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Prevention of a varicosity of

the Varicosity - one of the most widespread diseases of women. The statistics found out that a half of women aged after 30 years is subject to this disease.

Varicosity is a disease at which veins lose the elasticity, stretch and extend. There is a heavy feeling in legs, then legs begin to swell up, sometimes business reaches spasms of gastrocnemius muscles. Expansion of veins leads to formation of hypodermic “knots“ which can become torn therefore there is bleeding which can be life-threatening. The people doing hard manual work, those whose work is connected with big loading for legs, and pregnant women have this disease generally.

On a question: “What is the reason of emergence of a varicosity?“ - doctors cannot unambiguously answer. Development of a disease is promoted by flat-footedness, obesity, improper feeding. A push to such disease is strong load of legs, especially at people who suffer from excess weight. Big loading presses on veins, they do not maintain and are blown up. Development of varicosity is promoted also by weak walls of venous vessels - the certificate that the muscles of legs are poorly strengthened.

it is frequent to this disease several generations in one family are subject. Some American experts consider that predisposition to a varicosity is descended, and claim that weak genes operate this disease.

It is known that venous valves play a role of locks: when blood passes through valves, the lock is closed and does not let out it back. And as soon as such system begins to glitch, blood freely flows down and stands in legs. There passes time, stagnation everything increases and prevents operation of healthy valves, blood begins to get into superficial veins which are directly under skin, those stretch and get out of a shape. There is swelling of veins, and they appear through skin.


Future mothers are also subject to risk to get varicosity. During this period in an organism the content of hormones which weaken collagen and connecting fabrics increases, increasing walls of venous vessels. Therefore it is difficult for the weakened fabrics to cope with the blood volume which increased at pregnancy. But, as a rule, at most of women varicosity after the delivery passes.

In our century when the modern medicine can almost everything, a varicosity, fortunately, can be prevented or, at the worst, to slow down its development. There are many ways to facilitate a condition of the person at varicosity. Of course, only the doctor has to appoint treatment, namely - the vascular surgeon who does operations on removal of “knots“.

Such operations are performed by

only as a last resort when there is a danger of a rupture of “knot“, or thrombophlebitis. It is carried out under the general anesthesia, and after operation patients are forced to get up by a doctor`s advice at once to restore blood circulation in legs. In 10 days patients can come back to work. But the varicosity can develop on not operated sites of legs so danger of developing of varicosity always remains.

What can be made to prevent or at least to facilitate such disease?

Who likes to sit long, that has to refuse this addiction. Long sitting promotes a varicosity as in the bent, motionless legs blood circulation is slowed down. Postoyte is a little in transport, during the working day warm up a little bit legs - generally, move more.

If during the day to you has to sit long on a chair, for example during the work in front of the computer, from time to time carry out simple exercises.

  1. Sitting on a chair, raise socks and knees of 10 times. It will help to restore inflow of blood to heart a little.
  2. Get up on socks, stretch, do it 10 times.
  3. Sitting on a chair, having bent knees, move heels of 15 times forward and back.

to Those people who walk all day also should be afraid of varicosity. When your legs experience strong strain, blood stands in veins, causing a varicosity.


people who suffer from excess weight are Especially subject to such disease. In blood vessels of the stout person there is more blood, than at the person with a normal weight therefore too big loading is the share of such vessels. People with an excess weight in such situation can give only one advice - to grow thin and hold the weight constantly normal. To use more often proteins and vitamins C and E which are collagen components - connecting tissue of veins and venous valves. But the balanced food will not help to cure varicosity but only will improve your health.

to Move whenever possible more often. The movement is life, the axiom is known to all. The movement does not allow stagnation in blood, forces to be reduced muscles in legs that helps heavy traffic of blood to heart. It is possible to make the life more dynamic by means of various means, such as sports walking, run, driving by bicycle, aerobics, shaping, swimming, occupations on exercise machines. Physical exercises will not allow blood to stand in veins, tissues of legs will become elastic and will not allow veins to stretch standing.

of Subjects at whom the disease only begins to develop, doctors recommend to wear special anti-varicose tights which the doctor has to write out. They are on sale in drugstores according to the recipe. Such tights prevent swelling of veins as squeeze gastrocnemius muscles stronger, than hip muscles. To a blood stream quicker and easier to rise up, to heart.

