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To take to drive

Someone goes on the vacation abroad with one purpose: to lie all holiday on the beach or to stay in the bar. Someone, on the contrary, tries to travel much around others country. A good way to see and learn more, than it is visible on the card, it is written in the guide and it is told by the guide - to lease the car and to go to independent travel. How not to be mistaken with the choice, the correspondent of “SP“ Elena Malik

found out

Full holiday is given to the majority of us only once in a year. And it is necessary to carry out it so that painfully offensively for it was not useless the spent days in the company of eternally hurrying guide-interpreter to both noisy and confused crowd of the compatriots in single file running behind it in hope to see all curious and important until the bus left.

It is much more interesting to p to go by excursion according to own schedule in the company of close people. For this reason many Russians tempted in life subtleties abroad, who well studied culture of communication with personnel in hotels, instructions for use pass - bar and Pay - TV, become clients of offices on lease of cars. Especially as it is not so difficult to make it.

Have more than

- less

First that advocates of a freedom of movement need to make, - to be defined, where exactly to hire the car.

Can address to one of major transnational rolling companies - Avis, Hertz, Europcar, Sixt. Here will give almost new and technically serviceable car, it will be possible to take the wheel directly at the airport, and to return the car - in any of numerous offices of the company. It is clear, that it is necessary to pay for convenience: the prices at “giants“ are 40 - 50% higher in comparison with small rolling offices which offices are located directly in resort places. Besides, in small office will not demand from the driver a credit card, will close eyes to his age and an experience and the price of the rent, we will repeat, will be lower. But it is worth remembering the important rule: the less you pay for hire of the car, the higher to spoil chance the rest.

In distribution company, like “At Panayotis“ or “Mahmoud and sons“, to you can put off easily the car with the latent defect: not the most terrible of them - unstable work of a power supply system and, as a result, unlimited consumption of fuel.

If the faulty car hopelessly dies out somewhere on a country road, the client of the large company will need only to call the rolling bureau. The client of “a private shop“ should look for an exit in most cases most. So illusory benefits from the low prices can turn into real large expenditure.

If all of you decided to use

at own risk services of the small film distributor, it is worth remembering several rules. As specialists of the Russian Association of distribution companies advise, it is very important to pay attention not only to external attributes of the company - office and park of cars, but also to ask in detail on working hours of dispatching service. If the dispatching service not round-the-clock, the company cannot guarantee timely reaction to the arisen client`s problems.

to the Tenant has to be explained what it has to do in case of breakage, accident and other troubles on the road. If the company hides terms of the contract (it is printed in local language and has too many footnotes in small print) or the manager gets off with general phrases, speaking about your responsibility, does not specify return procedure - better not to risk and address to other company.

It is frequent, by the way, it is possible for reasonable money to rent a car and at major rolling company. For this purpose is necessary very little: to agree about rent in advance, even before holiday.

it is free

it is possible to reserve the car in all large companies by phone or on the Internet. You specify all details in a special form of the order: date, time, the place and term of rent (passport data, it is not necessary to enter a credit card number when booking). Will send you the letter to confirmation by fax or by e-mail. At the same time the companies do not take even the minimum advance payment and in addition it is not necessary to pay for the fact of booking. The client is taken the word and even if he will not use a reservation, from it will not take a penalty. To order the car, it is not obligatory to know English: the websites of the international operators are ready to communicate on your native, Russian.

preliminary booking has serious plus. The client can be sure that he will get the car at that price which affected the moment of registration of the order.


that in the summer, during the high season the prices of rent grow by 10 - 30%, on it it is possible to play: for example, to order in May, at the spring prices, the car for August. On the contrary, if to some original climbs up in the head in the summer, during a tourist season to order the car for rainy November, then instead of economy net loss can turn out. The prices in November will fall - for all, except the unlucky customer.

of the Requirement to tenants in rolling offices are similar

of the Rule of fight. The client without fail needs to have two things: driving license and cash card.

In most cases offices accept the common Russian laws - a plastic card where all inscriptions in Russian and only the name “Driving license“ is duplicated in French “Permis de conduire“. But if you have rights of the international sample, it is better to take them.

future tenant has to have a plastic card of any payment service provider: Visa, Master Card/Eurocard, American Express, Diners Club (the Visa Electron and Cirrius/Maestro cards are not accepted by film distributors).

On a card. Two credit cards of different systems, for example Visa and American Express will be necessary for you for lease of the car of the class premium.

at own discretion establish to

of the Company the minimum age of the tenant. But the general rules here nevertheless exist: the car is more expensive, the minimum admissible age and the driver`s experience is higher. For example, the driver can apply for lease of some compact cars (Peugeot 206, VW Beetle, Mercedes A - klasse) is more senior 18, with experience of driving about one year.

A to hire the class premium car (BMW 5 - series, Mercedes E - klasse) needs to live at least a quarter of the century and not less than three years to drive the car.

