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Personal computer or tutor?

to begin to learn language, are optional to go now to expensive courses at all, for receiving initial knowledge there will be also usual a compact quite enough - a disk. If there is no opportunity to leave often at excursion, then and the compact - a disk on which the fullest information on this or that museum or even about the whole city will be collected will come to the rescue here. It is only enough to insert of it into the computer, and as the response to any inquiry of the user not only classical text documents, but also modern audio - and video records will serve.

besides, the usual books set to reading according to the school program often there is no wish to read. Especially, if outside the summer, and school students pulls on the street, to walk, have a good time - what here long meetings behind the book. However, by means of modern technologies, it is possible to accelerate a little process and to make it more pleasant - enough only to get a compact - a disk with the audiobook.

Today practically all literary works republished

on CD and DVD. Therefore to find the book from the school program not so difficult. It is necessary to aim and come to shop only.

As a rule, all audiobooks are issued in such realistic execution that already in a few minutes you forget works with them that you sit in front of the computer, but do not read the book or do not walk on the Hermitage. Now instead of thumbing through volumes of encyclopedias in search of information, necessary for the paper, and for hours to look for images on the Internet, it is possible just to load a suitable disk and to use the data which are available on it.

In the majority, all such disks are made very qualitatively. After work of information with them in the head of school students and students remains much more, than after studying of the paper textbook.

Earphones in resignation!

In order that the child lit up some idea, many efforts should not be applied. And here that this idea did not disappear in couple of days, it needs to be fed constantly. In particular, technically. If your child spends much time in front of the computer, and occupy it not only games and you wish to listen sometimes to music or to watch the movie, then it is worth getting columns besides earphones.


Of course, it is possible to buy system 5 at once. 1 and to place it in due form, but it is not always possible in our apartments if it is not a new building with the improved planning. As they say, “the kingdom is not enough, there is no place to clear up!“ .

In most cases provided that you and your family are not thorough cinephiles and music lovers, have enough system 2. 1. Of course, one may say, that it is useless expenditure of money, and there are quite enough earphones, but all - the sound through columns strongly differs. Besides, how to watch the movie, for example, together, but with one pair of earphones? Agree, not really successful idea.


in a root!


Before running in shop, mentally present that you want to see every day on a computer table. Most likely, there is a wish that columns did not occupy a half of space and did not look as couple of boxes, and harmoniously fitted into a situation.

Recently the fashion includes black color and its gray shades again. Producers of monitors and other computer components, try to expand model ranges, representing all new models of the periphery painted in such colors. The quite good home Logitech R - 20 speaker system is executed in strict black color, has the small sizes that will allow it to fit perfectly into your computer interior and, the main thing, will not take away a lot of place from working space.

Original design - there is more to come. As columns screened, them it is possible to put safely directly near the monitor. If there is a desire to connect them to the TV, then it is not a problem too.

Recently production of the Apple company in Russia becomes more and more popular. It concerns not only iPod players, but also computers therefore Logitech R - 20 can be connected both to the computer with the Windows operating system, and to Macintosh.

I, at last, one of the moments, decisive for the majority of us, is the price. Who does not want to spend a minimum of means, and in exchange to receive a qualitative product? So important parameter as ratio of the price and quality, is a fundamental criterion at the choice. For the Logitech speaker system R - 20 this parameter has excellent value - the qualitative, saturated sound will cost to you a little dearer five hundred rubles that not so there is a lot of. Gloves for one season, often, are more expensive.

By the way, about iPod

If you or your child are a happy owner of a player from Apple, and are ready for any material victims if only never to leave the iPod and to listen to it not only via earphones, then, maybe, it is worth giving himself a fantastic gift and to get Logitech mm50 Portable Speakers for iPod.

the Distinctive feature of this speaker system is existence of the built-in accumulator having rather big capacity thanks to which, mm50 can reproduce the audiocompositions which are stored on your iPod within 10 hours. The device is very mobile, everything that will be required to you at frequent movements - a road case, the remote control, and the convenient network charger is included in its package. By means of such device where you were, you will be able always to listen all family to music, the audiobook or an audioperformance which find the second life and again gain ground.

For business people

also users of laptops did not remain unattended. Recently more and more people change desktop computers for mobile decisions. In - the first, economy of the place on a desktop, and in - the second, the laptop it is always possible to take with itself.

As the laptop the device mobile, and acoustics for it has to be corresponding too. The Logitech company offers several interesting options: Logitech V10 Notebook Speakers and Logitech V20 Notebook Speakers. Both at that, and at other set food and transfer of sound data is carried out through USB that means the following: for connection of such speaker system to the laptop it is required to connect only one connecting wire.

sounding, Excellent on quality, will force to forget

that it is portable columns. They well will be suitable for reproduction of various musical compositions which are written down in many popular formats such as AudioCD and a MP3, and for scoring of video movies which many users of mobile computers like to look through on screens of the laptops.