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As everything turned out

Till the child`s birth I was not interested in artificial feeding, including this information even of harmful. Cultivated in herself confidence that I will surely nurse. Everything seemed simply: feed more often and it will be enough milk. The main thing - a psychological spirit, confidence that everything will turn out. I inspired in myself that I will cope that it is natural and not so difficult.

But if to be honest, the share of doubt remained. I looked at the breast: yes, it increased during pregnancy, but it is a little, in the first half of pregnancy even hurt a little when she grew. I remembered myself the teenager, feelings in a breast something were similar, for example, it was sick to lie on a stomach.


All pregnancy from a breast it was not emitted colostrum at all. To me it was not believed that from it milk will once begin to flow. I drove from myself these thoughts, understanding that so it is impossible to think. My mother nursed me and my brother only about one month, we practically did not put on weight in a month and became bottle-fed babies. And it, of course, too did not add to me confidence.

I here my long-awaited planned Caesarian. Epiduralny anesthesia did not turn out, and made to me Caesarian under an intravenous anesthesia. The baby was born (as I learned later) 7 - 8 points across Apgar. I regained consciousness in chamber of intensive supervision, the head clear, terribly hurts a stomach as at monthly, the dropper drips (probably, oxytocin, I solved). There is nobody in chamber. It seemed that I lie in a warm pool probably of blood.

Then felt emptiness in a stomach, my baby is not there! I got used to feel it, the fear rezanut me where it what is with it how feels? I felt sorry for myself, the anesthesia did not turn out, and I dreamed as soon as possible, perhaps, even in the operating room to put the kid to a breast, at epiduralny anesthesia it is resolved. And I started howling.

my gynecologist came Here, was surprised that I pay, told that the boy, 3220 g and 53 cm was born that everything is normal. Then came neonatolog, confirmed that everything is normal, the child mature, full-term, externally healthy.

Soon brought to

my small Andryusha, it not at once, but took a breast, I decided that I took a breast correctly, and began to suck. Whether swallows - as listened as got accustomed, could not define. In 20 min. it was carried away though he did not want to release a breast. Till 11 in the morning the next day it was not brought. I cannot forgive myself that I did not demand to bring the child. Since evening nobody came, I could not get up what to do? To shout:“ Bring the child to feed“?


all night long. Forced to rise in the morning, the seam awfully hurt. Refused analgetics, I will nurse! From a breast could not squeeze out colostrum at all. Brought Andryusha, he slept, took a breast reluctantly and suddenly srygnut milk! That for milk: mix or donor? I was told nothing! How process donor milk? Will pasteurize. And as viruses: hepatitis, AIDS moreover huge number of everyone?

Andryusha was carried away, having told that will bring on joint stay in the evening. I was glad, I will begin to nurse! Though moved from - for pains in a seam with great difficulty. Brought Andryusha in the evening, I gave it a breast if only it took, at night he woke up each 2 hours, I nursed empty. Next day I told the nurse that I have no milk at all. It strongly pressed, I even screamed from pain, and from a breast the yellow stream of colostrum scattered. “Feed!“

continued to feed with

Ya, almost constantly. From a breast could not squeeze out at all. The child was examined, every day weighed, weight decreased and reached already 2 900 g. And the child shouted more and more quietly. For the fourth day shouted all night long, I gave to drink it from a spoon glucose, constantly gave a breast, he intensively sucked.

For the fifth day milk came, the breast increased a little, burned down it, it was felt heavy, milk flew, the shirt got wet. The child somehow calmed down, slept much, sucked already not greedy. For these 4,5 days the child had no chair, only meconium departed. And what has to be the newborn`s chair I badly represented. I knew that it is necessary to be guided by amount of urine, each three hours I changed diapers, they were crude, it is hard to say about an objma, but he wrote not less than 7 times a day precisely. The child slept almost all night long (the fifth night of the life), I had to bother him that he sucked. I thought that he, at last, gorged on.

in the Morning I suspected

, something here not so, the child sleeps, is as if slowed down, sucks badly, inertly. Began to try to obtain from a neonatolog that with the child. Did not receive the intelligible answer. In the afternoon of my kid transferred to chamber of intensive therapy of newborns. I understood that doctors do not know what happened to the child about whom said that even to carp there is nothing. To me it became terrible.

