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When and how it is possible to transfer the child to adult food? Habitual recommendations about terms of introduction of a feeding up, products and their quantity change today.

the First spoon - in 3 months

to Hurry with a feeding up or is not necessary? If mother nurses the kid, and he well grows and develops, wait until he asks. It by all means will occur. Approximately in 5 - 6 months the kid will begin to study contents of a mother`s plate, to watch leave each spoon, and then will stretch to its contents a hand. It means that time came and the child is ready to acceptance of adult food not only physically, but also psychologically. By results of the last WHO researches, till 6 months the child does not need other drink or food except breast milk. If mother fully eats, then and the kid quite has vitamins and nutrients.

If your child passed

to artificial feeding, so, already tried something other than breast milk, or grows fat when breastfeeding insufficiently, or has some problems with health which should be corrected food, take in allies of the skilled pediatrician or the children`s nutritionist and start. New dishes it is better for p to offer

behind a table d`hote when other family members eat.

the Russian nutritionists and pediatricians often recommend to enter a feeding up earlier - from 3 - 4 months. It has the reasons: to three - to four-months age at us in the country only 40% of children eat exclusively mother`s milk. Therefore domestic experts are guided by the earliest terms of acquaintance to new food which are only possible. According to the head of department of baby food of Institute of food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, professor I. Ya. Horse, just by 3 - 4 months the gastrointestinal tract of the child ripens for acceptance of food in adult understanding of this word. And by 4 - 5 months the kid is capable to make it and physically - the so-called reflex of pushing out of a spoon language dies away, the child gradually learns to recline and sit.

Cream of wheat and potato

PRODUCTS And dishes of a feeding up are given by

in the “Approximate scheme of introduction of products and dishes of a feeding up“ developed by Institute of food, however instructions what to cook porridge and how to cook vegetable puree, we will not find there. Perhaps it and to the best - our representations about healthy and not really food too promptly change. Thirty years ago the first children`s porridge was semolina, and the first vegetable - potatoes. Ten years ago veal and a vegetable marrow were held in high esteem. Now the cauliflower and broccoli, pumpkin and prunes, buckwheat and porridge, meat of a rabbit, turkey and even a horse-flesh are popular.

the Motto of today - an advantage maximum, a risk minimum. It means that dishes for the kid aged about one year should not contain so-called empty calories, toxic substances and possible allergens.

Varvara Pashkevich, the dietitian, the research associate of department of food of children and teenagers of RMAPO, provides the list of products with which it is necessary to be careful:

  • with exotic fruit and a citrus in the form of fruit purees and juice, especially if you begin to enter them early;
  • with products from wheat - and it is porridges, cookies and white loaf as even more often bad comprehensibility of protein of cereals - gluten occurs at modern children;
  • with the whole cow`s milk and products containing similar protein - beef, veal; eggs in order to avoid an allergy it is better for li to replace
  • with quail.

What remains? The porridges cooked on water, divorced then breast milk or dairy mix. Juice and the fruit and vegetables purees growing in our corner of the world. Dietary grades of meat. Fermented milk products - the truth, with care. And, of course, the skilled doctor knowing your child is irreplaceable in development of the individual menu.

Five drops of apple juice

Are traditional

the first feeding up in our country there was an apple juice, it was followed by apple mashed potatoes. Was considered that these products vitaminize a diet and are easily acquired thanks to a liquid consistence. However in recent years kids transfer early introduction of juice worse and worse: intestines are irritated, there are belly-aches, vomiting, the allergy develops. Besides, it is proved that that small amount of juice which is necessary to the child does not bear full-fledged vitamin loading. The candidate of medical sciences Olga Lukoyanova, the employee of department of food of the healthy and sick child of NTsZD Russian Academy of Medical Science, does not recommend juice as the first feeding up to children with dysbacteriosis, dysfunctions of a gastrointestinal tract, an allergy.

Can begin with

acquaintance to new food with porridge. Grain - the purest product from the ecological point of view while safety of vegetables, meat, eggs it is more difficult to provide. If the age of the child approaches 5 - 6 months and he is able to swallow something more densely than milk if it has no excess weight, make for it buckwheat, rice or corn cereal, but without milk and without sugar.

Vegetable puree - too the good beginning, is simple to choose the products suitable the specific kid for him. The vegetable marrow will help with prevention of locks; the cauliflower is good for children - allergic persons. Carrots, pumpkin, potatoes, broccoli, white cabbage will make the contribution of vitamins and minerals if are well transferred by the child.

the good portion in due time

B than all doctors and specialists in baby food are unanimous

- it is new to the child of food in need of gradual introduction. Each product begins to be given literally from a half of a teaspoon and within one or two weeks; if the kid transfers an innovation well, bring to the recommended quantity.

