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What threatens the child?

At some moment it appears in your house - the tiny, appetizingly smacking the lips being in a lacy envelope not on growth. So far the whole world is reduced for it to a cradle and your hands from which it is so interesting to gaze about - of course if you do not sleep. Also you do not eat. Also you are not capricious. But soon - rather, than now it seems, - this person will begin to turn over, creep, sit down, to rise and even to go. How to protect it? How to be sure that it will not hit, will not get poisoned, will not burn, it will not be cut? How to make the house same cozy and safe how its bed?

Check furniture

the Bed. It appears, accident traps the baby and there. The relentless statistics fixes every year many cases of sudden death of children during a dream. It is a so-called syndrome of “death in a cradle“. Its reasons still are definitely not clear, but there are security measures helping to reduce risk. So, do not buy to your kid a pillow until to him it is executed two years, - he can choke. Stack it on a back - it situation is safest. Do not dim a mattress a loose polyethylene film. If the bed is supplied with a bumper, truncate its ties that they could not be twisted around the child`s neck. Do not put too big soft toys in a bed - the tiny baby can choke, having buried in them a face. And the little man is more senior will try, having got on them, to get through a side. With small toys it is necessary to be careful too: but whether the kid will be able to swallow it - if not entirely then having taken to pieces?

Think of where you are going to establish a pelenalny little table. Attached to a bed or to a special bedside table, it, of course, is very convenient for use, but then you for a second should not look away from the baby lying on it. It is necessary: or a pelenalny rug on an eminence, but with the special fastened thongs holding the kid and disturbing at disguise, or it - on a floor. But in this case a floor has to be ideally pure, warm, and its covering, whenever possible, made of natural materials.

Check all furniture in the room of the little man and in next too. Whether steady it whether there are no acute angles? Almost in any supermarket it is possible to buy special “sets of safety“ for young pioneers today -

Look at the nozzles which are rounding off corners, guards for electrosockets, nonskid rugs in a bathtub etc. with

whether radiators are not too hot. Perhaps, it is better to veil them towels. Carefully walk on all apartment, attentively looking in all corners: whether there are no bared wires, quick rolled up by an adhesive tape? Whether something that risks to appear shortly in the child`s mouth rolls? Whether not too the cloth from a dining table low hangs down - having pulled for it, the peanut will overturn on himself both hot tea, and fragile ware.

Flowerpots are especially attractive by

to the little men learning this world. The earth, flowers and leaves very often get to them into a mouth. Therefore try to make so that all window plants stood out of striking distances of the peanut. If at your collection of plants there are begonias and filodendrona, it is necessary to refuse them. These flowers, unfortunately, are poisonous. The same concerns also the Alpine violets and oleanders - they are toxic.

have more and more

, than window plants, kids pets interest. Appearance of the baby in the house does not mean at all that you need to leave your favourite pets - of course if there are no special reasons: allergy to wool, aggression of a canine friend etc. But you should think properly how to organize their joint life so that neither your little man, nor your animal suffered.

of “A zone of the increased risk“

It is first of all kitchen, a bathroom and a balcony. Well on a balcony the kid has nothing to do without your supervision. And here the kitchen and a bathroom deserve separate conversation.

the Kitchen is that place where mother sitting with the child spends nearly the most part of the time. And how at the same time to be engaged in a cooking and to conform to the main rule of parents of each kid - not to lower from him eyes? Of course, having taken it with itself on kitchen. But for this purpose it needs to be secured as much as possible. On a floor it is necessary to lay a nonskid covering from which will be easy to wipe everything spilled. The plate has to be supplied with a special protective lattice, it is better at once to get used to turn handles of frying pans to a wall and in general whenever possible to use only distant rings. On the refrigerator, the freezer and all lockers it is necessary to put additional locks. To store all detergents cutting kitchen accessories and a garbage can out of reach of the child. And to put electric devices and strong drinks far away above.

the Bathroom - the place where the kid should not appear without you, at least, to two-year age. You keep all drugs, razors and cosmetics in the closed lockers. The same concerns brushes and cleaners. Too it is better to clean shampoos, bath foam, shower gel far away from children`s handles.

Of course, time when the child has to most learn to avoid dangerous situations will come, beginning to understand that it is “hot“, “sick“, it “is impossible“, “dangerously“, “badly“, and conforming to the rules established by you. But until to it year was not executed at least, your manuals, explanations and arrangements will be almost senseless. And therefore there is only one - the foresight which is not meaning, however, that the child needs to be limited in everything. With each new mastered centimeter, with each new thing which fell to it into hands it develops.

Some more recommendations: you remember that to turn over sideways and on a stomach, and also to try to creep the child begins very much early. In two months he is already able to be enough objects, and in three - to reach them and to drag to itself. Very often the baby gets burns because that mother nursing it at the same time drinks hot tea. Also do not leave the kid in private with a small bottle, he can choke.