Me each three hours asked to be decanted and bring

milk, I was decanted almost continuously, but could not decant more than 30 ml in 3 hours, carried, doctors said that it is not enough. One of versions of doctors was that weight of a condition of the child is caused by hunger! It seemed the best option as also other scary diagnoses were assumed.

us on the ambulance was sent Next day to children`s regional hospital in office of pathology of newborns. Andryusha for the first time while we went by the car, smiled in a dream. No scary diagnoses in hospital were confirmed, investigated, appear, everything that is possible. Without asking me, at once put to the child a bottle with mix of 70 ml, having told that it is the volume which he has to eat in one feeding. Andryusha greedy drank mix. It weighed then 2830


fell down all the time, each three hours fed him with mix. Before giving mix, I gave a breast, both in turn, fed minutes 20 - 30, did not resolve any more. Andryusha ate 20 - 30 grams of breast milk (in chamber there were scales), then drank mix not really willingly. Between feedings I tried to be decanted, could not decant more than 10 ml, and sat to an hour. The decanted milk was vypaivat by Andryushe.

Andryushe became obviously better than

In three days, he cried already loudly, sometimes was awake, any more not all the time slept. I nursed each three hours, weighed and finished feeding to the put norm mix. But Andryusha did not put on weight. We left home on receipt, understood that no pathology at the child was found, and is possible to adjust breastfeeding only at home.

We houses, to the child are 2 weeks, and it on the mixed feeding, and more than a half makes mix. It was necessary to be interested in mixes! Decided to feed with the same, as in hospital, - “Nestazhen“. Again continuous feeding by a breast if the child agrees to suck, let sucks a breast, a joint dream, whenever possible long night feedings. And fear that the child starves...

Were weighed by

every day before bathing, the child began to put on weight! And a breast sucked mix from a bottle well. By a month we added the put 700 g and nearly 4 kg weighed. The husband insisted on reduction of amount of mix and gradual transition to natural feeding, but to me it was terrible. The child in a month per day drank about 400 ml of mix, it is about a half of a diet.

Ya gave in to arrangements of the husband and began to reduce gradually amount of mix, but business went slowly, stopped on 280 - 320 ml a day. And suddenly - diathesis, cheeks began to redden and be shelled. It is clear, that, most likely, from dairy mix. Farther worse, it is a pity to look at the child. Again there is not enough information on mixes. Resolutely I change mix for soy. Diathesis passes.

I Begin to study everything about mixes. I learn, as on soy there can be an allergy. What then? An exit one - transition to full feeding by a breast. I continue to nurse as much as possible, I count, about 10 hours a day the child sucks a breast. I change soy mix for mix on a semi-element basis and I finish feeding 30 ml 3 times a day. The child for the second month gains 800 g

I Understand that 100 ml in day of mix cannot play roles, but I cannot refuse a dokorm, became dependent. If I do not feed from a bottle, then it seems that the child did not gorge on. I do effort over myself and I nurse only several days, nothing unusual occurs, the child feels normally. I use overlays for a breast of Avent when you nurse one, flows from another, I vypaivat collected milk (to 20 ml it turned out) at once.

For the third month Andryusha puts on weight only of 500 g, but on breast milk. I look forward 4 months that it was possible to enter porridges on water. Yes, we entered a feeding up rather early, but kept natural feeding though it and not end in itself, got rid of diathesis. Andryusha absolutely, appear, did not appreciate a breast, it was offered always in unlimited number and was, probably, for him something self-evident.

When to Andryushe was 8 months old, I ceased to worry that milk will become a little, Andryusha ate all feedings up put on age in usual quantities. I ceased to offer constantly the child a breast, relaxed, and the less often I fed, the less there was a milk.

After a year we began to derive a true pleasure from feeding by a breast. The kid sucked only before going to bed, at night and when it was upset or sick. So we were successfully fed till 2 years 4 months. Without special problems weaned to suck.

Now Andryushe 4 years, mother`s titya still remain for it something special, the family filling with warmth and so wants to nestle on it sometimes.