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Creation of harmonious image. Part I

Style and a style of a suit, color scale, fabric drawing, design of accessories - language to which we study since the childhood and in which we talk to people around. Competent image is an ability to speak clothes language so that you were heard and understood.

the word “image“ So popular today (English image, from armor. imago - “image“, “look“) means purposefully formed image (persons, a subject, the phenomenon) urged to render emotionally - psychological influence. Image is the “business card“ created by us for others, that impression which we expect to cause in people around. In competently created image all details - not only external attributes (clothes style, a hairdress, accessories, jewelry etc.) are coordinated but also the voice, a command manner, even an environment work for the set purpose.

Image is only viable and convincing

when corresponds to internal qualities of the person, his character, temperament and a way of life. Houses, at work, in the friendly company and among strangers we play certain social roles. Though they can differ very strongly, we execute them with pleasure. But if the role turns into the mask hiding the real face of the person if it does not answer his attitude and the purpose then image turns into a burden. The person feels discomfort because that “plays not the role“.

Appearance reflects our internal state and vice versa. When we want to change the life, very often first of all we update clothes, we hurry in a hairdressing salon or we start repair in the apartment. If the woman considerably changes a hair color, for example from the natural blonde is recoloured in the burning brunette, for certain she is full of determination to begin new life. At the one who has a stress or we tear apart sincere experiences contradictions, appearance bears the impress a dissonance, uncertainty, uncertainty. And when the person stays in a consent with himself and the world then components of its image harmoniously supplement each other, emphasizing, integrity of the personality.

“Individual style“ and “image“ - different concepts. though one without another does not exist. If image - a certain role, then style is rather essence of the person, his inner self. For many to find the style means to find itself, the point of view and to be able to express it. On a hairdress, drawing on fabric or a coloring of a tie if to be attentive, it is always possible to guess the preferred style, And such “trifles“ as a bracelet, an umbrella or a charm, will tell about the owner more, than any words. Often we choose similar things spontaneously - just because they are pleasant and consequently, correspond to our inner self. By the way, perfume which ourselves buy (not presented) most eloquently disclose identity - how we perceive ourselves and what we want to be.

Stylishly dressed person is not simply dressed by

with taste and thought over all details of clothes from buttons to a handkerchief. It really suits everything that it carries. It is also interrelation external and internal, compliance of image to style, and style to image. Such harmonious image is formed thanks to congenital taste and sense of beauty, and also knowledge of fundamentals of stylistics and laws of harmony.

It is unconditional, the fashion introduces the amendments in concepts of harmony and beauty. In one times it was accepted to follow strictly canons and to observe uniform style, in others, including today, styles mix easily up, interpreted, any manifestation of identity is welcomed and dressed to be “correctly“ from the point of view of integrity of style it is considered a bad form.

But whatever the fashion, laws of harmony nobody not in forces dictated to cancel. Consciously or intuitively, the person reaches to fine, for what is pleasant for eyes, a body and soul.

are uniform

of the Rule of harmony for all art forms - painting, architecture, music, poetry and, certainly, for art of creation of a suit. The designer thinks out beautiful fabric, an interesting dress, unusual footwear. Work of the stylist - to coordinate all details of clothes made by different people, to pick up, stylistically and to kompozitsionno unite them counting on the specific person, considering type of its figure, features, a way of life, features of character, individual preferences, and also what problems the created image is urged to solve.

Style and a style of a suit, color scale, fabric drawing, design of accessories - language to which we study since the childhood and in which we talk to people around. Competent image is an ability to speak clothes language so that you were heard and understood.

How to create a harmonious image

In all beautiful, fine, harmonious the creating beginning, progress is. And disharmony leads to destruction. Choosing clothes which are pleasant to us and correspond to our taste, we bring balance and harmony of the inner world, of the life.

the Harmonious external image - the peculiar “puff pie“ including clothes style, a hairdress, a make-up, a silhouette and proportions of a suit, drawing and the invoice of fabric, color scale, jewelry and accessories. And the identity of the person, his identity connects all these “layers“. Harmonious person first of all balanced person. The same rule extends to a suit. Hierarchy of its parts (all “pie layers“) and integrity of an image when nothing destroys it, are the main conditions of harmony.

suit Composition. Harmony - esthetic category, the companion of beauty. As well as in art, harmony in a suit is based on rules of composition. The composition of a suit is an association of all its elements in the single whole expressing a certain idea, thought, an image. The stylistics demand that the suit was beautiful and did the person attractive.