Of course, anti-varicose tights can only slow down a course of disease, but not prevent it. If you have no opportunity to wear elastic stockings, then bandage legs elastic bandage. It should be done in the mornings, but before bandaging it is necessary to lie down with lifted head over heels about 15 min. In this case force of an attraction promotes the return inflow of blood - from legs to heart. The otekaniye and load of veins decrease. Carry out this exercise for 5 - 6 min. every day, whenever possible 2 - 3 times a day.

of Exercise which will help to reduce expansion of veins standing

Exercise 1 . Lying on a floor, raise legs up. Delay socks up and on yourself 10 times.

Exercise 2 , Lying on a floor, raise legs up. Execute roundabouts feet clockwise and in other party. Execute exercise of 10 times.

Exercise 3 , Very good exercise for veins - “birch“. Lying on a floor on a back, raise legs and a basin with a support hands under a waist up. Be late in this situation on 15 - 20 sec.

Give 15 min. to an extension. It not only will keep flexibility of your figure, but also will help to force out blood from veins.

Exercise 4 . Lying on a back, the bent legs are raised up (knees in the parties, soles are connected), hands to hold feet. Tightening feet to itself, to stretch muscles of an internal surface of a hip. To hold this provision of 15 pages. To repeat 4 times.

Exercise 5 . Lying on the left side with a support on an elbow, the right hand to hold the right foot. To make several spring movements, delaying a hip back, trying to touch by a heel a buttock, to be late in this situation 10 with, then to return to nominative. The same on the right side. To repeat 2 times.

If legs constantly swell, then enclose for the night under legs the blanket curtailed into the roller. It will a little alleviate your suffering.

B any time, convenient for you, try to carry out roundabouts feet clockwise, and then against. You sit at the same time or stand, does not matter.

At the people having a varicosity the probability in addition to get also thrombosis is high

. Sometimes in varicose veins blood clots which are called blood clots are formed. Veins begin to inflame (thrombophlebitis), and real danger of the movement of blood clot on veins appears. There can be an obstruction of veins (blocking of inflow of blood to heart or lungs) that will lead to a lethal outcome. Blood clot cannot be made out if it is formed in deep veins, but its signs are hypostases in this part of legs and constant pain. At such symptoms it is necessary to see a doctor immediately.

For prevention of thrombophlebitis is not recommended to lead a sedentary life, constantly move, play sports, especially pay attention to strengthening of calves, you watch the weight and try not to grow stout.

Most important - does not need to be engaged in self-treatment which you can worsen the state. As soon as you noticed the first symptoms of a varicosity or emergence of hardening and redness in expanded venous knot, immediately see a doctor. Despite a set of modern medicines, only the qualified specialist will offer you that he will render a positive effect, and will appoint the corresponding treatment.

the Gymnastics for legs

Will make by

your legs healthy and hardy special gymnastics which can be engaged both in the morning, and in the evening. If you do every day the exercises given below, then will soon feel that your legs became stronger and are tired less.

Exercise 1 . Within 2 - 3 min. carry out walking on the place, at the same time try to raise knees highly.

Exercise 2 . Holding one hand a support, carry out the rolled movements from heels on socks: having risen on heels, move the center of gravity of the body on toes, and then again on heels. Repeat exercise of 15 - 20 times.

Exercise 3 . Get up forward part of foot on a small eminence, for example, on the book. Rise on toes and lower heels as low as possible. Repeat exercise of 15 - 20 times.

Exercise 4 . Sitting on a chair, feet of legs roll the round stick lying on a floor, then take and hold it toes. Carry out exercise within 2 - 3 min.

Exercise 5 . Lying on a floor on a back, raise the legs bent in knees and make them such movements, as when driving the bicycle. Repeat exercise of 15 - 20 times.

Exercise 6 . Lying on a floor, raise direct legs up. You part legs in the parties and skrestno. Repeat exercise of 8 - 10 times.

Exercise 7 . Lying on a back, raise the legs bent in knees up, then sharply straighten them, then again bend. Repeat exercise of 8 times.

Exercise 8 . Sitting on a floor, extend legs forward and incline to them a trunk, trying to touch by a breast of knees. Repeat exercise of 6 - 8 times.

pedestrian walking Strengthens muscles of legs. Try to go on foot more often, at the same time gradually increase the passable distance.

in the Evening after difficult day is recommended to make by

for legs the weakening salt or grass tray.

Being on a workplace, it is necessary to give periodically to legs the chance to relax and switch load of those groups of muscles which stay idle during your work. If you carry out the most part of the working day in a sitting position, we advise free minutes to do several exercises which will help your legs.

Exercise 1 . Sitting on a chair, put the right leg on left and several times raise the left leg as it is possible above. Then change legs.

Exercise 2 . Without rising from a chair, put both feet on heels, and then move with the rolling movement weight of legs on socks. Repeat exercise of 10 times.

