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Life in a carriage and about it

you do not notice them if you have no children. They live in the parallel world and remain for you invisible men. There is a lot of them, and they everywhere. Mothers with carriages.

As soon as you have a baby, you become their integral part, enter their circle and begin to live according to a certain schedule. In - the first, you walk every day in any weather: a heat and slush, an icy cold and a blizzard for you at all. If nearby park, you become its inhabitant on an equal basis with squirrels and titmouses. If there is no park, walk in the yard, on the street, on a balcony. But you walk surely! It will be told by each pediatrician.

In - the second, a way of movement. Of course, there are heroes preferring to carry the child in a kengurushka or a sling. But such - units. The vast majority voted for a carriage.

a carriage can write

of Missile defense novels. Set of variations: four wheels or three wheels; small, big or average wheels; inflatable or cast. A carriage - a transformer, a cradle or walking; model, color, cost - not to count everything. And in all these nuances you will become doky soon. Especially after purchase of the first carriage. Especially after you with this purchase for the first time will go out for a walk.

Here you also estimate the purchase: bought a light carriage, and around slush and mud - you will often erase; you do not get into the elevator because a wide frame, quickly you will become the muscleman; decided to save and got small “walk“, and the kid was an athlete if there was a check, run in shop to exchange for more spacious quicker.

B - the third, behavior of your carriage on the street. Yes, carriages. Because, the kid peacefully sleeps during walk (as a rule), and here you struggle with surrounding reality. An obstacle number one - the elevator. It is healthy if in the house there is cargo. And if is not present? And if at all there is no elevator? You can answer.

the Obstacle number two - an entrance. You were largely lucky if you at an entrance practically have no steps or there are runners for congress, the door does not roar when closing, neighbors politely help, light burns and smells of nothing. Obviously, you live in the elite house. To the majority I will notice that everything can be overcome for the sake of fresh air.

Hurrah! you on the street. You do not hurry to rejoice. Especially, if on the street a rain, and you left a raincoat for a carriage or an umbrella at home. Or on a house thermometer at you was plus 20, and on street was plus 10 moreover with the wind. Problem? No, because skilled mummies (that is, not the first time rolled out on the street with the child) carry everything with themselves (carry more true).

the Raincoat, wet towel wipes, paper scarfs - all the year round; a mosquito net (a mosquito grid), an umbrella - always, except winter; further varies: a scarf, a jacket, an additional blanket, cream from bad weather, the book, the newspaper, a forage for birds and squirrels, a toy and t. . Money and mobile - in a clothes pocket (and suddenly something should be bought or urgently to call someone). Yes, and here you with all this equipment on the street. Weather to you at all. A caravan in way. We go for a walk.

I the obstacle number three is found here: people. Joke. Of course, around there is a lot of fools, but we will not pay attention to them. Let do not give way, and you long trudge behind on a narrow path, let. Let dog lovers loudly call the wards, and those loudly to them bark in reply when your kid just fell asleep. We are higher than it.

Main obstacle: roads and cars. Roads, because everywhere potholes, high borders (it was especially lucky, of course, inhabitants of the center: narrow sidewalks), badly cleared streets, deep pools are added to the absent congresses (the carriage - that will pass, and here you should run all over sideways. It is good if thanks to the made effort your “SUV“ reached to edge of a pool and if got stuck in the middle?) . Cars because drivers (men) see in you competitors and try to overtake, press to a roadside, to park in the middle of the road, to give a signal over an ear of the sleeping child or to expose an exhaust pipe closer to you. From cars it is possible to escape in parks or the green space, from roads - abroad.

What everything is so gloomy? And kid? To the kid it is convenient and good in his carriage. He sleeps (mainly) or considers a heavenly azure, branches of trees, listens to singing of titmouses and your chirping with the girlfriend. It is happy anyway because nearby you. Person, most important for it.

I this person, despite everything, too tries to come off during walk. Everyone in own way. One read, others listen to music and learn foreign languages, the third communicate. And the last - the majority. I remember surprise of my husband when during week-end we together with two children went for a walk in park. Until reached a playground in park, were tired to answer greetings. With the advent of the second child of acquaintances increased.

Yes, forgot to mention stratification of society of mummies: yes, we have castes and. Those who walk with babies, as a rule, do not pay attention to mothers with children of 3 - 4 years and are more senior. All try to communicate “on age“: mothers of babies with mothers of babies, mothers one-year-old with mothers one-year-old etc. Because the difference in a year is enormous for children. The baby, six-month-old, one-year-old and, for example, the three-year-old - as aliens for each other. Therefore mothers are grouped in age of children.

Further the people are distributed by

on interests and temperaments: active last to active, and conservative mummies to mummies are more passive. Nurses with nurses, grandmothers like to communicate with grandmothers. Generally, continuous small groups. You can be familiar with many, and be on friendly terms - with units.

to be on friendly terms. As on another to call that you have a mutual sympathy, common problems with the person (the husband works round the clock, the child cries and sleeps badly, grandmothers shirk the duties and so forth), similar age, and you live in the neighbourhood. You completely penetrate into details of life of a family of the opponent, know his already distant relatives, diseases of the child for the last 6 months, remember a phone number and share all intimate. At someone this friendship will last only a year, and someone will carry by it through all life. Children - that grow together.

you See

, not everything is so bad in our okolokolyasochny life. Actually, external difficulties only strengthen us (just more nothing remains to us), and our small happiness in a carriage gives us hope for the best. What else to us, mummies, it is necessary?