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With a good fur coat - you will not kick the bucket!

to “Greenpeace“ us, Russians not to understand. When during an ice cold winter time there is no wish to throw a synthetic coat, and literally from top to toe to be wrapped in a fluffy fur coat. Or at least in a sheepskin coat. Generally, normal women understand what there is a speech about. If they like to pomodnichat, they by all means should learn that today fashion designers offer. And the most practical - how to look after a fur coat.

“It is paint fairs!“

Generally it is not news any more, but will be useful to remind that in this season it is dark - brown and black (such to pain habitual) colors of fur coats and sheepskin coats “died“. No, it does not mean that it is necessary in this occasion to shed tears, and even at once to rush on the market in search of new. While rushes - you carry on health and old. But take into consideration tendencies. A hit of winter - bright coloring of sheepskin coats and even fur coats. In special honor such scale: orange, pink, yellow, lime, turquoise, Bordeaux. There is such masquerade! Agree, and and mood at once another when on the street to a raznotsvetya. Only there are two essential hindrances for purchase of a similar novelty: our “company“ Russian dirt and lack of money. Fur in addition fashionable, - it is always expensive. However, when something stirred it women of fashion?

the Shaven rabbit

that it is possible to work wonders with fur, turning it into smart things, but not just to take skins and to sew them in fur coats, we learned not so long ago. Because new technologies appeared in the last a couple of decades. In Russia Irina Krutikova became the pioneer - the experimenter on fur. It and is called - “the Russian queen of fur“. It, one may say, the first, showed to Russians that fur coats can be multi-colored and with drawings directly on fur. For example, how to you a mouton fur coat with the Chinese woman`s portrait? Now with fur already many “fur“ designers and fashion houses “behave in a queer way“.

What with fur is done? He is shaved, cut, knit, connected to boucle and silk threads and even to lace, painted in inconceivable colors. After such “focuses“ it becomes unclear: the rabbit looks suddenly as a lynx, and a mink - as a rabbit. Sometimes the fur as if turns into velvet fabric. And then from it tremendous evening dresses are sewed. Even wedding. In a dress, for example, from an ermine well to marry in the winter.

inside out

bilateral models of winter clothes are Very actual

of the Fur coat now. What very much is even practical - consider, at once you carry two things. Irina Krutikova last Week of haute couture presented a collection where there were very beautiful reversible coats from a broadtail.

the Fashionable silhouette in this season - fur coats “on a figure“ - suits, unfortunately, only to “thin persons“.

Return of a lascivious fox

the red fox Returned on a fashion edge. The fox - a pyralid is especially popular now. So if the fox thing became dusty in a case - safely get. And the old red tail can be useful on finishing of a cap, a bag, a sweater and even dress. It is super too.

Krom of a fox furs most popular nowadays: mink, especially short-haired, shchipany (it is peep), colored; the astrakhan fur and a broadtail - also different flowers, a beaver - from him even knit sweaters (!); a rabbit at whom designers “mock“ most of all, shaving, cutting; lama. But, frankly speaking, us who should be reconciled with frosts, short-haired furs please a little. Chilly in them somehow.