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Stop upon the demand of

With hotels in Moscow the situation, as we know, is badly. They are very dear, and quality of service quite often leaves to wish a lot of the best. To stop and still in the capital not at relatives and for reasonable money perhaps. The correspondent of “SP“ Ksenia Tatarnikova understood subtleties of the Moscow hospitality

of Hotel in Moscow are necessary to all. To both guests of the capital, and its permanent residents: to settle the company of relatives or friends from other city, and even most to pad down a two-three of days if the house to you temporarily does not appear places.

But everything is not so simple

. According to the British consulting company Jones Lang LaSalle, the hotel room in Prague costs the tourist on average 101 euros per day, in Budapest - 75 euros. Guests of Moscow in this sense were not lucky: statistically, in one day in hotel it is necessary to spread 187,5 euros. But high prices are still half-troubles.

Mysterious stars

only about 200 hotels are the share

Of ours 12 - the million capital, according to the estimates of one of the leading international consulting companies in the field of commercial real estate Colliers International. For comparison: more than 1400 of these institutions are the share of 10 million Parisians.

And, according to experts, in the Russian capital best of all the situation is with hotels of a class four and five of stars (them in Moscow about 40). Clients of such hotels most often without problems can find empty seats. And here inexpensive three - and there are catastrophically not enough two-star hotels which are in the most great demand around the world in Moscow.

One more hotel problem, besides deficiency and high cost, - very conditional stardom of domestic hotels. Unlike the Western European countries where each hotel surely passes the state certification and only after it this procedure voluntary receives the asterisks, in Russia. Among the Moscow hotels it is still not enough of those who voluntarily decided to be certified on compliance to requirements and received from the state represented by Federal Tourism Agency of an asterisk on a facade.

the Law does not prevent hotel to draw to itself so many stars how many her owners consider it necessary. And they use it.

“The state classification on compliance to requirements imposed to means of placement categories three and two of a star there passed some three-star hotels and any two-star, - the president of Hotel Expert association Margarita Nemolyaeva claims. - So stars can mostly be considered only as ornament - they have no legal grounds“.

as a result the Moscow hotels having seemingly identical quantity of stars can differ markedly on the level of service and the prices.

For example, in constructed in 2003 pass - the standard single room costs to Akvarel hotel in Stoleshnikovy Lane 8160 rub (new furniture, a full-fledged bathroom, the conditioner, the hair dryer, satellite television, two phones, pass - bar, the individual safe, Internet connection). And in just opened pass - standard number costs to hotel at the Belarusian station 900 rub (modest furniture, the toilet room with a shower cabin, soundproof plastic windows, the refrigerator, the TV, phone). A difference between them - as between the small palace and roadside motel with good reputation. The hotel at Belarusian appeared on the place of the former waiting room, here it is possible to spend the night in a clean room with the minimum set of furniture and conveniences. In “Water color“ of number it is more and komfortabelny plus the developed infrastructure and service: from service in numbers all 24 hours, dry-cleaners, a laundry, bar and restaurant to medical clinic, a conference - the hall, services of a transfer in the city and daily delivery of the fresh press in three languages. But both hotels are positioned as three-star.

In the category of hotels of level four - five stars include, as a rule, the reconstructed large hotels of the Soviet era (Kosmos hotel complexes, “Ukraine“, “Golden Ring“) and the hotels of the western networks Marriott, Sheraton, Kempinsky, Holiday Inn, Hyatt built in the capital, domestic Heliopark Group.

by What the arrangement is more favorable than

, is more spacious and numbers are more comfortable, than the furniture and than more it in number is newer, than the list of additional services is longer (the parking, restaurants, business - the center, entertainment center, fitness - the center, beauty shop, booking, transfers etc.) and the security service, that high price is more perfect.

such trifles as existence of spa and the pool, not to mention heating of a floor in a bathroom, wireless Internet connection and the round-the-clock room service begin to play a Role.

But, as well as in a case with hotels of a class three stars, not everything is so simple: the prices of placement in chetyrekhzvezdnik can differ from hotel to hotel.

we Will tell

, a standard double room in “The atlas park - hotel“ (four stars, 15 minutes on the machine from the Domodedovo airport) there are 1760 rub (a double bed, a table, a bedside table, a case, a bathtub, a shower, a toilet, a wash basin, the hair dryer, phone, the TV, Internet connection and even a balcony). In “Novotel“ (four stars, at Sheremetyevo - 2) the prices of similar numbers begin from 7520 rub.

the Present Moscow hotel of a class two stars most often represents

or the hostel transferred to structure of hotels (the so-called hostel of hotel type), or the hotel building still of the Soviet construction on the suburb: multicase and multystoried, with tiny rooms, outdated furniture and a bathroom on the floor, without conditioner, with the low level of safety and very limited service.

