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After a peeling of

Peelings and polishings are popular. However many from these procedures are pushed away by stories about their unpleasant consequences. What should be trusted and how quicker to be restored after peelings?

is Advised by the candidate of medical sciences, the head of office of medical cosmetology Central scientifically - research kozhno - venereologic institute in Moscow Olga Vladimirovna Zabnenkova.

- stories about frightening consequences of peelings are How truthful?

- In each fairy tale, of course, the element of truth is. Any chemical peeling, a microcrystalline dermabraziya, laser polishing of skin is always injury of skin. It is natural that after similar procedures protective inflammatory reaction develops. There is a reddening, hypostasis, skin is shelled. They are quite expected reactions which independently take place after a while.

But if the patient was incorrectly prepared for a peeling or polishing or these procedures to it initially were not shown to

, there can be “unexpected“ consequences.

- what patients should face after a peeling or polishing?

- During the first days after procedure skin remains dehydrated. Besides, surely there is a reddening. Its intensity and duration depend on depth and a type of influence. For example, after a peeling only easy reddening which passes already through a couple of hours arises fruit acids.

While after a peeling trikhloruksusny acid skin remains to

red about two days. And after retinoyevy or median peelings bright reddening keeps till 5 days.


Besides, after similar procedures skin will be surely shelled. Peelings fruit acids besides are the most comfortable. After them the peeling begins on 2 - 3 - and days and goes only a couple of days. And here other types of peelings “will please“ you with a strong peeling which can last the whole week.

such consequences as puffiness of skin which also passes over time Are frequent


- whether Can reduce expressiveness of all these phenomena somehow?

- it is undoubted. For this purpose it is necessary to look after skin correctly. The main objective - to humidify it and to restore the broken barrier layer. In the first days it is the best of all to use cosmetics in the form of gels or foam. They are easily put and quickly absorbed.

Approximately on 3 - 5 - y can pass day

to creams. They have to contain the moisturizing, restoring and protective substances, and also antioxidants.

it is Very important to observe the hygienic mode accurately. Try to touch as little as possible skin - after a peeling it is very vulnerable.

be not fond of

of self-treatment At all. Some grass mask according to the grandmother`s recipe can provoke allergic reaction which several times will increase rehabilitation time.

- And whether there can be an allergy to a peeling?

- It is very rare. Only additional components which are a part of a peeling can cause an allergy. Besides, post-peeling masks and creams contain active components which can also provoke reaction. Here it is necessary to work immediately. As soon as there was a reddening, an itch and hypostasis, it is necessary to make an intramuscular injection of antihistaminic preparations. And that similar did not happen, it is necessary to report before procedure to the doctor about all postponed allergic reactions.

is important to be told In general about all diseases in detail. For example, after a peeling it is possible to face an exacerbation of herpes. And it is fraught with formation of hems. Therefore if you more often than two times a year have an exacerbation of herpes, surely report about it to the doctor.

- What needs to be done when one of the reactions expected after a peeling dragged on? For example, if reddening and hypostasis do not take place in the put time.

is very adverse reaction. In fact, she says that the peeling was not picked up and carried out correctly. Here it is important not to delay and as soon as possible to take measures. In such cases use the whole complex of preparations: antioxidants, resolvents. Also preparations with zinc, steroid creams are appointed.

needs to observe all recommendations very accurately. Because similar reactions can lead to development of resistant hypersensibility of skin.


C to cope much more difficultly. Hypersensibility especially often develops at people with thin and sluggish skin. Also those who within a year made a median or repeated deep peeling on one site of skin twice are subject to it. Hypersensitivity can be observed about one year. Microcurrent therapy and special cosmetics help to cope with it.

- Sometimes within several months after a peeling the person remains to

reddened. What it can be connected with?

is also widespread complication. Patients with vascular asterisks to which they besides incorrectly picked up a type of a peeling are inclined to it. Permanent reddening can remain from a month to one year.

to accelerate this process, it is important to avoid the active sun, intensive physical activities, not to visit a sauna and a bath. Also it is worth correcting a diet and to refuse alcohol, spicy and spicy food, marinades.

it is Very useful for p to accept the preparation “Omega - 3“ during this period. It contains polynonsaturated fatty acids and strengthens walls of vessels. By the way, it is effective also before a peeling. For external application use “vasoconstrictive tonic“ which can be ordered in a drugstore according to the recipe of the doctor.


to get rid of vascular asterisks, through two - three months after a peeling it is possible to carry out their photocoagulation. The total disappearance of the burst vessels will require not less than three sessions which are held once a month.

Besides, a situation vascular preparations, such as Lioton gel or Arnica cream can improve

. Microcurrent therapy and a mesotherapy join them. The last is applied, however, with care. In total - this procedure is quite painful. And patients after not really successful peeling are especially sensitive to similar manipulations.

- How often after peelings and polishings pigmentary spots can arise?

- This question first of all is connected with procedure selection. So, after peelings fruit acids, and also retinoyevy, phytin, phenolic and dermabraziya hyperpegmentation practically does not meet. While after a median chemical peeling trikhloruksusny acid and laser polishing it is quite probable.

Besides, on our supervision, some physiotherapeutic procedures after a peeling can also provoke emergence of pigmentary spots. It belongs, for example, to an electric lymphatic drainage and OUSE - therapies. All this should be considered surely that whose skin is inclined to hyperpegmentation.


to Such patients needs special prepeeling preparation. Also by it appoint the whole complex of preparations which need to be applied after a peeling.

If pigmentary spots nevertheless appeared, are necessary for

the bleaching procedures. In most cases they help to solve a problem.