Should remembering

that, ordering the car for rent, the client does not know for certain what model he will receive upon: in the majority of offices the class or type of cars is reserved. General rule: the car class is lower, the smaller sum will be spent. It is interesting that if instead of the ordered Ford Focus with a mechanical transmission offer the client Opel Vectra with automatic equipment (because all cars about the manual check point are occupied), money for increase of a class of the car will not be taken.

On average in large rolling offices day of rent of a minicar (Citroen C2, Peugeot 206) costs 35 - 45 euros, 60 - 70 euros will manage the golf car - a class (VW Golf, Ford Mondeo, Mercedes B - klasse), it is necessary to pay 75 - 90 euros for the car of a representative class (BMW 5 - series, Audi A6).

The longer rent term, the are become lower by quotations in terms of day of use.

In general, to estimate the average cost of hire of the car of a certain class quite difficult. Even in one distribution company the price for use of the car differs in the different countries. So (for example, Renault Clio) in the Parisian bureau of the Avis company should pay 195 euros for a week of lease of the car of a class B. The car of the same class in Frankfurt am Main will cost already dearer - 219 euros.

- a class in the same Frankfurt should pay

234 euros at the order For seven-day use of the golf car it at Avis (does not influence the price whether you took the car at the airport or addressed to office of the company in the city). The car of the same class rented at Hertz at the airport will cost 256 euros, and in city bureau - 216 euros. In Rome for it it is necessary to lay out 290 euros in the same bureau, and on the Greek island of Corfu week lease of the car of this class will cost 327 euros at all.

So considerable difference of the company is explained with the fact that the cost of rent included local taxes, road duty, airport, city collecting.

Without fear and reproach

From the first steps of rolling business obligatory insurance of both the car, and clients, passengers, baggage, responsibility of clients in claims of the third parties was accepted. In all solid companies the sum of an insurance on risks “stealing“, “damage“ and “motor vehicle liability“ is included in a tariff at once.

In the contract for lease of the car the term “autocomprehensive insurance“ familiar to the Russian car owners looks as an abbreviation of CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) and TP (Theft Protection). Consider: in the contracts made in language unfamiliar to the client there has to be the English interpretation of terms.

the Most important insurance - CDW - exempts from expenses on restoration of the injuries of the car received as a result of road incident even if road accident happened from - for the fact that the driver roughly violated rules. The only condition of payment of an insurance is that the driver at the time of accident was not drunk. Take about 5 - 6 euros for day of hire for peace of mind of the company, and this money is already included in a tariff. However the insurance will not work if during accident the person who is not specified in the lease contract is driving. Including the additional person in the contract, it is necessary to pay: from 10 to 30 euros for all term of rent depending on the company.

the TR Insurance limits to

tenant`s liability in case of stealing of the car. At the same time the tenant has to have documents and car keys that he could not be suspected of complicity. The cost of such insurance, about 6 euros, is already put in the price of day of rent too.

Should remembering

that in the majority of offices the so-called insurance with the franchize is offered to clients: in case of small accidents the client himself will pay car repairs.

Surely take an interest in

in conditions of delivery of the car. In the majority of offices demand return of the car with a full gasoline tank and if there is an incomplete filling, then fuel cost at office of the company will be time in one and a half above, than at usual gas station. It is possible to use, however, the option FPO (Fuel Purchase Option) is an advance payment of a full tank of fuel which gives the chance to return the car without refueling.

Detain the car at least one hour more than the put term - be not surprised if to ask to pay in addition you for excess days. You broke the schedule.

the Freedom of movement

enters unlimited run for rent the tariffs declared by rolling offices. But sometimes also tariffs meet daily restriction on run - for example, no more than 100 km a day, and collecting undertakes excess of a limit for each excess kilometer. Such tariffs are lower, but on them it is worth taking the car only if you have no intention to leave for city boundaries in which you have a rest. If by the rented car it is necessary to pass not one country, you should not stint, better to choose a tariff without restrictions.

As are declared by the companies, the client who chose a tariff with not limited run can travel without problems around the countries of all European Union, go to Great Britain and Switzerland. And will visit here the countries of the former socialist camp it is problematic: there the companies reluctantly “release“ the cars.

For example, in the Sixt company the rule by which to countries of Eastern Europe it is impossible to leave on leased cars Audi, BMW, Porsche, VW, Mercedes irrespective of a class exists. If Opel or Peugeot is rented, for example, the client can go to these countries only at own risk. For this reason to rent a car in Russia that then to pass on it a floor - Europe and to leave at one of foreign offices of the film distributor, it is possible only theoretically. As explained SP in the Hertz company, the insurance issued for the rolling car acts only on the territory of certain states. In other countries it does not work also for all damages, happen they during such travel, the client will pay off from the pocket, and on an overall cost. Anyway, if you are faced by a task to travel over several countries on the leased car, it is necessary to discuss details of the forthcoming travel in advance, then in the contract territories in which use of the car is authorized will be specified.

