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There is down the street mother two-part...

Since the birth of our second son I dreamed of that time when I, at last, am able to go down the street, conducting both children for handles. And here my dream came true! However, a little earlier, than I assumed it.

The matter is that we broke a carriage. Perhaps, roll I on it only one child, it would serve to us longer, but once, to the own harm, I suggested the eldest son to get up on a crossbeam behind. Of course, this idea came to me when the child was obviously tired and hardly trudged nearby. But he quickly began to enjoy, and now no force could force it to move on shank`s mare while the brother impudently went in a carriage.

U us usual “cane“ which both the eldest son, and the unknown boy from whose parents we got it managed to use in due time. Of course, it is no wonder that one fine day and, as usual, in the most improper place, the carriage made a strange sound, warped, from it some small screws fell down...

what occurred in the next 20 - 30 minutes (so much time was required to us to arrive home), does not give in to any description. Only present: you have two children at the age of 3,6 and 1,4, a bag, a package of toys (for two) and the broken carriage! And ahead - three roads and one tram line. And why at people only up to two hands? The third would be as it is impossible by the way. Though if to present what then up to three hands my boys would have also...

Eh, my trainings were not gone in vain! And them for the last one and a half years was enough. What is cost by only two visits of shop behind footwear, one of which, for example, was undertaken by me when gumboots urgently were necessary for the senior, and to wait till Saturday when the father has free time, we could not. Weather conditions did not allow - and all here! Not to mention visits to children`s policlinic which I even more often made, without resorting to the help of mother who asked for leave from work or the younger brother caught in view of that.

On the one hand - need, and with another - as though a call to: well, you will cope? Once I was very much helped by psychological reception which I called “split personality“ (probably, psychologists call it somehow in a different way). Going, say, to visit to the stomatologist, I as if took a detached view of myself and thought: “It is necessary what well done! Goes to tooth, and is not afraid of a droplet!“ . Now in some difficult situation as, for example, in the history which is already described above with the broken carriage, I also resort to this reception, and, believe, helps! Not physically, of course...

I cannot tell

, as our walks - a continuous holiday. More likely, it is my work. Work which I try to carry out with pleasure. I am surprised and irritated by mummies who come to our yard with bottles of beer and a bag of sunflower seeds, sit down on a bench, providing small children to themselves. At the same time mother for some reason is nervous when the child requires to himself attention, persistently pulling her a sleeve, and offers the son (or the daughter), say, to play a sand. Also it is again irritated when dithat in a minute comes back from a sandbox with tears because it has no toys, and other children are not always ready to share the treasures. If you were going “to chatter“ and drink beer, it is really so difficult to take with itself a sand set?

I Remember the walks with the senior and at that time still the only son. What is the time we saw off with it in the fresh air! Walked in any weather. Our daily program included walk on Slava`s monument where we in the company of the same mothers and children with enthusiasm oblazit all guns, tanks, “katyusha“. What a pity was age-mates of our children whose mothers in boots on hairpins preferred to roll them in carriages, having a good time talk with girlfriends.

A as it was exciting to p to leave during a rain, having put on a waterproof suit and gumboots, to go on pools and to measure their depth by a stick! And let many (but not all!) passersby looked at me, as on driven out of mind. It is a pity, but the second child in this plan was lucky less - after one such walk with two children when they practically at the same time plopped down in dirt, I decided to postpone similar entertainments for a while. And we walk now generally in the yard, and we decide on distant walks from time to time and only in good weather. What to do, it is necessary to estimate the physical capacities really!

Once I fondly believed that all my difficulties with distribution of attention between children on walk will safely end as soon as Kiryusha starts walking. As I was mistaken!

I Seat younger on a swing, I hear draft cries of the eldest son who, having got to the very top of a curved ladder of one of playground constructions, does not know how now to go down on the earth. Being enough Kerim under a mouse (that did not climb under a swing), I run to help out the senior. Younger it is filled in meanwhile - it already was in an anticipation, was going to rock - and here such fiasco! Whether it is worth saying that my street communication with mothers and grandmothers of other children is minimized?

A down the street we walk, holding hands. And it does not matter that the trajectory of our movement reminds anything, only not straight lines. And nothing that during a way the younger son aims to pick up the next stub, and the senior looks for a new exhibit for the collection of sticks which is stored in a corridor corner, and once a month ruthlessly is thrown out mother. But as it is pleasant to feel these small palms in hands, to see with what interest my children look at world around and with what pleasure and love - at each other!

Recently during traditional purchase of products the husband became interested in shopping center which we on Saturdays make all family in contents of the small figured handbags hanging on a rack before cash desk.

- What is it?

- Hairpins. For girls.

- we have no girl, it is not necessary to us... Or perhaps it is time to think also of the daughter?

- Or perhaps for a start, about the apartment?

- If you only become pregnant, I will get out of a skin of wons, but we will have an apartment!

- Is not present

, resemble - you in the skin so far!

All - I plan to wait a little with third “series“...