traffic parks where children will gain skills and knowledge, necessary for life, will be built.

the City is urged to become convenient and comfortable for activity of each child, and for this purpose it is necessary to create system of arrangement of houses, transport, establishments of education, children`s cafes, etc. So, entrances of houses, objects of the social sphere have to be provided with the ramps and special recreational zones equipped for storage of baby carriages and bicycles...

“The motivation of growth“

Is concept has to become an internal spiritual spring of implementation of the Program. Society has to realize really motives of the announcement of Year of the child, motives of such serious care of the city of young citizens. Because having only understood motives of this enormous social and public work, it is possible to achieve those the large objectives which are declared in the Program. Motives of children`s growth, construction and a development of the city of the future have to become the action program for each resident of the capital, in independence of his status and a social status. Only in this case, according to developers and inspirers of the Program it is possible to achieve the planned objectives.

her developers (and the main thing is the Complex of the social sphere of the Government of Moscow) call

as real results from implementation of the Program:

Should emphasize

that the course of implementation of the new Vsemoskovsky Program will be watched by the special Public supervisory board which, as well as on an example with “monetization of social benefits“ will not only carry out functions of a barometer.