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Diet at gastritis of

How to grow thin if there are problems with a stomach?

is Advised by the gastroenterologist of the Voronezh city policlinic No. 7 Eve Leonidovna Kinyakina.

the Principles of a diet

we Grow thin slowly. At gastritis it is better not to count on fast loss of weight. The quicker kilograms thaw, the organism has a bigger stress. And any stress increases probability not only gastritis, but also stomach ulcer. Therefore we are adjusted on a long diet.

to Dairy products - yes. All dairy products protect mucous a stomach from damage. Therefore we drink tea with milk, cocoa with milk or cream, whole milk, not sour kefir, yogurt, curdled milk. We choose the fat-free dairy products - to 1,5 - 2% of fat content.


It is provided proteinaceous norm. Protein - necessary construction material for all cages of an organism. It is irreplaceable and for cells of a stomach. Therefore our task - to provide day norm of protein against the reduced volume and caloric content of food. It cannot almost be made without the daily use of dietary proteinaceous products. Carry fresh not sour skim cheese, fast beef, rabbit flesh, chicken breasts and fish in a boiled look to them.

we Gather vitamins. Protects cells of a stomach from influence of hydrochloric acid vitamin E. Its source - vegetable oil. But be careful, it very kaloriyno. For ensuring daily need for vitamin E there are enough 1 - 2 teaspoons of vegetable oil.

Vitamins of group B we will receive

from grain. Grain needs to be razvarivat and added to first courses. It is undesirable to cook first courses on meat or fish broth which stimulates production of digestive juice. Well the wiped porridges work on mucous a stomach. It is possible to take any grain, except pearl-barley, yachnevy and millet. Maximum of vitamins B to buckwheat and porridge, at least - in semolina.

Vitamin C is received by

from berries and fruit of sweet grades. Surely clear them of grains and a thin skin. It is better to bake apples. However, most likely, there will be not enough vitamin C from fruit. Therefore it is necessary or to drink daily dogrose broth, or to accept polyvitamins. It is better to choose vitamin complexes in capsules. It is necessary to accept them during food or after it.

we Eat

slowly, we chew carefully. It is very important to eat without hurrying and to chew food long. Thereby we kill two hares. In - the first, the center of saturation in a brain manages to work. In - the second, well chewed food as much as possible becomes impregnated with gastric juice and is well acquired. The stomach should not produce in addition hydrochloric acid that is very important at gastritis.

we Limit to

alcohol and spices. Alcoholic drinks of a vysokokaloriyna. Besides, both alcohol, and various seasonings strongly stimulate appetite and production of gastric juice. Such spices as pepper, a curry and garlic are especially harmful.

Physical activities to

At gastritis practically any physical activity is useful to

: run, walking, swimming, driving the bicycle. Aerobics with belly dance elements is especially effective. At belly dance there is very soft massage of internals, walls of a stomach are better supplied with blood and oxygen. Therefore, the probability of gastritis decreases.

As for duration, frequency of physical activities, it is a question individual. It is necessary to solve it with experts.

we Offer you original low-calorie recipes.

Example of a diet:

1 - y a breakfast: 1 soft-boiled eggs, friable buckwheat cereal - 150 g, tea with milk without sugar - 1 glass.

2 - y a breakfast: cottage cheese fresh not sour fat-free - 150 g, dogrose broth - 1 glass.

Lunch: lenten soup on water from potatoes, a cauliflower and carrots - 200 ml, meat boiled - 150 g, compote from razvarenny dried fruits - 1 glass.

Afternoon snack: baked apple.

Dinner: fish boiled - 150 g, the baked or boiled potatoes mashed with 1 teaspoon of olive oil - 1 piece, tea with milk without sugar - 1 glass.

For the night: 1 glass of milk or low-fat unsweetened yogurt.