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Multiplication of happiness of

Is known that the first year in the child`s life - the most difficult for parents. When twins are born, the amount of difficulties doubles at once (and sometimes even trebles). But also on your street there will be a holiday!

News that the woman expects twins (or triplets), always happens unexpected and takes a family unawares. How to cope at once with two or three kids how to organize the life in the first months of life of babies - here only small part of the questions concerning future mother. Try to think over in advance what difficulties can arise and as to overcome them.

we Adjust the mode

Twins often are born ahead of time and with a small weight. From - for it they have those problems which are peculiar to premature children. In the first months they inertly suck a breast, for one feeding eat gradually therefore they wake up more often, cry more. Babies do not distinguish day and night, need night feedings.

the Situation is aggravated with the fact that milk can just not be enough for mother to support two or three newborns, and not because the organism of the woman is not calculated on feeding of twins or triplets but because she is tired more than usual and does not fill up, and it affects a lactation. Therefore it is important to the feeding mother to take care of own rest. If at night you do not get enough sleep (that is quite natural), lay down to have a rest in the afternoon while kids sleep, and be not tormented with the fact that you had set of not redone affairs.

to Parents of twins needs to try to be adjusted though some mode. First of all, it is desirable to put kids to bed at the same time. It is better to carry out procedure of bathing before evening feeding (previously make to babies a light massage). It is better to bathe in the first half a year of children in turn: while mother bathes one, the father can work with another, feed him. When kids become more senior and will learn to sit, they can be imprisoned in a tray together - bathing will become not just useful procedure, but cheerful entertainment.

different opinions on the subject of how to put twins to bed Exist. Some prefer to put kids in one wide bed (certainly, with high sides). In nine months of pre-natal life children so get used to each other that they together feel more comfortable and securely. It is important to watch only that to kids it was not close and that they incidentally did not get confused in a blanket.

If kids uneasy, often wake up at night and awake with shout one another, it is better to put them in different beds and if conditions, then and to different rooms allow. If one of kids burst into tears in the middle of the night, it is worth taking him on hands, to shake, calm, otherwise crying he will wake the brother (sister), and at you the duet of the crying babies will turn out. The second kid woke up - it is a high time to call to the aid the father or the grandmother.

of Feature of feeding

That your life did not turn into continuous series of feedings and ukladyvaniye, it is desirable to feed twins approximately at the same time. It is possible to put them to a breast in turn or at the same time. At first, when at newborns the correct capture was not created yet, it is better to feed them in turn, and then when children to learn to take a breast, it is possible to try to put them at the same time.

can Feed with

children sitting on a wide chair or a sofa. If you decided to settle down in a chair, put a small small bench that it was more convenient under legs. Also big pillows by means of which it is possible to record position of kids will be necessary for you. There are two main options how to hold children during simultaneous feeding. It is possible to arrange kids so that heads were removed from each other, and legs are crossed (it is actual for absolutely small). Other option - to put babies heads to each other, and to take away legs in the parties that they appeared at you at hand.

do not forget

that production of milk in mammary glands happens unevenly: one breast can be more “capacious“. Therefore put kids to different breasts in turn: in one feeding offer one child the left breast, to another - right, and in the following feeding - on the contrary. At one baby appetite can be better - he will wake up and ask to eat more often. Offering it a breast, do not forget about the second kid - he should be woken and fed too that hours of feedings, a dream and wakefulness at children coincided.

When feeding up dishes - porridges and mashed potatoes will enter a diet of babies, it is better to hold for them the general meal and to feed them at the same time, offering in turn a spoon to one, another (do not forget to prepare all necessary for meal in advance).

we Go for walk

Walk with twins - perhaps, one of the most difficult actions. But fresh air is necessary for all children: after festivities they will have an appetite, they will quicker fall asleep, will become stronger and quiet.

For walks it is important to pick up a carriage correctly. Before doing this necessary purchase, measure width of doorways, the elevator, ladder flights. The wide carriage can just not go in in the elevator, and then the exit to the street will become difficult. In the first half a year such carriage in which kids could lie so if the back of a carriage leans back not completely, the model will not suit you is necessary.

of the Carriage for twins happen two main types - in what children sit (or lie) nearby with each other, and in what kids sit one after another - “engine“ (there is a version when children sit the person to each other). The carriage “engine“ is more compact, can pass on a narrow path, is manageable. Minus is that the children sitting in it have the unequal review: the kid sitting ahead sees more, and the fact that behind, - it is less. The second child has less place for legs. Besides, in some models forward sitting does not lean back completely and the child sitting ahead cannot lay down if he suddenly wants to sleep.

the Main minus of a carriage “side by side“ that it too wide, cannot pass through narrow doorways does not find room in the small elevator. Plus this version is that both children can look and forward and on the parties, have identical “personal“ space, at desire can sit down or lay down. To make the decision what carriage to choose, it is necessary taking into account in what house you live where you usually walk whether someone will help you during walks.

do not forget

about identity

your children there are twins, but at the same time they - two (or three, four …) identity. They can differ on character, on temperament, have different preferences in food. Accustoming children to a general regime, do not forget that their requirements can be different: for example, one child likes to eat more, and another - to have a sleep longer, one prefers vegetable puree, and another adores porridge. In it there is nothing surprising, and you should not wait always from children of identical reaction.

If you are parents of one-egg twins who are as like as two peas similar at each other, learn to distinguish them. You can use for this purpose some identification marks - dress them in clothes of different flowers, cut them differently. The birth of twins not only complicates life of parents, but also has essential pluses, the majority of which will become clear over time.

Growing up, your children will pass at the same time certain stages of physical and mental development. They will never have a lack of the partner in games. In the person of the brother or the sister they will surely find the reliable friend and the good interlocutor.

At education of twins parents will have no such problems as though children differed on age: they have approximately identical day regimen, similar physical and intellectual requirements and opportunities. The jealousy which is often suffered by stair-steppers or children with a big age difference is not peculiar to them.

will remain

of Difficulty of the first year behind soon, and you thank the lucky stars for such “gift“ more than once - twins.


In the very first months it is simple to h2 not to do mother without the help of relatives therefore do not hesitate to ask for the help the husband, grandmothers, grandfathers, girlfriends. The father is able to carry out the same duties which lay down on mother`s shoulders, except for one - feeding by a breast. He can bath one of kids, shake it or feed from a small bottle until mother is busy with another. Grandmothers can help about the house, sit with kids, grandfathers let carry them on walk, entertain... And with girlfriends who have small children too you can go to dairy kitchen, for example, in turn.

Emphasize with

To your data their “difference“:

  • from two - three-months age to remains need separate beds (let blankets and covers differ on color);
  • the dressed children look lovely - it is worth buying things of one style, but at least different color;
  • different also;
  • to
  • it is convenient that children play together, but periodically they need to be parted “on different corners“ - let learn to be engaged independently;
  • see as your twins communicate - sometimes they create own language clear to only two. Read to them aloud, study verses and songs.