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Meeting on clothes...

Now when the rounded tummy declared my situation to the whole world, I, walking with two-year-old Art capacious, began to try to catch on herself the curious eyes. It is free or involuntarily, but practically each passer measured me by a look, since the head, and finishing with socks of shoes, then his shy look moved to the child and again came back somewhere to the center of my stomach.

- the Pregnant woman with the small child - same not the living astronaut, eventually, - was perplexed I.

- Just it is interesting to all, - the girlfriend laughed, - to what category you belong. To people who are not able to use contraceptives, or to consciously giving birth. And consciously give birth in our country only to those who may contain the children. Here also look, how well you are dressed - put whether pure you have a child...

- some Brad... - I did not agree. But reflected: and in each joke there is only a joke share.

Time of collecting before an exit to the street gradually increased, the clothes for me and the child began to be selected more carefully. The husband is surprised: “For whom you put on, the pregnant aunt with the child?“ In his opinion, we, women, put on only for men. Huge delusion! We put on not for men, we put on for other women. Only the woman is capable to estimate a fashionable counter in this season and to unmistakably define where the thing - in boutique or in the local ware market is bought.

- Noblesse oblige, - I sigh, - or noblesse oblige.

In the first pregnancy I, having given in to opinion of people around, not that did not dye hair, but even did not cut. Went to maternity hospital with the long hair divided somewhere at the level of ears into a light bottom and dark up. The clothes for pregnant women had not to be bought too - managed mother`s sweaters and the only black trousers on a drawstring under a stomach.

Now I do not want to go with grown more any more, than to centimeter, and began to be painted with roots of hair even more often than usually. Just I try to choose more sparing hair-dyes. It was succeeded even to persuade to make desperately resisting husband with me attack on clothing store for pregnant women.

- Why to you jeans if you bought trousers? - he grumbled.

- Trousers under a blouse, jeans under a jacket, - I tried to explain him.

A it paid off only with a gloomy face on cash desk. Well it could not share my pleasure from purchases, well and it is not necessary. I am grateful to it for the fact that at least did not make financial difficulties:-).

Special attention to the appearance extended also to house clothes.

- In what I go at home? - suddenly I reflected, and the own answer to this question struck me. - In in what it is a shame to go to the street.

on average I spend by

with the advent of the first child on the street no more than 4 hours, other twenty (!) hours I am at home. And what? These four hours I try to look if not for 100%, but at least percent on 80. And houses, frankly speaking, hardly and I hold on to 50%. Of course, at young mother it is full of other cares, sometimes for all day and in a mirror - that you will not be looked. But such I am seen by the husband and the child.

As it is heavy to p to leave favourite cozy things: the soft flannel dressing gown which long ago lost the initial color, once fashionable knitted trousers it is indecent vspuzyrivshimisya on a lap, a T-shirt - a stripped vest with open shoulders which so to me goes... It is similar to hosts “Remove it immediately“ - all in a basket!

Urgently I look for replacement. Knitted things from organic cotton, undoubtedly, are pleasant for a body and are rather convenient. But, very much are short-lived - quickly get out of a shape, are extended or, on the contrary, sit down at a machine wash. I refuse purchase of knitted trousers in favor of Capri from jeans - streych.

the Girlfriend sewed to me several Capri of an adjacent silhouette on a wide elastic band and one trousers - pipes, 7 / 8 long. Long trouser-legs often cling the friend to the friend, and lightnings and buttons crash into skin. Therefore here such simplified options appeared as it is impossible by the way, and they look, by the way, is not worse at all.

Several knitted undershirts and an anorak with a hood added with

a house collection. Completely I did not begin to refuse dressing gowns. Left whole three: terry after a shower, velors as a morning peignoir and one awful - for especially manual labors.“ Grandmother`s“ sent knitted night dresses to the grandmother. Instead of them got several sets - shorts - shorts + an undershirt on thin shoulder straps.

I do not know

how for others, but for me to go at home in a bra - torture of the highest degree. About harm of refusal of a bra read much, but, alas, freedom got the best of estimated beauty of a bust in old age. Few years ago I reached compromise in a type of a prenatal compression undershirt - a top. It perfectly suits both pregnant women, and not pregnant - delicate support and lack of pressure upon a breast. And here the brassiere for feeding left me indifferent - more seams, thin shoulder straps, it is a lot of fasteners.

the Similar story at me developed also with a bandage. During the first pregnancy I could not adapt to it - as it seemed to me, the bandage too squeezed a bladder. After the delivery - there was a heat - I also could not force to carry a postnatal bandage. What subsequently very much regretted about - the stomach long time remained unsympathetic to various manipulations. Now for me alternative to an inconvenient bandage - to a belt are pants for pregnant women with an elastic tape under a stomach. I will not claim that the supporting effect of pants is comparable to effect of a belt, but in my case “something“ nevertheless is better, than “nothing“.

the Separate subject is a make-up for the house. Always sincerely envied owners of natural dark eyebrows and long fluffy eyelashes. I - light by nature, and without make-up am similar to an illustration in the textbook of biology with the signature “mol pale, ordinary“. But the nature awarded me with the person on whom it is possible to draw anything, from the fatal beauty to Mary Poppins. meyk - an apa I seized art at school age, and was always convinced: there are no ugly women, there are women who are not able to use cosmetics.

the Problem only that the daily make-up does not promote improvement of skin and its full restoration. Therefore periodically it is necessary to leave the person “under the ferry“. Only for some reason in such days people of whom you davny - wait for the visit long ago come, but only now some unknown force brings them into your apartment. From this situation there is only one exit: if today meyk - ap does not include in your plans - put hair in order, make a hairdress. Then the well-groomed head will distract attention from not made up person. And then: fall in love with us, at last, such what we are:-).

I though, by tradition, is met still on clothes, the fact that though see off on mind pleases.