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Amazons and soldiers. The eighth Birthday of

Should be noticed that mine now the eight-year-old daughter - the person who is extremely spoiled concerning Birthdays. We never spent a holiday in McDonalds with sad collecting of a tower from glasses and a state cake, did not arrange a plentiful adult feast with the children raging in the locked neighboring room, did not invite foreign uncles - clowns. Always somehow tried to cope by own forces and, as a rule, it worked well - with great or smaller success.

everything passed

this year really fine therefore I decided to share the scenario. There is nothing essentially new in it, and mummies tempted in children`s holidays (and daddies) will hardly find it extraordinary, but if someone needs something, I will be glad.

We spent a holiday in nature as we do several last years. The matter is that ourselves have three children, most of friends - have less so the invitation of two - three closest families the person of 10 - 12 madcaps of all age already provides to us. And this year to us also daughter`s schoolmates - as increased - in any way, the second class any more …

Total, but for them some discounts, and two little sweeties of two years who wandered in itself became and sometimes strove to pull down something from a requisite.

So, a subject of this holiday. Distributed to school friends for several days the beautiful stylized invitations, with the others were limited to phone calls.

In the appointed day a bit earlier I went to the place (the excellent pine wood near Moscow with a mass of clearings and a picturesque slope to the rivulet) that to prepare everything, the husband in the agreed place met cars with guests.

Here, at last, all gathered. We begin a holiday.

Several parenthesises, and we begin to prepare ammunition. Easy capes - tunics we made in advance (painted with liquid paint for fabric pieces of a gauze, made holes for the head in the middle), and left to children production of belts, amulets and arrows.

of the Belt - two thick threads, each about 1,5 m long, are knotted on the end by the general so one thread turns out as if, to the middle of one color, further - another. One person undertakes one tip, the second - another, and begin to twist it in different directions. When the thread becomes strongly twisted (if slightly - slightly to weaken a tension, on it curls are formed) it is possible to fold accurately it double (in that place where we knotted) and to fix from other party (i.e. where there is no knot, to make it). We stir up, threads are twisted with each other, and the nice corbel from two twisted threads turns out. Whether it is necessary to say that threads have to be identical thickness (the thickest!) and the contrast, well combined flowers.

With amulets everything is absolutely simple

. We cut out from a cardboard templates of a different form in advance - oval, round, triangular etc. The task of children was to cover them with a layer of plasticine and to stick color stones (brought from the sea), the rolled fragments of glass (from there), round steklyashechka which are put in vases with the flowers (are on sale in IKEA and not only), foil pieces. Adults helped to make a hole in holes and to insert strings into amulets.

With arrows could think up, probably, something more interesting, but children already began to be tired of needlework therefore we just wound with a foil tips of the thin direct sticks which are previously cut by the father.

So far we did needlework, friends is assistants made nearby fire. We gather at a fire and in turn we devote all in soldiers and amazons. For this purpose each child tells the name and some definition which begins on the same letter, as a name, and becomes its nickname for the period of game. For example, my daughter Dashka is represented “Benevolent Dasha“, guests - “Beautiful Katya“, “Grozny Georgy“ etc., moderately to the imagination. When the name is told, to the child put on a tunic (to boys - it is yellow - green, to girls - Xing - green), the belt and an amulet made by it, and he becomes the soldier or the amazon.

After dedication all we sit down at a fire, and the leader tells a couple of words about amazons (full of information on the Internet of different degree of an interesnost) and a legend. In general its essence looks so.

of Amazon and soldiers lived in peace and friendship on one island, from enemies they were protected by an amulet - a magic necklace from 101 beads. The angry sorcerer who wanted to occupy their island interfered, instigated amazons, and they began to argue with soldiers which of them are more main and at whom the necklace has to be stored. So hostility began. The necklace tore, and beads were scattered on all island. Amazons and soldiers blamed for this each other, to the world the end came, and each tribe began to live separately. Then the sorcerer, seeing that he people in quarrel, brought together army and went to the island. People understood that one by one to them not to cope. They were going to council, but even the general forces them were too small to resist to the enemy. They went to the priestess behind council.

Here from - for next a bush the color smoke begins to bring down

(such so-called day fireworks are on sale. As in usual, the match is set fire, but instead of rockets there is a dense smoke of bright color). And from - for this of a bush the priestess appears.

Ya tried to do absolutely without additional roles, but it did not leave, in two places it was necessary to attract skilled mothers who without difficulties reincarnate in anyone though in the priestess though in a doorway, and once - our father.

We (that is, all words are pronounced, of course, by the leader) appeal to the priestess to prompt as to us to be and how to resist to the enemy. The invited mother approached a role creatively, for a lamp built a magic crystal from an old plafond, reeled up on herself any rags and looked extremely convincingly.

In a magic crystal she saw that for a victory over the angry sorcerer people need to collect a magic necklace again, then magic protection will be restored. But beads are dispelled on all island, the way will be hard, on it to us any tests and so on will meet.

