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Dreams pregnant women (part 2) of

Part 1 can be read here.

Symbolical dreams

Sometimes subconsciousness in a dream makes with us even more interesting things. Process of childbirth clothes in bright colourful images.

Literally on the eve of childbirth (that the first that the second) I dreamed dreams.
Before the first dreamed me that I have a big head, I am in a garden and I should go outside through the openwork forged gate, and the head does not let.
To the second childbirth dreamed me something about water and the boat (gave rise to houses in a bathroom).
of An - net

me dreamed

A that all my friends gather in the apartment where I lived in the childhood, and I in kitchen for them cook potato. And here potato began to start to boil, boil, boil stronger, and I woke up from the first fight. Then fell asleep again (accepted sleeping pill for the night), and again potato gradually begins to boil, and I shout to friends: “it seems, already begins to boil!“ Woke up - the second fight. So all night long also cooked potato, and by 13:30 gave birth to the daughter.

Me before childbirth dreamed

, as if I was attacked by a cat with green eyes and began to bite for legs. I in every possible way beat off it that even woke up. Went to a toilet and on the road thought, some strange a dream. It appeared - waters began to depart (without fights).

Future child too sometimes gets some improbable appearances in a dream. Only it is also necessary to tell: “The queen at night not the son, not the daughter, not a little mouse, not a frog, and to not permission gave birth to an animal...“

me dreamed

A that I gave rise to a doggie, and such large, lysenky. And so I loved it, so loved! In a dream even it did not seem to me strange that it is a doggie.
of Mamaoss

my schoolmate last month dreamed

a dreadful dream that she gave rise... football ball!!!! Speaks, woke up in cold sweat, and then burst out laughing that the husband woke up.

me dreamed

A that I gave birth to a nice fluffy kitten (it was even awkward to tell somebody). Now I know that not one such.

When the woman “tries on“ on herself pregnancy, estimates how to treat it in different situations, she sometimes sees absolutely amusing dreams. For example, she can see herself the schoolgirl but already pregnant - it is possible, it represents how school friends will react to her situation. The same can concern also other people with whom she should communicate.

Strange things sometimes dream

. Here, for example, today - dreamed that I go to the subway. I look, and around me all pregnant women. Strange, to what it?

can be given by

of Experience of pregnant women absolutely irreal shapes. Examples of such dreams are given in the article “What Do Pregnant Women Dream?“

“In the first three months of pregnancy the organism of the woman is adjusted by

on a new state. Not only the body of future mother, but also all her life changes. For this reason she dreams herself all left or dependent on others, sees the hostile world ready to absorb it, or accident which victim she falls.


In the next three months most often put relationship with own mother in the forefront. Not important, what they actually - good or not really, in a dream it is always fight and rivalry against someone in the opened or veiled form (spiders, monsters). In the last third of pregnancy all thoughts of the woman are connected with childbirth and future child. Respectively in dreams often something happens to the child or to her: sinks in water, it is absorbed by waves (association with labor pains).“

Reflection of fears

Some fears from real life can pass


literally into dreams, without being transformed to allegoric images. Such dreams usually do not cause difficulties in treatment and are easily deciphered by the woman who had a dream.

until the woman got used to the new situation yet, it can dream

at the beginning of pregnancy that there is no pregnancy, or there was an abortion.

Me such bad dream dreamed

. As though at me (excuse for too intimate details) monthly began. But at the same time I know that I am pregnant with 11 - 12 weeks. There arrived doctors and told that the child will not be!

the First my pregnancy ended with an abortion on the third month, probably my nightmares in the first half of current pregnancy also were connected with it - nearly an every night dreamed me that I bleed profusely... It here embodiment of fears...

In the second half of pregnancy many have dreams about premature birth, that they begin suddenly when the woman is not ready to it at all.

Me dreamed p yesterday that at me waters departed and I maternity hospital gather. At the same time terribly I swear with house that they do not help me and I am upset that it is necessary to give birth in 17 because 27 on a sink. Woke up and think, it is necessary to cease to adjust itself on premature birth, it is necessary to think that I will hold on to the middle of September, still nothing is ready for small and I work so far. Here such reaction of a brain happened.
Maria Ov

me dreamed

A today that I choose maternity hospital. I go on all and I look. Yesterday dreamed that I deliver the girlfriend. Since the midwife did not keep up, and after her I have to give birth. Nightmare. Soon from such dreams the head around will go. Lahr`s

had a dream Recently: I come to maternity hospital with fights to give birth, and there nobody pays attention to me, all are busy with the affairs, all I on a fig. I run behind them, I ask “Issue me, take away in a rodilka, I give birth!“ and they to me “Wait the woman, without you put much, suffer, there will be time - we fast will take away you, we will anesthetize, we will cut, we will pull out the child and we will carry away it for two days, and we will pump up you drugs“. I am covered by terrible panic in a dream, and I begin to think that it is better to give birth in this situation houses. There I at all desire to do much harm so to itself will not be able...
Masha B.

Prophetic dreams

Such dreams happen infrequently and not at all. But some see them. These dreams literally foretell the future events.

to me still for 1. The 5th month before pregnancy dreamed that I will give birth on March 28 to the boy. Came true on 99. 9% since gave rise on March 26. And in general, if dreams me that I the pregnant woman, then, so it will come true soon (3 times are checked).
of Ivashka

Me after the birth of the first daughter several times dreamed

as in reality that I still gave birth to the girl and the boy, even process of childbirth with all blood dreamed and that it will be soon though the second was not going to be given birth at least years 7, and even it is more. And there passed 2 years and wait for the second baby.
the Marine

Ya dreamed one mischievous girlfriend, and she told me that she gave birth to the daughter Polinka. When phoned to it, learned that she married and in half a year will give birth. Now to Polinka years 6 already.
of Shania

I very much wanted to become pregnant and the dream dreamed that I gave birth to the boy, and then he was a girl. In interpretation the boy is a profit, the girl - a miracle. And next day I checked the test and there were two strips, here to you a miracle and profit.

However usually dreams do not predict an event directly. Therefore there is a set of dream books and interpreters of the dreams explaining their value. Not everyone trusts them, but many are interested just for the sake of an entertainment. However, using them, it is necessary to do the amendment on the fact that pregnant women very hypochondriac, and their dreams most often are reflection of the subconscious experiences caused by their special situation. It is very difficult to interpret dreams of pregnant women in general. Practically any dream means concern for the child and the sense of responsibility for it which is shown at the subconscious level. And still finally I will give several interpretation of the dreams connected with pregnancy and childbirth, taken from “Dream book on Cleo“:

the Midwife
to Dream about the midwife means a serious illness which will nearly come to an end tragicly. The dreamed midwife promises to the young woman sufferings and disasters.

the Pregnant woman

Unexpected profit

For the woman to dream about

that she is pregnant, means that it will be unhappy with the husband, and her children will be unattractive. For the virgin the similar dream promises a shame and misfortunes. If the sleeping woman also really is pregnant, then such dream will serve as the forecast of her safe permission from burden and fast restoration of forces.

the Child
to Dream the crying children - to bad health and disappointment. The cheerful, pure child is a rewarded love and many good friends. If the woman dreams that she nurses the child, - she is waited by deception from the one to whom she trusts most.