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In families where there is a first grader, since September 1 begins absolutely new life even if to school there is the second or third child. A lot of things depend on the first year of training, and it is necessary to do everything possible that this year became successful start of school life!

Be near to


It is big pleasure and heavy responsibility - to be the first grader`s parents. How to help the little pupil, not to perform for him necessary work, namely to help? At first your attention is especially important for the child. Try to see off him in school and to take away after lessons even if school near the house. On the road do not load it morals, observe world around better: be glad to the sun, count birdies or read a sign on shop. After lessons attentively listen to everything that children tell: everything is important, there are no trifles! When there are estimates, try to avoid a question:“ What assessment received?“ It is better: “What new and interesting learned?“, “Than day was remembered?“. Do not discuss teachers in the presence of children at all. For first graders the first teacher - very authoritative person, and your negative estimates will not change the teacher, and will do much harm to own child. An important indicator of adaptation of the first grader - mood with which it goes to school. If with pleasure and desire - means, everything moves in the right direction. If there was an unwillingness, began to sound:“ I do not want“, find out the reason and change a situation, it is a disturbing signal for parents and for the teacher. Experts designate the first two weeks at little school students “a physiological storm“, and in many respects depends on you, how successfully the child will cope with it.

the Main thing - sense of proportion!

All want

that the child studied at good school, had enough knowledge. It is no secret that parents sometimes try to realize the ambitions through children. The overestimated requirements disturb the first grader, they deprive of him self-confidence, slow down his development, badly affect on health. You should “grope“ independently borders of opportunities of the school student, and these borders - at all not a reason for chagrin which should be shown to the child. It is not necessary to adjust the first grader only on progress in training, it is not necessary to frighten by terrible consequences if something is impossible. As well as in any work (and study is a work), something turns out better, something is worse, and, of course, it is dangerous to underestimate the level but also inaccessible it is wrong to establish. If the child weakened, very emotional, you do not hurry to write down in the same academic year him in additional circles and sections, postpone for the second class better. Share doubts with the school psychologist, the teacher, you do not hurry to make the decision at once. Commensurate desire “to give to the child everything“ with his opportunities and features, you remember that to have faith in the child - means to accept it it what it is.

Councils of the psychologist
is not present

of Trifles!

Be near to
, support children in everything, be extremely reserved and sensitive.

Think over a question with clothes and school supplies for the pupil. The clothes have to be convenient, with large buttons and lightnings, handles - not too thin and not too thick that it was convenient to child to hold them. It is not necessary to learn to tie in the first school days the child laces if he did not learn before, choose footwear which it is easy and convenient to it to change. Give up thought of beautiful and fashionable bags: ideal option for a healthy back and convenience - a satchel, the benefit the choice huge. Buy the kid an alarm clock, beat a gift:“ This is your personal assistant, and he will wake you in due time“. When it is necessary to carry textbooks, you remember that the maximum weight of a portfolio together with contents should not exceed 1,5 kg. Between absent-mindedness and irresponsibility a big difference therefore accustom the child to watch things and order in everything and always, doing a discount for age and character. Are very useful to the letter of occupation, connected with small motility. Let children mold from clay, plasticine more often, design, cut out something even if there are no similar tasks at school. Try to show to the child advantage of the gained knowledge: to together read an inscription on a pack of cookies or yogurt, to count cups and plates on a table.

How to do homework

the Organization of preparation of lessons certain time of occupations Is strict

of Opinion of experts on extent of participation of parents in performance of homeworks disperse. Certainly, options are possible, but it is necessary to choose necessary of them to you. Average looks so. In the first days you are near the child during all process of performance of work. In - the first, it is necessary to be convinced that he correctly understood a task and chose the correct way of its performance. If did not understand, explain why it is necessary to do so, but not differently. After a while it is possible (to fill in the receipt under the pretext of some necessary business, to look at the report) to settle down in the same room, but having already entrusted the child most to execute part of work. It is possible to do it only after you were convinced that the pupil knows as how to do. Check, praise for independence. Degree of this independence can be increased gradually, leaving the child of one in the room. In cases of systematic misunderstanding surely find out the reason with the teacher, otherwise process of joint performance of tasks can drag on for years and will not lead to anything good. There are mothers, grandmothers who consider as a sacred duty to do everything with the child, and even for him. It is bad first of all for the pupil and will negatively affect results of training subsequently. The modern training program such is that participation of parents is necessary, but reasonably.

the Instruction

of Opinion of experts

Dudakova Olga Anatolyevna, the elementary school teacher No. 467, Moscow

Comes the long-awaited moment when doors of school hospitably open. How many interesting, wonderful, mysterious expects your baby on fascinating travel over the country of Knowledge! To become the pioneer, the scientist, the traveler, to get new friends and girlfriends - here what fascinating life waits for first graders and you, dear parents! Be sensitive mentors, kind friends, slightly - slightly wizards, do not destroy in the child initial perception of school as real temple of Knowledge!

Atepalina Vera Vladimirovna, the elementary school teacher No. 1376, Moscow

All parents want

that their children at school studied well, were not tired, were not ill, were cheerful and cheerful. It is possible if by it to help a little, but you do not hurry to make something for the child. The set of ready knowledge does not form need for process of knowledge, aspiration to overcoming of difficulties, to independent search of decisions. On many questions the child himself can find the answer, and it is unimportant that only by trial and error. Also you remember that the most desired for the little pupil is an attention of adults.


Gynina Svetlana Aleksandrovna, the elementary school teacher No. 1276, Moscow

With arrival of the child in school to you, parents, it is necessary to change also the way of life. Be ready to it. Noisy parties, a loud sound when viewing a football match will not allow the pupil to sleep. Let in the beginning hooks and sticks will be not really beautiful. Do not abuse, do not accuse, just help. Do not overload the first grader, but also do not leave too much free time, let everything will be on forces to the beginning school student. Take yourself in allies patience, attention and understanding, and then everything at you will turn out!

Talyutova Nellie Aliyevna, the elementary school teacher No. 849, Moscow

the Doctrine is a daily work. The kid should learn to listen to the teacher, to remember told. Difficulties are experienced in elementary grades by the children who are not able to state consistently and clearly the thoughts. Difficult and that who for the first time should comprehend meaning of words it “is necessary“ and it “is impossible“. An important condition of readiness to school - ability to live in collective, to reckon with interests of surrounding children. Discuss all parties of school life with the child, you monitor the speech of the kid, accustoming him to the correct and full statements.