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Successful ``purchase`` of

It was mad time - we with the girlfriend decided to grow rich and leased small cafe. Simply usual “razlivukha“. At that time I was 33 years old.

To cafe we with the husband quietly lived happily. We had no children, and the sixth sense I knew - will not be. From - for me. Well, made which - what repair and with huge enthusiasm began... On the first days it became clear - local boozers in search of cheap vodka as it and was to us will go to our cafe. All right, desire of the client - the law. In a week we with horror found out what is nearby, in the square, with might and main trade in heroin. And addicts, waiting, when bring them a treasured dose, will take a seagull, and quietly will be killed into a corner. Frankly speaking, they not really disturbed us, and we did not touch them.

Then I also got acquainted with Artem and Olya. It were young “old men“. Both addicts with an experience, with AIDS, living in the cellar. Dirty, hudyushchy, eternally hungry... A stomach I noticed Holguin when she was four months gone.

- You will give birth? - I ask.

- I Will be, - says.

- you have AIDS, you have no place to live!

- Well and that? Money will pay me! Let`s rent the room, Artyom will work!

- Ol, you represent who at you will be born? You are pricked! - I try to reach it.

- And not such give birth! - waves away from me.

time Went. I for days span - the market - cafe, cafe - the market. One fine day from a corner where “ours usually sat name“, I heard peep. Thought, the puppy was brought, wanted to go to swear. I approach. What I saw threw me in shock. Olya with Artyom, on chairs, having spread out a dirty blanket, tried to wrap a tiny being who it was difficult to call the child.

- Yesterday gave rise! Girl!

- And why you not in maternity hospital? - to me it becomes terrible...

- Ran away. Broke me strongly, and Artyom did not know where I.

- we Will go to me home, - I say. - I will think up something.

On Olya Road tells

how it was taken away from the street by the ambulance as it was carried on maternity hospitals and it did not want to take anywhere. As in maternity hospital, in a toilet, it forced to have a shave when it was possible to touch the child`s head. As doctors as they on the box in which it was placed pasted a piece of paper with the capital red letters “AIDS“ called. As then the nurse put a dirty bucket, as a toilet, a 3-liter jar with water, and, having left boxing, closed it outside, having shaken a fist... As looked at it from - for glasses as if on a small animal in a zoo. Zalomayet here...

So far we go, the parcel in Oliny hands not cries, not creaks. I become feel sorry for Olga. It absolutely alone. Mother became an inveterate drunkard and died after the father ridiculously died. And graduated from school without the three.

Frankly speaking, I did not even represent such awful children. The girl was as baked apple, only violet color. From it did not even wash away blood and patrimonial greasing! On a tummy as the rope, dangled an umbilical cord which, judging by smudges on each side, was not even smeared, and just poured brilliant green. The child somehow unnaturally twists all the time a head and cries as if something hurts.

we write

Together with Olya the list. Pampers, mix, romper suit, nipples. I give it three thousand.

- I quickly, to the market and back! - comes into the elevator. - I her Anyutkoy will call! - I hear from the elevator.

I Close a door behind Olga, I go to Anyutka. Took on hands - froze... Such easy, as plumelet. Did not sustain. Started howling. All right, I think, there will be enough lyrics, it is necessary though to wash it. Carefully removed from a leg and the handle of a label, washed. Turned in a bed-sheet, I wait for Olya. There passes an hour of Anyutk, having been tired to cry, fell asleep. Passed an hour more Anyutka woke up, zakryakhtet.

slowly reaches me that it is possible not to wait for Olya any more. I call the husband, I complain. He quietly goes bananas from my story. In 15 minutes Greyish houses, together we decide to go on shops. We do of my down-padded coat “envelope“ for Anyutki, for an hour it is bought all necessary. Having arrived home, I try to feed the child. She does not eat, and constantly cries.

Having studied the reference book, we cause a private neonatolog. The doctor, having listened to me, long is silent, then long writes, and tells us with the husband who completely was stunned even longer that it is necessary to us if we have enough nonsense “to contact“ this child. Leaves. We understand one - it is necessary to us in hospital! Urgently! Anyutka does not eat and cries from - for the fact that she “breaks“ her. Olya all pregnancy was pricked! Probably, if neonatolog did not tell it - we would never understand what is with it.

In hospital us is not taken. We have no document, any piece of paper! Money is used. I shake legs - hands! I pay, I beg doctors something to make, there passed 12 hours as the child do not eat and constantly cry. We fought in two hospitals. In the third we were hospitalized...

Olya came in two days. Told that it was stopped by a police squad to check documents. From - for the fact that it had no passport she was detained, kept in office, and it had to give money that released. And I, naive, believed.

Hospital... Doctors told me what prospects at Anyutka. If endures withdrawal pains. But encouraged that the children born from HIV - positive mothers, at competently carried out prevention, have a CHANCE!!! We decided to try. It will not be worse, truly?

If to write about what we endured it is, believe, not really interestingly. Doctors, hospitals, drugs... Everything was complicated by the fact that long we lived without documents, Olya lived without passport, was not registered in a maternity welfare unit, ran away from maternity hospital without the uniform reference!

Olya and Artem. We agreed with them that we will pay them, and they will not object against Anyutka will live with us.

Today on September 1. Today my daughter the first time went to kindergarten. In younger group. When she was three years old, I solved (with the consent of the district doctor) “to lose“ her medical card. We got new, removed our diagnosis from us - HIV.

of Cafe had to be thrown. It was necessary to change the apartment. I was tired to be “milk cow“ for Olya with Artyom. On September 5 at us the court will take place. As a matter of fact, it is just formality to observe the law. We and so family.