Exercise 3 . Having thrown one leg on another, rotate a foot of the top leg clockwise. Repeat exercise by each leg of 15 times.

Exercise 4 . Get up from a chair and stretch all over up, rising on toes.

Exercise 5 . Sitting on a chair, bend and unbend both legs, holding a support, for example a chair back. Execute exercise of 10 times.

Exercise 6 . Having undressed, very much squeeze toes, then slowly relax them. Repeat 5 - 7 times.

Exercise 7 . Having crossed the legs, execute roundabouts the top foot. Execute exercise by each leg on 10 times.

Exercise 8 . Having risen from a chair and adhering for its back, make 10 - 15 squats.

If to you at work has to move much, find even in an intense operating schedule several minutes for small gymnastics which will give to your legs new forces. Be closed in the office and execute the following exercises.

Exercise 1 . Remove footwear and, leaning on a table or a back of a chair, vigorously stir up serially each leg.

Exercise 2 . Get up on socks and run about on the place of 1 - 2 min.

Exercise 3 . Without tearing off heels from a floor, make 10 squats, trying to sit down as low as possible.

Exercise 4 . You resemble on internal and outer side of foot within 1 - 2 min.

Exercise 5 . Having risen on socks, make 7 - 10 easy jumps.

Exercise 6 . Sitting on a chair, in turn raise each leg in the bent look as it is possible above. Repeat exercise of 10 times each leg.

Exercise 7 . Be undressed and put a scarf on a floor. Fingers of both legs at the same time try to take a scarf and to lift it. Repeat 5 - 7 times.

Exercise 8 . Sitting on a chair, raise the right leg bent in a knee and execute rotations in a coxofemoral joint. Execute exercise by each leg of 10 times.

Exercise 9 . Standing on a floor, raise hands up and stretch all over, without tearing off foot from a floor. When you feel easy tension in muscles of legs, record position of a body for 5 seconds, then lower hands and relax.

Doing household chores, striving in kitchen, you can combine work with exercises which will help to have a rest and relax to your legs.

Move on the house dancing, having included a favourite dancing melody.

If to you needs to lift something from a floor, straighten a back and slowly sit down. If there is time, make several such squats.

If you want to get something from the top shelf of a case, get up on socks and stretch up as it is possible above. Even if you will not get that it was necessary for you, this exercise will be very useful for your legs.

Being engaged in

in homework sitting, put the right foot on left and try to lift a sock of the left leg as it is possible above. Then change legs.

Sitting on a chair, very much strain muscles of buttocks and hips, record this situation for several seconds, then relax muscles.

Having shown attention and care to the legs, you will be able to avoid their excessive exhaustion and will give to muscles the raised tone.

we Recommend you several exercises which performance will allow to strengthen a blood-groove in legs.

Exercise 1 . Running on the spot within 1 - 2 min. Much more effective to carry out this exercise on the racetrack exercise machine.

Exercise 2 . Lying on a back at a wall, raise legs at right angle and lean them against a wall. Record a body in such situation for 2 - 3 min.

Exercise 3 . Lying on a back, bend and unbend legs in knees. Repeat exercise of 10 times.

Exercise 4 . Get up on heels and you resemble them within 1 min.

Exercise 5 . Holding a support, make 10 circular moves each leg.

Exercise 6 . Having slightly bent and holding hands knees, rotate knees at first in one party, then in another. Execute exercise on 15 times in each party.

Exercise 7 . Execute 10 jumps, trying to fall by socks after each jump.

Exercise 8 . Holding a support, put legs more widely than shoulders and develop socks of both feet inside. Make 10 - 15 squats.

Exercise 9 . Adhering for a support, raise serially direct legs back as it is possible above.

After gymnastics needs to take a shower or a bath. Now, when muscles were warmed, it is possible to make massage.

Foot massage improves blood circulation, takes off hypostases and fatigue. Do it by both hands, using special massage cream.

Accept a comfortable position, sitting on a chair or a chair. Put one foot on a knee of other leg. Palms knead foot from finger-tips to an ankle joint. Thumbs run powerful roundabouts over all sole. Then execute the massage movements of fingers, vigorously kneading them.

can massage gastrocnemius muscles Now, vigorously pounding them. Further it is necessary to massage external and internal surfaces of hips.

should not forget

that it is possible to mass a shin, only if there is no varicosity, thrombosis and other similar diseases.

should Finish foot massage with grinding by a terry towel or a special massage brush.

to improve heat exchange and to stimulate blood circulation, it is possible to apply hot foot trays. Having added sea or table salt to a tray, you will make it much more effectively.