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The kid, I very much wait for you - 2

two weeks Later after pregnancy declared itself two red strips, early toxicosis began. At first events developed still to the scenario: constant feeling of nausea and opposite aftertaste in a mouth.

was also with Art capacious. Then for the first month of pregnancy I recovered on three kilograms and very resembled a ruminant. The benefit, then there was an early fall, and I was rescued by abundance of seasonal fruit and vegetables. In the spring wooden apples with grassy cucumbers especially impress. There are I became even more kaloriyno, and in two weeks gained two kg. And then vomiting joined nausea. Not only in the mornings, but also during the day. And by the end of month I returned to former weight again.

me various smells began to cause

Special troubles. The smell of hot water became for me is simply intolerable, and opening of the refrigerator appeared it is similar to a feat. The big carpet from the hall had to be cleaned till the best times - daily efforts of the little son it turned into the center of a stench. Strange, but nobody except me noticed it. And I could not even visit where there are small children - at the sight of the described trousers I began a nervous tic. The benefit, by two years the Subject learned not only to go to a pot, but also to independently pour out its contents in a toilet bowl.

In twelve weeks I descended on ultrasonography. The husband for the first time was present at this procedure together with me. What was seen on the monitor made impression on it. He rejoiced as the child, though the two-dimensional image is remote for perception of the nonspecialist. I regretted that he did not see small the Subject.

- It seems that you have a boy, - the doctor

- Oh, two boys assumed! This is great! - the husband was pleased by all events in this office.

- You too the girl wanted, - I was surprised

- Not - and.

“In twelve weeks a sex cannot be defined“, - I calmed myself, having gone beyond the Center of planning of a family.

By fifteenth week toxicosis began to weaken, but hostility to smells remained. There came the summer heat - one more circumstance not in my advantage.

the Son spent much time in the inflatable pool, I, looking after it, was forced to be fried right in the sun.

- As you sunbathed! - acquaintances admired.

- And we here could not during pregnancy on the sun be, - girlfriends shared.

it touched Me:“ Wait a moment, with the second you will be able - there is no word “I can not“, there is a word it “is necessary““.

In sixteen weeks I went to give up to a maternity welfare unit. Passed to other site, to very attentive elderly ginekologena. My previous communication with the district doctor and the midwife you will not call pleasant. And I was in a forceful mood - if here badly accept, I will go to the paid center. There though for the money you buy the polite attitude towards yourself. But, fortunately, this time I was lucky more. The doctor politely took an interest why I so late am registered. I for fun answered that I now am afraid of nothing supposedly floated - we know.

Contact was come by

, and our further “cooperation“ did not bring me special problems. Having learned that I have a small child, to me allowed to come to time, convenient for me, and even to bring the child with itself on reception.

In the first pregnancy the nervous tension connected with visit of ZhK and hours-long sitting in turn provoked at me increase of pressure. To this term I already managed to lie down in maternity hospital and to drink a heap of tablets. Now - invariable 120 on 80.

only the hyper tone a miometriya Saddened my state. It was necessary to have a rest, not to lift anything heavy any more. Having the two-year-old child and not having support from outside, I apprehended these recommendations something from area of a fantasy. I began to adapt: transferred a children`s stool to low situation that the sonny could get into it, charged nightly bathing of the son to the husband, tried not to buy many products for once.

Suddenly to us managed to resolve by

a housing problem. Even before pregnancy we with the husband had a conversation.

- the Subject grows up, becomes close all in one room, - the husband says, looking at the mountain of the Artemkiny toys lying in the middle of the hall.

- Yes, but prospects - that any, - I sigh

- All the same it is necessary to do something...

- Yes, it is fine, you. There will be enough three places in the one-room apartment, and here when will get small then it is necessary to think...

there Passed two months, and like a bolt from the blue - we will have one more kid. And then all somehow by itself was resolved. Were exchanged with the father-in-law, sold the car - and we already drive in three-room in our house, only at other entrance. Not for nothing people speak, God will give hare - will give also a lawn.

I did not sustain

In nineteen weeks and went for ultrasonography. With absolute confidence to see Alisku. Undressed, laid down.

- the Fruit one, live, - the doctor dictates to the nurse, - And you for whom wait? Boy or girl? - she addresses me

- the Girl. We already have a boy.

- Yes? Well, so there will be two boys...

Ya I do not trust the ears.

- And it precisely? Well - it is well visible?

- Yes.


the monitor approaches the nurse.

- And I see. Precisely - the boy. Yes be not upset you so, here I have two sons too. Same it is so healthy!

Ya on wadded legs I leave to the husband. He is perplexed: “And last time said that the boy. And you thought who?“

Two days feel lost. Not that I did not want the boy. Just at some moment understood: I will never have a daughter. This thought seemed to me intolerable as though once and for all took away hope from me.

- you Will give birth to the third, - the family calmed me.

- And suddenly again the boy? - I was not appeased.

- Yes you only present, at you nobody will drag off the last whole tights from under a nose, - my mother joked.

A I could not but agree with this argument.

By a weekend I not only reconciled to the fact that I have a son, but also found the mass of advantages. In - the first, with the Subject it will be more interesting to them together. In - the second, after Artyom there are many suits, overalls, the boot - it allows to save on clothes significantly. In - the third, they will have one room for two in which for economy of space there will be a bunk bed. In - the fourth, boys will have general toys - machines on remote control, transformers, designers.

as the Last chord arrival of the fourteen-year-old cousin served

in this play of doubts. The habitual movement she opened my clothes and began to investigate its subsoil.

- And you where bought it? On sale? How much? Let`s put on!!!

- And you still plan to put on these trousers? Yes? Yes so far you will give rise until you enter a form again - they will already get out of fashion. Present to me!!!

Then the little sister was switched by

to costume jewelry and cosmetics.

- And this lipstick so fine approaches my complexion. And, in my opinion, makes pale you...

Having finished

with analysis of my things, we started tea drinking. As if between times the sister remembered: “And you will have a boy, huh?“

- Oh, yes! - without hiding pleasure, I exclaimed.

Now twenty six weeks. There were nearly three months of expectation. So much still it is necessary to make, so much to be in time. As many skilled mummies notice, the second pregnancy takes place much quicker. You concentrate on pregnant fears and fears less, you pay more attention to yourself and relatives. In other words, you continue to live in the present, enjoying and at the same time overcoming the expectation moment.