Style of the person is perceived by

complete when his appearance, the voice, plasticity and behavior correspond to style. For example, the sports woman - a strong constitution, with a deep voice and rather heavy gait - can hardly look romantically. That there was a romantic image, shoes and a handbag have to be sustained in one style and approach in a form and color a dress, and flower drawing of fabric to transfer romantic mood and it is fine to emphasize lines of a body and a silhouette, and also to be in harmony with color of eyes. If all parts of an image are in balance, then the necessary, strong impression is made.

It is very important

that all components of an image submitted main - to the composite center. It is accent, a dominant which draws special attention to itself with weight, design or color. The tie, a corbel, footwear, glasses are capable to become the center of composition. In creation of an image it is a starting point, the basic style forming element. Existence of several composite centers connected among themselves by a uniform plan and the general style is possible.

the Important principle of composition is coherence of elements of a suit by three principles - contrast, nuance and similarity.

Center of composition . The center in a suit is practically always. Even if you are dressed in all black from head to foot, the hairdress or a make-up can serve as a dominant. If the composite center - it a hat, so it has to differ in magnificent quality and design, to approach the person and a figure; it draws attention to a face, a neck, hair, eyes. In this case clothes and other accessories have to serve as a background and not draw attention to themselves.

the Center of composition located on the center of a figure draws with

attention to a body - a breast, a waist, hips. The accent transferred to the lower part to legs, gives to an image validity, stability. If the composite center is absent, then the image “is not read“, it seems indistinct, unfinished or breaks up to separate fragments.

Contrast is the sharply expressed contrast, opposition which can be carried out in a form, color, volume, the invoice of material etc. Contrast does an image brighter and memorable, but at the same time and ambiguous, dual. For example, mixture in one suit of styles so far from each other as classical and folklore, will give to your image special color, charm. The combination of various drawings of fabric brings feeling of dynamics, the movement. Certainly, combining incongruous, it is necessary to remember integrity of all image - contrast has to be always justified by a plan.

Similarity - repetition in a suit of one element which meets in various variations. Let`s tell, the decorative detail - a chain can be both the handle of a handbag, and a bracelet of hours, and finishing on jacket pockets, on shoes or to repeat drawing on a scarf. The same principle works when all accessories are sustained in uniform color or design. This principle of a set was once (in 50 - x) it is popular and it is even obligatory for stylishly dressed lady. Today such reception seems too correct, deprived of the imagination and identity.

Nuance - the beater transition from contrast to similarity - creates more interesting and picturesque communications between elements. The suit which color scale is constructed on nuances, a combination of shades and half tones looks richer, more difficult, more refined, than solved in one color. This principle gives a big scope for personal creativity.

the Same image is created by time absolutely different means. For example, to emphasize fragility and the girl`s youth, it is possible to dress, based on the principle of similarity, it in an easy dress from a fine fabric with gentle drawing, open footwear on a thin heel, to add a small handbag and graceful jewelry. And it is possible, going on the way of contrast, to offer this girl military overalls three sizes bigger, rough boots on a thick sole - and to achieve a bigger effect. The first option gives a clear and concrete image, the second - inconsistent, ambiguous, associative.

of the Proportion in clothes . The most important tool for a harmonious image are proportions (for artists and architects they have paramount value). Certain mathematical ratios are the cornerstone of harmonious proportions. This only means by means of which it is possible “to measure“ beauty.

the principle of a golden ratio known still to artists and architects of antiquity is the Most known example of a harmonious proportion: in the piece divided into two parts the smaller part, so belongs to bigger as big treats all piece, i.e. the sum of two parts: a / b = b / (a + b). The elementary confidant to proportions of a golden ratio is a number of integers: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233 etc. (where the sum of two next members is equal to the subsequent), Fibonacci called by a row by name the Italian mathematician of the 13th century. Using the principle of a golden ratio, it is possible to create the most perfect proportions in suit composition and to establish organic connection between whole and its parts.