C herself to the road the priestess gives us a sack in which any different objects lie. First of all, a thread with a needle to string collected beads. The first beads already is, it on a thread, around it the small knot is tied - that the others did not come off, and it was simpler to collect all necklace. Other objects - scissors, boxes with one match, a scarf, a purse with coins, a cord, bank with liquid paint and brushes.

the Priestess warns about dangers - a spider, the fiery river and so forth, specifies the direction - to the first test. Promises to help the sorcery, on the course to send hints, where to go further.

most usual “browser“ when after each stage something indicates where to move further begins

A further. We, as a rule, it had notes in sacks with beads. Though there were also exceptions.

  1. Test “Web“. It easily matches between two trees and consists of two horizontally tense ropes, and between them - a usual linen elastic band which pieces are tied so that to form small cells. They have to be such size that the child could (but not without effort) to creep on other party, without having touched an elastic band or a rope.
    All should get over on other party of a web, at the same time options of complications can be different. For example, it is impossible to use the same cell more once. Or if somebody touched a web, all come back. As we in structure had kids, the task was the simplest - only to appear on other party, however, for greater to fear, I fastened several jingles on a web and by a terrible voice told that if they ring, then the terrible spider will come running. And though children were already rather adult for such baizes, got very accurately.
    On a web are also fixed (are suspended on threads) beads (it is desirable, by the number of participants). Accurately we cut off them scissors from a sack not to touch an elastic band. Near a web on a tree the piece of paper is fixed, on it it is written where to go further.“ Look for a blank sheet. Having painted over it, you will find magic words“. We look for the sheet of paper pasted to a tree.
  2. Magic letter. We find a leaf, on it wax wrote words (in our case 10 steps forward were written “by a back to a tree,“). Words are not visible, following the hint, we take from a sack paint with brushes and we paint over a leaf. Wax letters are not painted over and shown by white. We find the hidden sack with 10 in the specified place - yu beads. In it - the following hint:“ There go where the rose scarlet grows. But know: that rose exhales poison, for girls dangerous. Only Amazon can collect beads, but if it sets foot suddenly a leg on land, forever the captive will remain at a rose, and only repayment will be able to give release“. We look for the rose thrust to the earth.
    Ya consciously used quite florid language for hints since children attentively listened, trying to understand what it means. Then we understood together and went to follow instructions. Otherwise, having heard the first a couple of words, the most bright would rush like mad, would begin something actively to do and crumpled all course of game.
  3. In the earth a paper rose. The rope fenced a zone on which girls cannot step. But they have to, without attacking the earth, to pick up beads (for number of girls) which lie on the earth (that beads were noticeable, I wrapped up them a foil and put on pieces of bright brilliant brown paper). If the girl concerns the earth, it remains the captive. But it is possible to pay repayment for its release - one useful subject from a sack.
    In our case boys very much tried to drag all girls through a dangerous zone. But with one nevertheless were filled up on the earth. For it decided to leave repayment - a cord hank from a sack, having reasonably decided that we, if something happens, have belts which we will be able to use as a rope.
    We got hungry, we catch a smell of the preparing food, we go on it.
  4. On a glade us is waited by one more character - the ragman. It has a brazier with already ready fried sausages (began to prepare at once as soon as children went to the first test). We are hungry therefore for coins we buy food. Separate test spontaneously turned out to count how many we ate sausages (I - three, I - two, and that five, I - two more, it will be seven etc.) and how many we have to pay for them (on one coin for two sausages). To sausages bread, ketchup and juice so forces were supported relied, it was possible to continue game.
    Ya long thought what to take coins. Our usual - it is uninteresting. Chocolate - it will be a pity to give. To make of a foil - it is uninteresting. So as a result took any strange foreign coins unfamiliar to children (that is not euro - and not the American cents, etc.) - Chinese, Korean, South African, etc. what could find.
    At the ragman is a lot of any trifles which he suggests to buy from it. Including, we find a sack with beads. It is not on sale, it can only be won. Plays with children dice, they put coins or a subject from a bag, it is a sack with beads. at last, we win
    After couple of rounds. In a sack of 10 beads + the description of the place of the following test.“ I will lead you, having left tags on branches. Only will start dancing a flame, catch a treasured purse. Be careful! You will come in a chasm - you will be gone, you will drop that caught - you will be left without necklace!“
    On a branch we notice a ribbon (for economy - (“reaped“) paper cut on strips crepe - very conveniently and just to tie). Behind it - following etc. On ribbons we reach the place of the following test.
  5. by
  6. At this stage installed simple system. The small fire was difficult, 2 skewers are at the edges thrust (with ringlets on the ends). The cord which conducts to a tree is passed throughout ringlets and thrown through quite high branch. On the end of a cord - a treasured sack with beads. It is necessary to kindle a fire and to burn through a thread that the sack with beads fell. It falls to the fenced place where it is impossible to come. Quickly we guess to pull a scarf under the place of alleged falling of a sack. we Get
    boxes with one match (for secure it is possible to put two). Someone sets fire to a fire, the others catch beads. Just in case, aside the pile of newspapers unostentatiously lies - if with a fire it is not taken.