But also from this rule exceptions are. Let`s tell, in two-star hostel (hotel with two-six-seater numbers with a possibility of a podseleniye) Travellers Guest House (TGH) on Bolshaya Pereyaslavskaya Street with pleasure stop more than ten years tourists from Europe and the USA. At four-seater placement in the pure and comfortably arranged room (from options - a bathroom, phone, the TV, the refrigerator) it costs 900 rub from the person. There is a place where to leave baggage, kitchen that most to prepare, a drawing room to receive guests, the safe for storage of values, services of a laundry will cost 150 rub

In Sherston hostel near Vladykino metro station a quadruple room with bunk beds costs 750 rub from the person (a bathroom, phone, the TV, the refrigerator). Besides, in hotel there is a safe, the place for storage of baggage, an opportunity to use the Internet and to call free of charge across Moscow. Here, as well as in TGH, English-speaking employees work too and long there live Europeans and Americans.

in general quotations on placement in Moscow such. In “two stars“ for a standard single room most often ask 850 - 1500 rub, in “three stars“ - 2,5 - 4 thousand rubles. The room in the Moscow hotel of a class four stars costs 5 - 8 thousand rubles. The room price in hotel of level five stars fluctuates from 9 thousand rubles to 22 thousand rubles.

Laws of hospitality

can Look for hotel in two ways: through travel agency or having directly addressed to hotel. it is the most convenient to p to work with

on the Internet: to visit the official sites of the hotels and travel agencies which are engaged in booking - www. all - hotels. ru (All Hotels company), www. acase. ru (Akademservice company), www. all - hotelsonline. ru (Moscow city service of booking), www. hotelfinder. ru (Ayvista tourist`s bureau) to watch photos, to read the description of numbers and to compare the prices.

of Travel agency under the contract with hotel are sold by blocks of numbers at the prices which are, as a rule, 5 - 10% lower than what the hotel offers “from a rack“. Fill the pocket with part of a discount of travel agency as profit, honestly offer part to the client.

However, every time is better to specify the price offered by travel agency directly at representatives of hotel - by phone or by means of the Internet. Quite often the price offered by hotel appears less, than the intermediary has travel agencies. For example, the prices of number in “Belgrade“ (three stars) on the website all - hotels. ru begin with 3600 rub, and at the address directly to hotel - with 3200 rub. In “the Gostiny house“ (three stars) both the direct, and intermediary price identical, from 2100 rub/days, but to the clients reserving placement via the website of hotel is put a discount in 3%.

Besides about new and budget hotels in travel agencies can not be known.“ Hotels of level usually do not provide two stars to travel agencies of big discounts therefore to cooperate with them and, respectively, is unprofitable to offer them to clients“, - the manager of sales department of the All Hotels company Svetlana Alekhina says.

Inexpensive, but decent placement is possible for

and it is necessary to look for at forums of travelers and students. For example, on the websites iec. ru or rubackpacker. ru. Excellent idea for those who know English, - the international forums at which discuss hotels of Moscow, for example the website www. tripadvisor. com. The practical Europeans and Americans shocked with official Moscow quotations try to find more available options by means of a gossip hotline.

Important advantage of such way of search - an opportunity to read responses of the lodgers who already visited to you hotel. At the same time it is possible to find out such details about which, without having experienced, you will not guess for anything. For example, only such way it is possible to learn that somewhere the bed very short and cannot extend legs, and at inclusion of heating of a floor from it there is a sewerage smell.

In other hotel, on customer reviews, feed with stale breakfasts and it is better to lodge in numbers on the left side from the elevator because differently it will be very difficult to fall asleep from - for noise of the next restaurant.

the Best based on the ratio of the price and quality in a rating of preferences of lodgers experts call by

“Tourist“ (from 1310 rub/days), “Dawn“ (2400 rub/days), “Berlin“ (from 1980 rub/days), “Pallada“ (from 2805 rub/days), “Izmailovo - the Alpha“ (from 3300 rub/days).

All listed hotels are positioned by

in a niche three stars, but only three last passed state classification so far. Most popular “two-room flats“ - “Baikal“ (from 1450 rub/days), “Orekhovo“ (from 1350 rub/days), “Tsaritsyno“ (from 1200 rub. / days), “University“ (960 rub/days), “Rising“ (from 960 rub/days), “Asia“ (from 900 rub/days). These hotels it is better than others meet requirements imposed to hotels of a class two stars, and some even approach three stars (“Orekhovo“, “Rising“, “Asia“).

Number with conveniences

Each lodger imposes on

to the temporary house the requirements. To someone the proximity to the airport, existence business - the center and Internet connection is important, someone needs the third bed for the child, to someone - the parking for the car and existence of entertainment center in the neighbourhood.