However proportions of clothes lose any meaning if they are not coordinated to the person. Therefore the ratio of details of a suit is defined by features of a figure, its own proportions. In a body of the person there are mathematical ratios between his separate parts too. If to take for the module, i.e. conventional unit, head height, then (according to Vitruvy, the Roman architect and the engineer is 1 century BC, to the author of the treatise “Ten Books about Architecture“) in a proportional figure of the adult eight modules will go in: from the top to a chin; from a chin to breast level; from a breast to a waist; from a waist to the line of a groin; from the line of a groin to the middle of a hip; from the middle of a hip to a knee; from a knee to the middle of a shin; from a shin to a floor. The simplified proportion speaks about equality of four parts of a figure: from the top of the head to the line of a breast (on armpits); from a breast to hips; from hips to the middle of a knee; from a knee to a floor.

Width of shoulders has to be equal to

1/4 growth; trunk length together with the head - 1/2; breast width - 1/6 growth; length of hands - to reach the middle of a hip (measured by internal part); length of legs has to make 1/2 growth; shins - 1/4 growth; the neck grasp - to equal to a caviar grasp; neck width - to reach 1/4 height of the head. Proportions of man`s and female figures differ a little. So, width of shoulders at women is a little less than two modules of head, and width of hips is approximately equal to width of shoulders. Often in growth of the woman not eight modules, but seven and a half keep within.

the Outer garments are sewed by

on the ideal, standardly put figure of which in real life not everyone will brag. However the person can pick up clothes so that to look harmonious.

Dress code . The person first of all perceives the general form of a subject, then - color and components of a form and only in the last turn - details and details. The form of a suit influences what impression we make on people around. The highest status the silhouette - a rectangle with underlined corners, and the lowest - rounded shapes possesses.

Square. The person with a “square“ figure is perceived thickset, strong, heavy, standing on the own two feet, self-assured. The clothes of a square silhouette (also emphasized with a cage) speak about efficiency, stability, rational mind, proximity to the earth, materiality, lack of illusions. In the field of color to this form there corresponds red.

Rectangle. As well as the square, this form seldom meets in the nature. Rectangular boxes of houses, furniture, sheets of paper, packing - all this creations of human hands is also connected with rationality, logical thinking, organization. The rectangular silhouette of a suit is most often used in business - style where it is required to emphasize business qualities, mind, responsibility, gravity and restraint.

the Circle is associated with a solar disk, the full moon. It is the correct form closed and stable. But if the square represents a statics, then the circle is a continuous movement. Its influence quietly and not tensely - shooters on the dial so move or the big wheel rotates. Absolutely round silhouette in clothes is not used, only in details. But its derivatives - an oval, an ellipse, wavy forms and parabolas - bring softness, mobility, ease in a suit. Blue color corresponds to a circle.

the Triangle is the movement, dynamics. Its acute angles seem fighting and aggressive. The triangle radiating itself extensively - a thought symbol; it is compared to yellow color. A triangle the basis down or a trapeze - more womanly option: narrow shoulders, wide hips. Flared pinafores, the flying skirts make impression of mobility, levity, romanticism. The triangle emphasizes with the basis width of shoulders up, it is mainly a man`s silhouette. He transfers feeling of force, confidence. Therefore expansion of a humeral belt rigid shoulder pads, sharp lapels, a double-breasted fastener is used for giving to a figure of more impressive, authoritative look.

the Oval - a form rather streamline, soft. The people having oval type of a figure are usually inclined to completeness, they have small sloping shoulders, wide hips, small foot. They seem quiet, peaceful, phlegmatic. The oval form in a suit disposes to rest, relaxation, informal communication. Is associated with violet color.