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The first Birthday of Nastenki

When in anticipation of our godovasiya I was interested at girlfriends - mummies as they plan to celebrate this day, almost all answered that they will just bring together relatives, will sit at a table... Hm... Such situation did not suit me. For adults in Nastin a holiday we will have no boring feast, I solved. The main goal - to make Birthday of the kid unforgettable! Even if it is about the FIRST BIRTHDAY.

I began to Prepare for the forthcoming event of week for three, has to note that there was enough time end-to-end. Shoveled a lot of information on the First Birthday on the Internet. It appears, it is a lot of interesting! Even you do not know what to grab. Here it is important to choose for himself the very best pleasant and not to go too far, and that all will be tired - both guests and the child. I advise to make “the program - a minimum“ and, being guided by it, to prepare.

Here that as a result turned out at us. By a holiday issue of the annual family newspaper under the name “Sweets about Nastya“ in which the whole lived year of the daughter was painted till a month was planned: reports on all its achievements. All this was supplemented with photos, according to age. Which - as all information was placed on a sheet A4 from two parties. Also it is sent to the press :). What turned out:

Case No. 2: pocket calendars with Nastya`s photos, however, not standard, for all 2006, and from August, 2006 to August, 2007 where day is especially designated on August 8. Covers of calendars:

the Newspaper and calendars were made by

for relatives and close friends who were invited to a godovasiya. From all these printed materials the people went gaga over that, certainly, flattered me :).

the Case No. 3 - decoration of the apartment. The main rate was made on spheres - Nastya adores them! Ordered 10 helium spheres, and still pieces 50 inflated, made to twist 2, 3, 4 spheres and hanged out on the apartment. - the creator was not to hold the father, and he built a column from spheres (how to make a garland of spheres, it is possible to learn here and here).


Besides, me drew the animals loved Nastina and are placed on a wall. It became ours with the father a greeting wall card.

the Moment of an entrance of Nastya to this decorated room was imprinted by

on a chamber - at first very shy the daughter looked around - understood that there were global changes. Then with wild squeal drove spheres on the apartment, rode the new electric car, generally, enjoyed!

One more idea found in the Internet found

realization in our family. It was decided to give a traditional gift - a gold coin. Now every year we will give to Nastya a new coin, thus, creating its own gold fund :).

Considering that one week prior to DR Nastya got sick, at first lay with a temperature under 40 of four days, and then all became covered by rash, and doctors made the diagnosis a rubella, the list of guests was cut down to a minimum. Children, naturally, are excluded. Everything was reduced to tea drinking, delivery of gifts and singing of children`s songs under a karaoke - Nastya was delighted with the last simply! Time flew by very quickly, all have in plenty enough communication with Nastyusha, nobody was tired. Generally, everything turned out as we conceived.

And there passed our first birthday! I think, too it was pleasant to Nastyushe. At least, she precisely understood that this day was some special...

A in conclusion, there is a little lyrics. I devote to our first year.


the first year Comes to an end -
One of the most gentle.
Favourite, trembling, disturbing, difficult...
Having read the diary, along a corridor of time
For an instant I will return back to myself.
Ya waited this day, and it here came!
Not as I represented in dreams:
Pain, shout, alarm, tears, happiness...
I here my baby on hands!
I departed days. Behind days of night.
of Week... and behind them month...
I rejoiced all to progress of the daughter -
For pleasure was turned the head.
I here it now - absolutely big!
Quite recently - a small paper bag!
A passed not much time...
Only year - our VERY FIRST YEAR!