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To give birth - for a fee, free of charge or ``on protection``?

the Girlfriend who after long attempts to become pregnant at last is going to become a mother attended to searches of maternity hospital where her future kid will be born. It set me thinking: and whether really the choice of maternity hospital is such important? Why reviews of the same maternity hospital can be different exactly the opposite? Perhaps it is necessary to approach this question on the other hand - to give birth under the contract, i.e. for a fee, or to neglect everything, having trusted in free medicine?

the First time I gave birth “on protection“. We agreed through relatives not with somebody, and with the manager of patrimonial office of one of the maternity hospitals, best in the city. The arrangement was the following: as soon as I feel that “it“ began, urgently I call the doctor, and he comes to maternity hospital at any time to deliver at me. But my eldest son for some reason did not want to leave the cozy town in a mother`s tummy in any way. We came to one reception, on another, but our doctor swung the head and spoke: “It is not time yet!“

When 41 - 42 weeks of my pregnancy (which, by the way, passed at first under the threat of an abortion, and later - premature birth) went, the doctor once again frowned and ordered to lay down to me in prenatal office. On it our communication safely stopped since“ “ the doctor I once again saw the only after the delivery, i.e. having handed over me on care of other doctors, he, most likely, did not consider it necessary to be engaged in me. Though it was necessary to prick up the ears still when we came to agree to it - the flow of pregnant women did not run low, and our doctor, probably, just physically could not deliver everyone. The admission for the husband that that had an opportunity to visit us with the kid was the only benefit which it nevertheless brought me.

I will not describe the feelings from sitting in a corridor within three hours waiting when I am lodged, at last, in chamber. When the question with mine a bed - the place was safely resolved, the regular analyses in such cases urged to confirm the assumption of doctors that I perenashivat and that it is time to take measures began. At the same time most of all struck that the staff of maternity hospital as if did not see in me the person capable to think and feel, treating the pregnant woman as to a being who is necessary in that that began to relieve of a stomach as soon as possible.

So, on ultrasonography where I was also sent, naturally, for confirmation of the diagnosis, the expert explained to girls - students, investigating contents of my stomach on the monitor: “Wons, watch what already dense stones at the child, most likely, will kesarit it!“ She, probably, did not even think of what it to hear to me when I also thoughts did not assume that I will give birth not!

of Crying, I come to chamber, but I am conducted right there on consultation to the old woman - a professorsha. Having felt my stomach outside and from within, she also rendered an unfavourable verdict: you will not give rise within three days - we will kesarit! At this time someone from its suite offered:“ And, maybe, we will try gel?, Sidorova from 10 - y gave rise to chambers at once!“ “And, maybe, indeed gel?“ - the elderly professorsha reflected for a moment. And right there answered: “Give!“ The miracle cure was solemnly applied on a neck of a uterus and sent me to chamber.

I do not remember

Ya any more how soon fights followed, but I can precisely tell that they lasted about 18 hours. When to accelerate process, the doctor decided to open to me an amniotic bubble, her eyes were rounded: “And where waters?“ I also still do not know where my waters got to then, but I will dare to assume that they were carried away in the sewerage during the next campaign in a toilet whom in 18 hours I made much. Generally, after insistent arrangements and horror stories on a subject what I can give birth to the child in case of refusal from Caesarian, I, shedding bitter tears, agreed to operation.

Recovering in chamber of intensive therapy, I hear:“ Lost one and a half liters of blood … A state very heavy …“ “My God, really about me?!“ But is not present, I notice that near me there is one more wheelchair, and after a while to the new neigbour make interrogation:

- So, Oksana, give everything - we will understand as it occurred.

- Well when began, I went to kitchen... Then fainted and when regained consciousness … it already the dead was …

- And at home?

- the Father was, but it has a sore heart, I did not begin to awake.

- And who called an Ambulance?

- I caused, already then …

- Oksanochka and who cut an umbilical cord?

- Nobody, she tore.

- the Umbilical cord CAN not tear who cut it?

- Itself tore …

without having achieved anything intelligible, the doctor leaves alone the unlucky woman in labor, I, having got to talking with it later, I learn that she is 26 years old, there is a son of years of nine, second children did not want, “did not manage“ to make abortion, did not go to ZhK … I am once again convinced of how this world where one without regret get rid of the gift sent from above is unfair others for years wait for it, and sometimes is ineffectual.

my reflections is interrupted by the doctor who sent me at night to the operating table:

- You were already told about the child?

- That?! - In horror I ask, the imagination obligingly begins to draw at once the most horrific images …

- 3 800 g! You would not give rise!

I Want to object it that people, generally, and five-kilogram children give birth, but the doctor already leaves, confident in the correctness.


It is clear that I any more never learn what would be with me and my child, refuse I gel (though nobody asked me, but I could oppose!), refuse I operation, and, maybe, and in general in maternity hospital you should not have laid down, and to wait for the beginning of childbirth of the house? But sense of guilt before the child to whom I could not give birth itself does not cease to torment me to this day.

At first I could not even say the phrase “when I gave rise“, persistently replacing it with something it seems “when performed on me operation“ or “when Deniz appeared“. I still with envy read stories about easy and pleasant childbirth. And for me it is for some reason offensive when that at whom childbirth took place in the natural way, speak: “Well done! ITSELF gave rise!“ . And how we, all those who after long hours of painful contractions had to make the difficult choice who passed through all burdens of the postoperative period who was deprived of happiness right after childbirth to apply a native lump to a breast and at times and to see it? Why we do not deserve a praise?

the Second son was born too by means of Caesarian though I very much wanted to give rise. Even my familiar gynecologist who was comprehended by the same fate sincerely was surprised to my decision: “What to you a difference, a hem - that all the same already is!“ This time I laid down in other maternity hospital, only in our city practicing childbirth after Caesarian, on a paid basis, but in spite of the fact that my chances of natural childbirth were estimated as high at receipt, the decision nevertheless was made in favor of operation. However, I was also so morally ready that at the slightest complication or the assumption that something will go not so, I will be sent right there to repeated Caesarian.

Conclusions to which I came after the second childbirth - should not give birth for a fee in free maternity hospital. You receive same “service“, only also pay for it. Perhaps, it makes sense to agree about paid chamber nevertheless, but as for the promised supervision by the best experts … A time the ordinary obstetrician - the gynecologist was more attentive and more human, than the manager. patrimonial office at which and so put up to a throat, and here still these “carpenters“! Considering also that operation to me was performed in the emergency order again, “cut“ me anyhow, having extended a seam of centimeters so on five in comparison with that which was earlier.

the Only good memories remained communication with the manager of postnatal office who really appeared not only the good doctor, but also the kind, sympathetic person and if I sometime decide to give birth to the third child, will come begging to it, i.e. I will agree with the specific person and, certainly, not for “thanks“.

If not planned Caesarian which now - that precisely shines me without options I would not be too lazy to inquire yet how many people the doctor elected by me is going to deliver within the next month (to exclude probability to be left at midpoint). The contract with maternity hospital as practice shows, and not only washing, does not give a guarantee of the declared “comfortable childbirth“ since. how successful and comfortable will be our childbirth, depends, alas, not on maternity hospital, and on people who as the fates decree will appear at this time near us. Is it better to think of that it were good people in advance?