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Want to be happy - be!

our History in something is banal if to read it in the section “Adoption“ among similar stories of adoptive parents, and is not banal at all if to tell it in group of colleagues or the company of friends.

Everything began

as at many: met, fell in love, got married. At first repair in the apartment was decided to be made, then to buy furniture, then in holiday to go to have a rest... In a word, decided to live for a start “for themselves“. It seemed to us that the child at us will appear at the first desire therefore it will always be in time. And here, at last, having decided to become parents, with disappointment it is found out that, appears, everything is not so simple, and pregnancy does not come.

I will not describe all horrors of medicine, I will tell only that we tried all methods of treatment, spent for it 10 years, and, having completely lost any hope to give birth to own child, began to think of adoption. On the one hand, we wanted to adopt because it for us was the only chance to become parents. On the other side of us the mass of doubts overcame: bad genes, all children strongly patients, their mothers is prostitutes, addicts and alcoholics... Why to us it?! For what all this?

continually showed to

On the TV transfers - horror films on orphanages and children`s homes that aggravated ours neuverennest in correctness of the chosen decision even more. It seemed to us that we will never be able to fall in love with this child that we will have feeling of fastidiousness to it. Probably, those who read it now and only think of adoption, will understand me. Problems of orphanages were far from me and did not concern me absolutely. Also would not concern if... Thanks to God that everything developed quite so!

generally, one fine day all of us - collected all documents and came with the direction to vybirat Children`s home to ourselves the baby. In my representation it was quite so: you go on groups, show you different kids, you watch their cards of health, communicate and if it is not pleasant - go to the following group. The reality surprised us: we were told that by our inquiry (and we wanted the girl about one year) there are no children under adoption!

In - the second, us was accepted not as benefactors (now it is a shame to me to remember it, but then I quite so felt), and there is enough - it is dry and cold, told that there are a lot of such as we and that girls healthy is “sorted“ first of all. (As later I learned, for children there come many foreign adoptive parents, they pay considerable money for the child, many chief physicians of Children`s homes use it in the mercenary purposes.) Generally, I was struck with all what was seen and heard in Children`s home.

Returned with anything, began to wait. We were lucky, in few months we found the girl. 2 more months left on collecting the documents lacking for adoption, search of relatives of the child, registration of the birth certificate (it was not in business). All this time we visited every day the child, got acquainted with nurses, looked at other children. What all pretty, sweet! I will honestly tell, looking in their eyes, full expectations of a meeting with the mummy, becomes all the same whom was biological mother, the prostitute or the alcoholic. It is a pity for all, there is a wish to press to itself and to take away all. But, alas, opportunities are limited. When you realize it, looking on these kids - tears slide with pity to them and powerlessness to change something.

We took away one, our daughter. With its emergence HAPPINESS lodged in a family! We so fell in love with it, and at once as soon as we for the first time saw that it was a shame to remember all our doubts and thoughts “TO“. Exactly in a year we returned to children`s home again and took away one more kid - the boy, he then was 5 months old. His mother was a prostitute with all accompanying venereal diseases, part from which she reported at the birth to the son, but, having seen it, we did not deliberate any more. We cured everything that was required, it, fortunately, appeared is not difficult to make at all at modern existence of antibiotics. Now the son with us already 2 years, the cheerful, healthy, happy kid, our spot of sunlight.

here we collect by

I documents again, we gather for the third child. And now not because we have no children, and there is a wish to test a maternal instinct as it was in the beginning. Now absolutely other feeling forces me “to sit at forums“ on adoption, to give advice to the doubting beginners, and most to collect documents for the third time. I saw with own eyes (but not on the TV) what is Children`s homes what they actually - children from alcoholics and prostitutes, I experienced that happiness which is added to our family with each child, and I want to test it again. There is an adoption - “is infectious“, it is worth beginning!

me for some reason especially grudges Recently for

lonely women at whom for any reasons it did not turn out to marry, give birth to the child. Years left... To give birth in 40 years rather late and most likely it is already impossible to become pregnant. Here also they to themselves get kitties and doggies, give them all the not spent maternal tenderness and love. Photos of favourite pets stand in a frame near the computer on a desktop... Yes, the fact that the man did not marry it - not her fault, not the woman chooses, it is impossible to blame the woman that it “remained“, so it developed. But to adopt the child and to be happy mother - all in her hands! I know, many argue on this subject as well as I am once. But now, being twice mother to reception children, dearest and expensive, there is a strong wish to tell all: be not afraid to adopt! The child brings happiness to the house, and it is not important, given rise it or his stork brought. Adoption - just a different way to become parents! Want to be happy - be! It is so simple!