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And who waits for you?

- Ivan Called. He asks to help it with paperwork for adoption of the child of the wife. It is necessary to find out what documents are necessary, all requirements where to go. You will be engaged?

- Yes.


It is interesting how it is people of children adopt. Such terrible stories on the TV both about adoption, and about orphanages show. Interestingly, and what is orphanage? What there children? Here I learn at the same time, I will look whether it is difficult. And suddenly and I will sometime adopt?

- I to you found couple of references: innewfamily. ru and. Look, there, in my opinion, everything is.


It is interesting. Conference of adoptive parents... It appears, so many people adopt children. And what children beautiful. The miracle is simple! Strange, and problems at these people absolutely usual, as well as at all. And children absolutely normal, contrary to stories of our mass media. Also it appears, it is necessary for adoption - that all some 6 pieces of paper. Also it is not necessary to pay a fantastic sum. Also it is not necessary to live in the palace...

Each my working day begins

for some reason with conference viewing now. I am not going to adopt anybody. In the next several years, before emergence of the, we will not move to the apartment more yet, I will not come to postgraduate study yet, I will not be sure yet that I will be able to provide all, so far... yes one thousand such “so far“.

Ya simply I watch photos of children. What they are? It appears, there is even a databank where photos of children can be watched. What all of them are pretty! If I adopted, then whom? Probably, girl... Years 3 - x. Dark-haired, brown-eyed. Always dreamed of the daughter.

it is A lot of websites, it is a lot of children. As it is a pity for them... Website of the Regional operator of the Ivanovo region. Good fellows! Such website good. And photos of children such all successful, beautiful. STOP! YES YOU THAT??? WHAT is DONE HERE by my DAUGHTER??? I will have it such daughter in several years. At it the nose, a mouth, eyes, hair will be such. The same smile with dimples. Such I always also presented it to myself!

cannot work with

normally More, it is impossible to come off conference, it is impossible to dismiss. And already any of the reasons is necessary to adopt powerful right now. Well and that that closely at home, well and that that earned is enough only for itself, well and that that there are no time and experience. Let`s move, I will spend less for myself, I will find time, I will accumulate experience.

Again already native conference. And photo of my daughter:“ The little shamakhansky queen needs courageous mother“. Yes here I, here! This is my daughter! And, by the way, why mother has to be “courageous“? I find the photo of my daughter in the Federal databank about children without parental support. Some diagnosis unknown. Now everything will explain Yandex.


... Hematology. Strange first thought: to cry? Not, it is better to look whether it is treated. A lot of articles in which I do not understand any word, but perfectly I understand the last offer.“ Forecast favorable“. And it means, everything will be good!

I Persuade the husband to take

the girl from children`s home. I persuade long. Accurate and distinct “No“. Perhaps will change the mind?

I Write

some silly message to conference:

- At all I cannot take away. But whether it is possible to take on a visit?

- It is impossible for

, small still. And why you cannot take away absolutely?

I Give one thousand good reasons. Now I understand what nonsense my one thousand reasons for those who already took away the children seemed and knows that there is no reason not to take away the child FROM THERE right now.

I Receive the message: “And you incidentally not write about Masha? Write to me on an e-mail.“ I write. My small first short step to the daughter. I can go with volunteers who go to this children`s home with the help.

I Call the girlfriend who lost mother from recently - for cancer:

- At that girl, you remember, I spoke to you about it, hematology:


- It is treated?


- It is treated.

- Well, finds someone in the beginning of life, someone - at the end if it is fated - you will not escape. Will recover. Everything will be OK.

Thanks! At us precisely everything will be good! I knew it. But it was just necessary for some reason that someone surely confirmed it to me.

I Persuade the husband to go. Persuaded! On the eve of a trip the car breaks. It is impossible to go on it so far. And the car is already chock-full filled with things which were packed by volunteers and which need to be brought to children`s home. I rush about. My father helps out. We go all together, future mother, the father, the grandmother, the grandfather. However, future grandmother and the grandfather about the future role so far also do not suspect.

Small, absolutely tiny for 5 years, thin, absolutely swarty, black hair and black eyes. With the photo of anything the general. Eyes are lowered in a floor, but when you take on hands or talk - smiles.

- Mothers, I arrived to this girl.

- You want to take away it???

- Yes.

Two months of arrangements, experiences, tears, quarrels. All it is terrible. It seems to all, I will not cope, I am not ready, it is very heavy, to bring up the adopted child, it is such responsibility! And diagnosis? And in general, from what suddenly? The at first it is necessary. And me it is not terrible. Because I will cope. I just want to take away the daughter from there. I have forces, I have a desire to give to this child everything and to make for it everything that was done for me by my parents, I will cope with any behavior, with any adaptation, with any diagnoses. Also I will take away the child home!

I collect by

In parallel with arrangements of a family documents. I stumble continually. Guardianship, medicine. All is passed. Difficult, long. But all is ready!

At birthday of my little sister it is ringing: “Come for the daughter. Documents are ready“. The beloved daughter and the adored granddaughter of the house! Remarkable, clever, beautiful, tremendous!

In 3 months instead of “eyes in a floor“ - the round-the-clock standing on ears and laughter; instead of muffled sticks - we draw both the sun, and the house, and a cat; we know already almost all letters and we are able to write them; we are able to consider almost to 10; with ease it is taken all tests from books “for children of 5 - 6 years“ instead of separate words and short offers - long and interesting stories. And as we sing!

U I was not fear (ah what there for genes?), there were no doubts (why I do it?), there was no uncertainty (suddenly I will not cope!) . It is unimportant whom will be a daughter as she will study. It is important that our daughter has now a family which very much loves it and very much will try that at our Mashunka everything was good.

... Conversation in kindergarten:

Masha: - And you have a daughter?

Tutor: - No, I have only a sonny.

Masha: - And you precisely know? Perhaps there is a daughter?

Tutor: - I have no daughter, I precisely know.

Masha: - Well, you all - think. Suddenly you have a daughter. She in hospital waits. And you also do not know :)

you who waits for