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``Mimigranta``: The theater begins with the street of

at the end of May, 2006 I together with a family went to a week to St. Petersburg. I wanted to have a rest and show round a little to children this beautiful city. As well as all tourists to us, we went to suburbs, visited several museums, swept on the rivers and canals, paid visit to a new Oceanarium. For completeness of impressions there was not enough children`s theater. Being guided by the reference book “Where to Go with the Child“, we decided to descend in the clown - the mime - theater of “Mimigranta“.

Of course, we had doubts familiar to everyone who has children with an age difference more than 5 years. How to choose a performance that it was interesting both younger, and senior? Besides, with children mother, the father and the grandmother were going to theater. Unless you will please all? Having hesitated for a time, we arrived before the beginning of the performance “Circus Shardam - with“.

Turned out everything much better, than it was possible to count. Even before representation children (and some parents) managed to play with the clown. To the beginning of the performance the degree of fun was already such high that actors did not need to wait until the public is warmed“. The laughter in the hall abated only when it was replaced by the captivated contemplation. To tell that we were pleasant - not to tell anything. Even the grandmother recognizing only classical art laughed in a voice. Passed several months, and we still smile, remembering some episodes “Circus Shardam - with“.

In work of the journalist pleasant feature is - if there is a wish to learn more about theater, it is possible to ask the director about interview. So I also made, having gone after a performance behind the scenes. I was met by Alexander Plyushch - Nizhinsky - the artistic director of theater of “Mimigranta“. Interview turned out absolutely spontaneous, the special tone was set for it by choral singing of clowns who played music after a performance in the next make-up room.

- in What “Mimigranta“ differ from other theaters?

- In Russia it is a lot of different theaters, and it is good. But there are not enough theaters of clowns where would play with children where there is a lot of an interactive where the child is dipped into the special atmosphere from the entrance. Stanislavsky told that the theater begins with a hanger. We continued his thought, and our theater begins with the street.


Of course, to the child it is necessary to play, be dipped into the world of magic and theater, into the world of illusions and imaginations. Especially well, as adults do it together with children. They worry light, joyful minutes. And it is a little sad because it has to occur more often. But our life does not allow to play performances non - stop, all day long, that all came - both parents and children. All have cares and problems.

- Tell, please, about history of your collective...

our theater appeared 15 years ago. At that time our city was called Leningrad. The Leningrad school of a pantomime is known to all. Our city, without exaggeration, was the center of this art on the USSR card, along with Odessa, Riga and Kaunas. However, subsequently communication with theatrical collectives of Baltic became much weaker, and now in St. Petersburg the main collectives of a clownery and pantomime of Russia are concentrated.

We created

“Mimigrantov“ in those days when everywhere theaters - studios opened, freedom of theater life appeared. Then even the restaurant of Troyka hotel became drama school. It was very ridiculous. But, nevertheless, obtaining the status of theater - studio was the only way of independent existence and an opportunity to earn. And, the most important, studios could create independently, state structures were at that time very slow.

- For what children of age designed your performances?

to Children it is better for p to come to our theater, since five years. But it depends on the child - all - children different. The main thing that the child could perceive an “active“ form of theater. Theaters happen different too. Happens, the child came to the doll performance “Grey Neck“ and watches how the duck floats in an ice-hole, and is cold to it. The performance is finished, and the child went home to worry. We have all - more active form of work, and absolutely small children - till three years - can be frightened a little bit of music, laughter, game with clowns. Though happens and vice versa.

- On applets of theater of “Mimigranta“ it is written that performances are recommended for the audience “from five to hundred five years“. Means, you are guided also by adult audience?

- Yes, the upper bound of age of the audience for us does not exist. Another is interesting. Few times at festivals we tried to show a children`s performance for one adults. Also it turned out that is not enough in the hall of children`s fun and a spontaneity. It appears if in the hall there are at least 10 - 15 kids, then and adults turn into children very quickly. And when there is no this “catalyst“, adults and remain adults. And then it is difficult for us to work.

Of course, we have also “adult“ performances. Our very first performance was called pathosly “The comedy with murder“. We did it in 1985 - 1989, then there was no concept “black humour“ yet, we lived in such untouched space and therefore our performance looked very unusually. Now we renewed it because wanted to return to sources of our clownery. Adults come to us, for them at us in the program of 6 performances.

- your work is noted by various theatrical awards...

- We got many awards. For example, our second performance “Nonsense in a Suitcase“ was recognized as the best statement for children in St. Petersburg. It was called “The best performance for the smallest“.

- “The comedy with murder“ - in 1989 we brought

A first on a festival of clowns to Moscow and unexpectedly received “The gold clown“ from Yury Nikulin`s hands. Unexpectedly - because there was an enormous competition: Yury Nikulin and Theresa of Durov brought together more than 20 collectives, the most different. There arrived both circus and theatrical clowns from all Russia. It turned out that at the first and at the second absolutely different problems, stamps and attitude. These are two worlds which never are crossed. And it was very pleasant to us that our performance was interesting, despite such fierce competition. This victory gave a strong impetus to our creativity.

- As you had an idea to put the first performance for children?

- When we came back home and began to show our first performance, we found out that the huge number of children comes to it together with parents. Though it evening, goes with a mark “for adults“ and even in its name there is a word “murder“. Our bewilderment we were answered: “But you are clowns!“

the Same me Theresa of Durov told

about the Theatre clowneries: “Parents come, see a performance, and after its end ask: “Everything is good, but where animals?“ I speak: “At you on the ticket it is written “Theatre of the Clownery“. - “Yes, but you Durov!“ “.

Eventually, we were forced to make a children`s performance, and justice was restored (laughs). Now we have in repertoire many performances of different authors, both adults, and nurseries.

- As you select plays for your statements?

- Of course, the biggest problem - what to play? What to put? For our genre in general nobody writes. As a result we began to compose plays - from time immemorial clowns created the reprises. Even if any material is taken as a basis (we have performances according to Averchenko, Kharms), all the same he adapts us to our genre and actors of theater.

- And, in conclusion, a traditional question: what your creative plans?

- at us it is a lot of Plans for the future. In plans there are works for children - can be, on Oscar Wilde`s works, Gogol, Chekhov. In a season of 2006 - 2007. the premiere of the children`s performance “King for a day“ according to fairy tales “Thousand and One Night“ will take place.

As for performances for adults - now we rehearse the play Aldo Nicolai “Hamlet in hot sauce“, it is close to our theater.

our creative task - to create theater in which it is possible to return to the childhood for a while. I very much love expression of the famous clown Leonid Engibarov who told: “Many good people which are mistaken exist, thinking that they are already adult. Actually they it is much better“.