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Why you cannot lose excess weight?

you would like to lose several extra kilos, but nothing is impossible to you. And, seemingly, matter not only that you eat too much or you move a little. You watch yourself, but all the same recover. The undetected disease can be the reason for that.

of Medicine

Some preparations can be the cause of increase in weight. Ideally the doctor who prescribes medicine has to warn you about possible side effects. But, if the doctor of it did not make, the increase in weight can become for you an unpleasant surprise. Most often such effect is rendered by steroids which are registered at rheumatic arthritis and some other diseases. Steroids, in - the first, stimulate appetite, in - the second, influence fat adjournment - first of all on a face, shoulders, a stomach. The similar effect is rendered by some antidepressants and anti-histamines. Are promoted adjournment of fat and an increase of weight by also sedative preparations.

the Decision

If the increase in weight coincided with the beginning of reception of new medicine, see a doctor and discuss with it alternative methods of treatment. But, even if other medicine in your case cannot be picked up, do not despond: after the course of treatment ends, you will be able to grow thin.

Intolerance of certain products

the Question of whether the intolerance of any products can cause a considerable increase in weight, is still discussed. So far only the fact that such intolerance can cause hypostases which pass if the person refuses “problem“ food is proved. Business, probably, that certain products are badly acquired by an organism, zashlakovyvy it and reducing a metabolism.

the Decision

of the Problem with a thyroid gland

statistically, one of 50 women suffers from diseases of a thyroid gland. If the thyroid gland works insufficiently intensively, it does not produce enough hormones which are responsible for a metabolism. As a result it is slowed down and you begin to gain weight even if you monitor the food. Other symptoms of a hypoactive thyroid gland - dry pale skin, a hair loss, muscle and joints pains, memory impairment, constant fatigue and cold sense.

the Decision

See a doctor . Most likely, to you will suggest to make blood test on the level of hormones. If it is low, to you can appoint reception of a tiroksin. Unfortunately, the standard analysis determines only very low level of hormones if they are slightly lower than norm, then the test can it and not show. Therefore if the analysis normal, but the general state disturbs you, address the endocrinologist for additional inspection.

From an organism does not remove liquid


Many women before periods gain 2 - 3 kilograms because in an organism liquid collects. It is absolutely normal. However if you swell several times a month, then in this case it is necessary to look for other reasons. Hormonal contraceptives, some antibiotics and steroids can interfere with a normal conclusion of liquid from an organism. Hypostases result, there is an excess weight, and wrists, ankles and fingers of hands can swell up a little, especially by the end of day.

the Decision

See a doctor . In - the first, it is necessary to define whether the disease of a thyroid gland, lymphatic system, kidneys or heart failure is the reason of hypostases. If nothing serious is revealed, reduce amount of the consumed salt, and also tinned, smoked, greasy food.

of the Disease of ovaries

About 40% of the women suffering polikistozy complain of excess weight. At this disease ovaries increase, and around them cysts are formed. It leads to hormonal changes. Acnes, the increased growth of hair in the person and on a body, irregular periods, impossibility of pregnancy can be symptoms of a polikistoz. An increase in weight from - for a polikistoz - some kind of vicious circle. The hormonal imbalance influences a metabolism and increases insulin level that leads to increase in weight. And the weight is higher, the general condition of an organism is more difficult.

the Decision

If you recover, cannot lose weight and found in yourself one or several of the listed symptoms, address the gynecologist and conduct examination . Most likely, to you will prescribe medicine and will pick up a low-carbohydrate, protein-rich diet.


are guilty

Of everything owing to natural features some people gain weight quicker and more difficult get rid of it. Genetics - science very young, and so far it is definitely not known, how exactly and what genes influence the weight of the person. However scientists assume that the genetics defines how the organism processes food and regulates appetite. For this reason someone for saturation needs more food, and someone - has less. Besides, genes define how at the person fat is laid. And though the favor of the person to completeness is connected with genetics, it does not mean that you cannot change a situation.

the Decision

the Hypophysis

the Hypophysis is the hormonic gland located in the brain basis which operates work of many other glands in an organism and also produces the hormones operating growth and water balance. Our hypophysis of the size of a pea, but it is very important for normal work of all organism. And, if with it something not in an order (most often it can be a tumor), at once there are most various problems, including increase in weight. The tumor forces a hypophysis to produce too many hormones that always leads to a weight increase. Most often fat is laid in a breast and a stomach. Other symptoms - a hair loss, lack of periods, dry thin skin, emergence of extensions.

the Decision

Urgently see a doctor to conduct examination. If the tumor is found, then the surgery will be performed on you, the radiotheraphy or purpose of steroids is also possible.

you chose by

the wrong diet

Low-calorie diets promise fast loss of weight, but often lead to opposite effect. First of all we try to get rid of fatty deposits. But, if very few calories come to an organism, it begins to work in the mode of preservation and, on the contrary, lays fats. You lose weight, but is exclusive at the expense of liquid. To get rid of fat, a lot of time is necessary, and it is impossible to keep to a diet long. It means that as soon as you return to a normal diet, you will gain the lost weight.

the Decision


that to grow thin quickly and forever from diets which promise to relieve in a week you of several kilograms it is impossible. Instead once and for all develop for yourself the plan of healthy food which would allow you to feel well.