One likes to live in big hotel like “Space“, others, on the contrary, prefer silence and privacy of minihotel. The geographical position influences cost too: as a rule, the farther from the center, the cheaper. Now most of all hotels (65%) are located in Central, Severo - East and Western administrative districts. Hardly with placement in Severo - Western, Hugo - East and East districts - is the share of them only the tenth part of the operating hotels so far.

One more factor influencing the prices - seasonality. From the middle of March to the middle of July and from the middle of September to the middle of December in hotels of all classes a high exhibition season. Everything is occupied by guests of exhibitions and to reserve the room is almost unreal. To the middle of September and from the middle of December to the middle of March of the price of a reservation, on the contrary, fall from the middle of July twice, and even it is more.

However, it is necessary to consider that the hotel can have the special schedule of high and low seasons in accurate dependence on the schedule of work of the nearby exhibition center. “Ukraine“ (it is located near Expocentre), “Gostiny house“ treat such hotels, for example, (there is near “A crocus - an Expo“).

the Chance to save appears during the week-end. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday of hotel reduce the prices of numbers by 15 - 20%. However, it concerns rather not the central hotels (they also during week-end are filled almost completely), and three - four-star hotels outside historic center.

Almost always travel agencies available have “burning“ numbers. They appear if the client cancels a reservation or if numbers for certain dates remain not redeemed.“ It is necessary to reserve the “burning“ room and to become populated in it in day of the address and, as a rule, only for one days.

It very conveniently for that who in Moscow in transit, - Svetlana Alekhina says. - A day before entrance the “burning“ number can be on sale at very low price, even at prime cost“. There is an example. The standard single room in Ukraine hotel costs from 4440 rub, for the period from July 29 to July 31 it was given for 1200 rub“ Burning“ armor sell both travel agencies, and hotels, but travel agencies have a choice, clear, more. It is possible to find the “burning“ hotels and in the Internet: for example, on the website www. koika. ru.

the Room answer
Not so long ago in Moscow there was an alternative to expensive hotels - the client has an opportunity to rent apartment for several days
For $100-150 a day spacious two - or the three-room apartment in the downtown; apartments in the remote areas in five - ten minutes of walking from the subway cost $30-50 a day. Options include the European furniture, video equipment, completely equipped kitchen, a bathroom with a set of accessories, the free landline phone. The cost of daily rent already included cleaning (usually two times a week), change of bed linen and towels, satellite television, access to the high-speed Internet.
the Area of the apartment usually is not less than 32 quarter. m while hotel rooms, as a rule, have the area of 12 - 16 sq.m. At the same time the quantity of living does not influence the price. experts call
Among shortcomings of “room option“ need of observance of exact time of settling and eviction (it occurs in the presence of the manager of firm) and higher payment for short-term placement. Many firms thus force clients to rent apartment not less than for 8 - 10 days. the firm usually asks the client to pay
When booking in advance by a bank transfer in one days of accommodation. Otherwise there are no guarantees that the apartment will wait for it. To avoid problems, it is necessary to receive from room bureau the notice of booking containing exhaustive information on location of the apartment, time of settling and eviction, contact phones. to Find
the companies offering apartments - hotels for short term, it is possible on the Internet: it is enough to gather in any searcher inquiry “apartments by the day“ and to choose one of ten pleasant offers.
Armor is strong
to Reserve hotel - means to secure number, having told in travel agency or hotel by phone or by e-mail the inquiry with the description of category of the necessary number, the indication of number of guests, dates of a vjezdavyezd and a contact information
in reply the travel agency or hotel every other day - two sends to the client written booking confirmation with number of armor. Many hotels demand to pay at the same time forward at least one days of accommodation. The guest pays other money in day of departure. It is possible to pay a reservation by means of a credit card, cash at office of travel agency or in hotel, through the courier in Moscow, with the translation through Sberbank, a postal or money transfer.
needs to be tracked that written booking confirmation was filled correctly and accurately. In it number of armor, a full name of the lodger, category and the price of the booked room, the number of guests, dates and time of entrance - departure, a name and a surname of the manager who was making out a reservation have to be surely specified. Besides, there has to be a common seal. If document it is issued inaccurately or not completely, it is necessary to contact once again travel agency or hotel and to ask to remake. do not forget to specify
on what conditions it will be possible to refuse booking if plans unexpectedly exchange. Usually for two - three days before entrance can be returned all paid sum minus a penalty (it, as a rule, is understood as the cost of all ordered services falling on the first days of service). In case of delay of the lodger the payment for the actual idle time of number, but no more than is raised per day from it. At delay more than for days the reservation is cancelled.