    So far children string beads, someone from parents - assistants sets fire to a color smoke (red). It is the fiery river, to us there.
  7. the Fiery river is designated by a red tape on the earth. It is necessary to get over on other party, but it is impossible to come to the river. If to throw through it an arrow and to get to the chained key (a blue scarf on a tree meters in 15), the source will break loose and will extinguish the river. But if the arrow falls to the river, we will not be able to pull out it back. If arrows are enough
    for all, then all in turn shoot a bow (we took it with ourselves in a campaign from the very beginning). If already turn of the last, and so nobody got to a scarf, it is possible to prompt to bind to an arrow a cord that it was possible to pull out it back. In our case the daughter skillfully got from the first so the others shot more just for fun. we Are transported to
    through the extinct river, under a scarf - the next sack and the following hint.“ The Soldier can go blind if his eyes remain are open. And Amazon can carry out it by the road safe. But only the hand will touch it a bead treasured, that will be reduced to dust. And to Soldiers with a touch of a bead sight will return. “
  8. the zone where boys have to go blindly (we tie scarfs) Begins
  9. not to go blind. Meters through the 10th the line noted a site on which girls cannot step. On it (on bushes etc.) sacks with beads are fixed (on 2 - 3), there is so much sacks how many boys. That is at first girls as guides conduct boys, and then instruct them (“forward, two steps to the right, give a hand“ etc.) that those blindly found beads. Soldiers can open eyes when take beads in hand.
    In three sacks - parts of the following task, it is necessary to put them together and to read a task. “You can fly also without wings. Brave will soar up up to clouds. Look for a rope that hangs down from the sky.“
  10. by
  11. Nearby on a tree fixed a rope. At rather big height beads are looked through. By means of a rope it is necessary to get on a tree and to get beads. Here it is important that children helped each other, placed, pulled a rope etc. of
    Most of our children climb trees as monkeys so I not too worried about safety. Otherwise it is worth watching closely especially this stage and to connect fathers to an insurance.
    In a sack the last hint - “Go on pebbles dark and light and do not forget to take them with yourself“. Having attentively looked narrowly, we find dark and light stones on the earth. We go on them, without forgetting them to collect.
  12. Last stage, and again role. The path from stones brings us to the new character - the goddess Nemesis. It is one of Themis`s “kinds“, the goddess of justice. Not the most pleasant character, if to rummage in mythology, but a name at it sonorous therefore I stopped on him.
    Before Nemesis cost scales with two cups (are bought in IKEA a few years ago, the most excellent thing!). We explain her an essence of our mission, we ask about beads, we spread collected pebbles. It has for us the last sack, but she does not hurry to give it. She calls
    not the most pleasant moments during our campaign (as quarreled who the first will shoot a bow as did not help to get over through a web as they swore on the one who somewhere made a mistake etc.), the leader as seeing everything, fatefully prompts. At the same time Nemesis puts black pebbles on scales. Itand will give beads, only if we remember all good deeds, we will put white pebbles, and they will move black. Children remember
    how they did not leave the captive at a rose as helped to pass to soldiers blindly as someone supported someone etc. White pebbles, by itself, outweigh, and we receive the last sack. We collect all beads, we come back to the priestess. the Priestess solemnly considers by
    beads (I forgot in a pocket one of sacks with 10 - yu beads so it had to count around to reach to 101), throws in a fire of a cracker and declares will of gods - the necklace found force again, protection is restored, the angry sorcerer is prostrate. Gives a parting word - live in the world and do not try to find out who is more main, - and gives gifts (to amazons - little horses, to soldiers - plastic sabers).
    So far we walked in the woods, careful mummies laid a holiday table so it is possible to open children`s champagne and to pass to toasts for health of the birthday woman.
    to avoid a chaotic vpikhivaniye of packages of gifts, after food we seated all around a fire, and everyone presented the gift with words of congratulations and wishes. And then, so far parents tried to eat up what remained on a table after children, those rushed on the wood, investigated vicinities and repeatedly passed some tests. In general, all were satisfied.

Equipment: tunics from a gauze, a cardboard, plasticine, stones and fragments of glass for amulets, threads - are thinner for amulets and all is more fat for belts, for a fire (2 times, at the beginning and when we burn through a cord), a color smoke (not necessarily, but it is effective), a rope (good repshnur, and also it is simpler than a string for designation of zones and borders), an elastic band for a web, jingles for it, an adhesive tape, a clean sheet, a candle or a white wax crayon, a paper rose, a brazier, skewers, sausages and so forth. - for having a snack, any junk for the ragman, dice, a cord, onions with arrows, a blue scarf (source), scarfs for setting of eyes, scales, black and white stones, and also elements of suits and attributes for the priestess, the ragman and Nemesis. Well and, of course, a set of sacks with beads and hints.

Ya did not bother with sewing of sacks, and wrapped beads in transparent brown paper (for flowers) and fixed by elastic bands for hair. Not to get confused in hints (what where), I took elastic bands of different color and did marks in the scenario (for example: “after the fiery river - a blue elastic band“). I was very much helped still by handheld transceivers for communication with characters and assistants (“a color smoke in a minute!“), but it is already luxury.

I Wish all good luck and excellent holidays - nurseries and not only!