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The developing toys for kids of

in principle, practically each toy assumes development of this or that ability of the child. So, the ordinary teddy bear promotes formation of the emotional sphere of the kid, stimulates syuzhetno - a role-playing game, and the notorious rubber ball trains large motility. Therefore the term “developing toy“ is adequately conditional.

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under “developing“ the toy aimed at the development of logical thinking, attention and memory, and also small motility with which in turn, speech activity is directly connected is understood.

One of the most popular developing toys - a pyramid. Pyramids happen the most various. Plastic with big rings. Wooden with rings of the average size as were in our childhood. Usual cone-shaped, in the form of a spindle and in the form of architectural constructions (the Kremlin tower, for example). With rings of one size and a miscellaneous. With an equal core and evenly narrowed. With the rings supplied with ledges in the form of balls and a pyramid - glasses. Natural flowers and too bright, unnatural.

Good option, in my opinion. It the convenient size, with smooth rings of natural flowers. And here the plastic pyramid with rings the supplied balls which is coming to an end with the head of an animal was inconvenient, with agnails, with non-uniform texture and served not for long.

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of the Pyramid with a cone-shaped core at that stage when the kid learns not just to string rings, but also to build them one after another. Pyramids - glasses are good when they are used as the glasses which are put each other, but not as pyramids - the tower turns out quite unstable.

Very successful idea - the designer - a pyramid of “Geometrik“ of the Krasnokamsk brand. It represents whetstone with cores which squares, triangles, rings and rectangles are put on. For a square four are necessary located a core, for a triangle next three, for a rectangle and a ring nearby - two and one respectively. This pyramid is presented in wooden option. There is still a plastic analog of import production in which cores have the form of geometrical figures.

the Rag pyramid from “Fox crumbs“ - beautiful, bright, the lower ring is filled by foam balls, the cone rings as a rattle - unfortunately, it was not really functional. Ringlets (their of everything four) are hardly put on a core which in turn quickly gets out of a shape.

the Most variable developing toy - the designer. On sale designers from plastic, a tree, a carpet, a cardboard and metal meet. The most widespread - plastic with the details having ledges for connection. From domestic designers of Stellar firm, from import - “Lego“, “MEGA - bloks“ are popular.

Import designers are beautiful, convenient to

, high quality, suit even to absolutely small children. Domestic are more primitive, but considerably win in the price. In the Lego set of details it is a little, but they are perfectly packed with inexpensive Stellarovskimi.

Wooden designers consist of blocks of various form, from them almost real lodges, fortresses, locks turn out. Good option - wooden designers of Tom - Service firm. The sets “Zoo“, “Cheerful Town“, “Farm“ are, etc. interesting also from the point of view of syuzhetno - a role-playing game.

Metal designers are intended to

for children is more senior, and here kovrolinovy will suit also the smallest. Details from a carpet fasten to each other by means of a flypaper. Also the designer “Kolobok“ of Stellar firm can be interesting to kids. Its details of very large size, ring as rattles.


At schools of early development widely apply a framework and inserts, various options of grants of Montessori. Such toys make domestic-owned firms “Oksva“, “RN - Toys“. Also on sale there is framework of the Chinese and European production. Inserts can approach a framework by the size, in a form, on sense, in a form and sense at the same time. For example, in the game “Who where Lives?“ it is offered to pick up a lodge to the animal drawn in dredging. Thus, the child compares not only a form, but also learns where there lives this or that animal.

Cutting pictures, puzzles. Cutting pictures can be intended for absolutely small - they consist from only two fragments connected among themselves. For more senior kids the pictures consisting of five and more details are offered. Very high quality cardboard puzzles of Lanser firm. From domestic the wooden puzzles of Oksva firm (made by the principle of boards of Segen) and soft puzzles with a plastic covering from “Astrel“ are interesting.

, for example, in “An iridescent bast basket“ of Lena Danilova and in “Collect by

at the heart of some author`s toys a square“ Nikitinykh the similar idea is put. In grants it is offered to pick up the fragment suitable in a form and on color, to put whole (a square or an oval) and to enclose it in a frame.


Widely apply in the developing classes also various lacings. They are wooden, cardboard and plastic. The simplest lacings, for example, in the form of a button or in the form of a beads will be suitable for kids. And more difficult (a doll with clothes, a tree with fruits, etc.) are interesting to children is more senior.

A one of the most ancient developing toys which is modestly transferred to the category of souvenirs - a nested doll. By means of a nested doll we can acquaint the kid with concepts small - big, it is less - more, high - low, above - below. To show that the small nested doll enters in big, and big in small - no. To teach to collect and sort a nested doll, training motility of fingers. To involve logical thinking at selection of halves. To repeat parts of the face, to find a nose, eyes, a mouth at each nested doll. To use it as calculating material.

of the Nested doll happen traditional and subject. Traditional nested dolls are painted in the technician accepted for this district (with an inking, without inking, with convex fragments etc.). Subject reproduce characters of the famous fairy tales (Kolobok, Kurochki Ryaby, the Turnip and so forth) . Except that the nested doll has the mass of the developing opportunities, it made of live material, turned and painted manually, is loaded with strong positive power and bears in itself deep philosophical meaning. The nested doll symbolizes idea of the universe, the birth, motherhood, continuity and infinity.

the Range of the developing toys is rather big

, and at desire each parent will be able to pick up what will be to the taste to his child. Many websites and the Internet - shops specialize in the developing toys. The only problem is a high cost of post transfer. But also this situation is easily solvable - it is only necessary to find mummies - adherents as it was made by us. Delivery cost in that case is divided into all participants, and, besides, many shops on large orders provide additional single or cumulative discounts.