Here - that difficulties also begin

. “Mine does not eat so much how to feed him?“, “She does not wish to eat it, is just spat!“ - mothers complain. But their kids behave absolutely normally: they only get acquainted with new food and at the same time also learn to eat from a spoon.

the Task to feed is still secondary

here, it is important to kid to accustom with process, new to it, - to investigate, but not to gorge on. By the way, the nutritionist Varvara Pashkevich warns that the same dish should allow to the child to be tried repeatedly - often children accept new food only from the eighth - the tenth time. And even if it not really - that is pleasant to them, interest to new, eventually, wins.

That to quantity, 150 or 180 g of porridge in most cases recommended and remain a wish. Only by 8 - 9 months some children begin to eat a certain notable quantity of adult food.“ “ Many reach standards only by one and a half years.

- There is no wonder, a basis of food of the child about one year - still maternal milk or dairy mix. And if mothers of children - the bottle-fed babies raised on hours nevertheless manage to replace gradually dairy mix with mashed potatoes or porridge, then approach to the kids sucking a breast, absolutely other, - the pediatrician Lilia Kazakova, the member of Association on natural feeding explains.

Here essence of this approach. If to feed the child on demand, then to half a year mother will already put the kid to a breast mainly before going to bed and after a dream. And offer adult food to it during each family meal - at breakfast, a lunch, a dinner. Feedings by a breast - in itself, the child will consider it not so much as food, how many connection with mother, and food from a spoon - in itself.


By the way, to all children, irrespective of feeding type, it is useful to offer feeding up dishes behind a table d`hote when other family members or only mother eat. So the kid understands quicker what new occupation it for it is thought up - I go from a plate. So eat also the others. The child has an opportunity to expand the flavoring representations. And appetite for the company is better!

the hands

to Buy by

ready food or to prepare? Ask your mother - for certain she does not doubt advantages of with own hand wiped mashed potatoes and soups.

Fruit and vegetables for baby food grow up
or buy from familiar gardeners.

But today the answer to this question depends on your way of life, existence of time, tendency to be engaged in a household, from prosperity of a family, at last. Most of parents, entering the kid a feeding up, combine jars - boxes with baby food and the dishes prepared with own hand. Probably, because pluses and minuses are both at ready, and at homemade food.

the Baby food of industrial production saves your time, is irreplaceable on trips, has the verified compounding and it is the safest. The last - the main argument of nutritionists and pediatricians in favor of food from jars. The fresh vegetables and fruit bought in shop often contain nitrates in quantities, inadmissible for a children`s organism.

However, ready baby food it is necessary to be able to select. Attentively read the structure printed on a label in small print. There very important things are written: for example, that peach puree actually very difficult product including both wheat, and milk, and starch. So if the kid has an allergy to milk, it is better to pick up something else.

By the way, the European producers of baby food love the mixed compoundings - can contain in their jars to ten ingredients. And the Scandinavian and American companies let out most of all monoproducts, without additional additives - at such food and the price is much higher. In Russia with baby food often nevertheless add sugar and salt therefore it is better to give them to children after a year to jars.

the Food cooked at home has pluses too. In - the first, it is much cheaper, and in - the second, the same dish every time will have other taste. Perhaps, therefore children are the bottle-fed babies who got used to flavoring constancy of mix prefer food from jars more often, and babies - prepared, taste of mother`s milk too all the time changes.

Being going to prepare

for the kid independently, it is necessary to stock up with vegetables and fruit from the garden - a kitchen garden or from the familiar farmer who is not using chemical fertilizers in economy. If there is no such opportunity, nutritionists do not object to use for preparation of mashed potatoes of the quick-frozen vegetables in packages.

At last, families in which do not prepare for kids about one year separately at all are. And nutritionists consider that introduction of a feeding up thus is quite possible. Preparing for all family, mother considers interests of the child. She postpones its portion in advance, and impacts to other dish adult relish - salts, peppers, adds oil or spices. Already in a children`s plate vegetables in soup can just be kneaded a fork, to cook porridge a little more gentle, to prepare the stewed or baked dishes. By the way, if the feeding mother eats the same, as the child, to the kid is easier to acquire new food.

there Will pass half a year or slightly more - and limits can gradually be lifted, the kid will begin to eat the same, as all others. By the way, the family menu during this time is considerably revitalized.