Can happen that in office, having learned about desire of the client to pass to other country, can give it the car with numbers of that country where the tenant goes. In this case the tenant will act as the driver and will have an opportunity to hand over the car in other country without additional collecting. However, such coincidence (someone by a lucky chance just came by the rolling car from the country where you go) are quite rare, and decide to take you the car in one country, and to leave in another, it is necessary to fork up.

For example, the Europcar company “allows“ to leave the car in other country only provided that the car is rented not less than for five days of hire, plus to it the sum of a rent will increase by 50 - 1500 euros (depending on a class of the car, distance between the countries and existence of the airport in a terminal point of a trip). Similar rules and rates work also in other companies.

First try, then trust

not to be trapped before signing contracts, it is necessary not only to consult about an insurance, but also to look at the customs sheet (check - list). In it note all dents made by the previous users and scratches, existence of caps of wheels and to that similar “trifles“. If such document to you was not shown, it is quite possible that from the driver will want to receive money for the damages made not by it. Usually small offices sin with it, however, respondents “experts on rent business“ claim by us that it is better not to neglect such procedure also in the large office located in the Mediterranean region or in the African countries. These national peculiarities of the relations with clients will hardly seem to our consumer something especially exotic.

the Unconditioned reflex
occurs In the contract for lease of the car the term “franchize“ (franchize). This concept is meant as the tenant`s duty independently cover damage for a certain sum in case of damage of the
car the Franchise can be conditional and unconditional. At application of the rule conditional (not deductible, non - deductible) franchizes the tenant is obliged to indemnify loss if its sum does not exceed the franchize sum; if the damage is higher, all expenses are incurred by the insurer.
For example if you leased the car and signed the insurance contract with the conditional franchize of 500 euros, any damage for the smaller sum will be paid from your pocket. But if damages count at least for 501 euros - everything will be paid by insurance company. Rolling offices most often apply unconditional (deductible, deductible) the franchize. In this case the client under no circumstances is not exempted from liability completely. If the amount of damage is less than franchize, he pays repair. If more - pays the franchize sum, and the rest is “added“ by insurance company.
The is more expensive the rented car, the size of the franchize within which the client indemnifies loss independently is higher. For example, for minicars it is 450 - 500 euros, for cars of middle class - 600 - 750 euros and if it is about cars of a representative class - 2000 - 3000 euros. This sum is blocked on the cash card and released after the car comes back to the place to integrities and safety.
Renting the car, it is possible to refuse the franchize, having chosen full insurance insurance. In this case clientat it is necessary to pay for rent on the raised tariff - on average for 10 - 20 euros a day it is more, than on a tariff with the franchize. But even the insurance of full insurance does not cover damages of tires, the broken glasses and mirrors.
Personal experience
Glass to the Correspondent of “SP“ Yury Lvov abroad was necessary most to repair the hired
car In Israel the unpretentious car it is possible to hire for $30 a day. What I also made in one of suburbs Tel - Avivah. It was necessary to communicate with the owner of the hire occupying one room on the central street generally gestures. He did not understand in Russian that for these places a rarity. Still he did not understand in English: could only explain that he is the Georgian Jew, and nothing - about cars. I, in turn, did not know Georgian and Hebrew and therefore, receiving keys from the shabby Daewoo Lanos, I did not understand all rules of hire. Though it, perhaps, explained them.
the Problem arose near ancient Caesarea. I closed the car and went to sight-see the city built by the tsar Herod. When returned - the left back Daewoo glass was broken. From a back seat the ordinary-looking bag which I there on carelessness left disappeared. In a bag nothing valuable was. But what to do with glass? My Moscow car was insured completely on a comprehensive insurance, and I believed, as the rolling car in the civilized country, probably, insure also. Means, it is necessary to take the certificate of an event in polices that then the insurance company compensated to the film distributor damage. I decided to consult to it by phone. It was difficult
. From long conversation I understood only that in police it is not necessary, and it is necessary just to come. In point it became clear that the car is insured with the franchize for the sum about $1000 - that is repair of possible damages to limits of this sum the client pays. And if I do not want to pay as I did not know about these conditions? And it is necessary because (the film distributor shook before me a photocopy of my credit card) for these purposes he blocked $1000 on my account. Well, I agreed, let`s repair glass at my expense.
- Fo is depressed dollarz, - without having blinked, the film distributor with terrible accent told.
- How many - how many? - I asked again. He wrote
for fidelity on a piece of paper: $400. I took an interest from what time the left back glasses on Daewoo began to do it of rock crystal. There were difficulties of the translation. As a result I nevertheless explained that for such money I will make glass of quartz. Also went on services. They very much reminded Moscow: many speak in Russian, many are unshaven, it is necessary to agree with all. Glass was inserted for $120. The conflict was exhausted.