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Who needs this breastfeeding? I gave rise to

of the first child at enough age of reason, in 25 years. By that moment the maternal instinct declared itself fully, and I accurately realized that why I need the child and to what victims I am ready to go for the sake of it. During pregnancy I tried to learn more about care of the kid, read the magazines devoted to motherhood, bought on disorders popular books about children. And here the Internet, unfortunately, was at that time inaccessible for me.

me it seemed to

By the time of childbirth that regarding breastfeeding I know all necessary. But not here - that was. Magazines sometimes issued the most inconsistent data. “To disaccustom the child to suck a pacifier much more simply, than to disaccustom him to sucking of a finger which always is in a zone of availability of the kid. Besides, continuous stay of a finger in a mouth leads to deformation of a nail plate...“ - I read in one magazine. And right there in another:“ To adjust natural feeding, it is necessary to refuse completely use of pacifiers and baby`s dummies as they form the wrong capture by the baby of a nipple of mother and can provoke refusal of a breast... “

in one article I read

: “To avoid cracks and grazes of nipples, the breast needs to be prepared in advance. Several times during the day the pregnant woman needs to pound a nipple areola a rigid terry towel...“ And in other article: “It is not necessary to prepare a breast for feeding in advance, rough manipulations with gentle skin of a breast are inadmissible at all. Cracks of nipples arise only owing to the wrong capture of a breast by the kid...“

From abundance of different councils the head went around and when the kid was born, inevitably there were difficulties. There were cracks of nipples, breast milk began not to be enough. I began again - to look for answers to my questions in books. And what? At the favourite Komarovsky I read:“ For the child of the first month of life the optimum break between feedings is equal to three hours. Also it is not necessary to learn tables and to hang up the schedule of feedings on a wall. The healthy child himself will understand. There is nothing terrible that on Saturday he ate 6 times, and on Sunday - 8. But it is impossible - to feed all the child with an interval less than 2 hours“.

Further:“ Very much and very often the child shouts in attempt to take away from him a breast not because he hungry but because near mummy is warmer and cozier. At least, if milk in a breast remained, the child ceased to swallow, but after an excommunication from mother started to yell, then these are precisely “focuses“. At once solve - whom you are going to bring up - the normal person or the conjurer“. I trust opinion of dear expert and as a result... I lose milk even more. But, fortunately, in time I meet the consultant for GV, and my life wonderfully is adjusted.

Then I have a desire most to become the consultant for breastfeeding and to help all mummies on the earth. The main reason for the fact that many mothers do not nurse the kids, I consider absence necessary, only the correct information on natural feeding.

In talk with other mothers walking on platforms naturally feeding subjects arise. Practically all of three - four-months crumbs the district were in ours either on mixed, or on artificial feeding. Main answer of mothers: “There is not enough milk“. I very much try to help, I give advice, proceeding from own experience. And in reply I hear only lazy: “Yes, yes, of course“. And, at last, I understand that actually what I tell, is necessary for nobody. And to anything, in general, to throw beads. I cease to talk on these subjects, in general.

But soon my cousin gives birth. Calls me with the same problem: “What to do? It is not enough milk. The child does not gain weight, does not gorge on“. Here I join at full scale again. And how, same my little niece? I consider to make the debt and the honor everything that depends on me. I call the little sister every day, I worry.“ Constantly sucks a breast, and milk does not become more? Add decantation when the child sleeps. But only when sleeps. Decantations do not replace applyings, at any opportunity let sucks!“

Time goes, but there are no improvements. I ask the sister to address the real consultant. She follows my advice, but... Everything remains still. I feel powerless, I suffer from sense of guilt... And suddenly it becomes clear - my little sister is much more anxious with the volume of the bottom, than restoration of a lactation. She keeps the rigid diet, only drinks a little, tortures herself sport. And all actions for increase in production of milk - only for show to tell:“ I made everything depending on me, but, probably, I enter that percent of not dairy women“.

was hit

Ya on hands again. My crystal dream to make something for health of the nation was smashed about reality reeves. Now I already watchfully treat requests to share the experience in business of a dolgokormleniye. Few months ago one called my familiar with the same problem. Having talked to it a couple of minutes, I drew a conclusion: she will not nurse the child. “If I constantly hold the child at a breast (week from a sort) when I do household chores?“ - and that nothing to answer this argument-.

We everything place priorities in life. To someone own comfort and a personal liberty are more important, and interests of the child come to the second plan.“ To take the child on the first peep and to offer it a breast - same extreme degree of a pamperedness. We for children try, we think of their future“, - such parents are repaid. It is possible to bring ideological base under anything, there would be a desire. The terry egoism, elementary laziness, unwillingness to understand somebody, even own child, it is easy to roll up under a strict educational system or under a modern dynamic way of life.“ Now such mixes do - breast milk has just a rest“, or “specially trained person will cope with the child better, than the mother“.

I do not tell

Ya about those cases when something is valid did not grow together, it did not turn out. There was no necessary information as it was in my case, someone did not help in time, did not give a practical advice, did not explain. Or mother is forced to provide a family, and the question of natural feeding comes to the second plan, and on the first there is a question of feeding in general. But give, be honest at least before ourselves: what stands behind the phrase: “There was no milk?“