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Our favourite two-year-old of

Rubicon of the second anniversary is passed, gate of infancy are closed. Now we accurately realize what we want in this life and vehemently of which two-year-olds are only capable, we try to obtain objectives. It is already difficult to deceive, distract us some nonsense, type:“ Look what birdie behind a window“, to seduce with an uninviting bagatelle instead of what we demand. Now we became rather “adult“ and independent.

“We“ are because we with the son still are still connected by very close, interdependent relations. But our relations for the last year came already to other, qualitatively new level. Now we not just mummy is a nurse and the little sonny, we are already “companions“.

With the two-year-old child you will not miss, every day it throws new surprises and issues opuses. And what very sly becomes, only keep!


were nakhuliganit in the room, by me in indignation:

- Well as you could! You are already big boy!

- Is not present

, - the sonny unperturbably answers.

- Ah, you, so at me small?

- Is not present

, - with the same look the child declares.

- And what you then?

- Not small, but pretty! - and with expression of a muzzle of small chanterelle presses close to me.

Now our child not the helpless baby, he already goes to work and earns money. Having taken several coins, retires to a corridor. We with the husband puzzly exchange glances.

- the Subject for work left, - the sonny from a corridor explains, - earns Money.

In a couple of minutes Artyom comes back and with a shining face returns me money.

A the Subject prefers to spend off-duty time as the father - sitting at the TV. Disks with old kind animated films occupy already big half of the shelf. Of course, I do not allow to watch to the child TV more than half an hour in day, and then the real fight begins.

- Choose two animated films which you will watch - I offer.

- “Clouds“ (our present hit - “On the road with clouds“).

- And still?

- Missile defense Red Mashechka.

- the Little Red Riding Hood?

- Is not present


- And, about Mashenka?

- Is not present

. About Red Mashechka! Red Mashechka!

A still the Subject very much likes to listen to verses and fairy tales. In one and a half years he with enthusiasm listened to audio cassettes with Bartho and Chukovsky`s poems, now switched to the Russian national fairy tales. In live execution (mainly, in mine) Artyom is ready to listen to stories for hours and hours. Recently it tormented me with “the Zayushkiny izba“.

we Go to bed.

- Mother, about an izba to tell.

I Tell


- Mother, about the Hare to tell.

- What?

- From an izba.

I tell

“Izba“ Again.

- Mother, about Chanterelle.

- What?

- From “Izba“...

I so indefinitely. In a week I began to hate this “Izba“ with all hares sitting there and chanterelles. Now we have a new favourite literary hero - the Uncle Stepa.

the Child wakes up in the middle of the night, begins to complain - probably, something unpleasant dreamed. I press it to myself, I pat on a back. “Stepa to tell...“ - the kid in the sleep mutters and it is again disconnected.

of Problems with a dream at us never was, but soon Artemk will need to accustom to sleep one - in several months of Temkino the place on a bed will be taken by the kid. Artem looks forward to appearance of the brother.

- Mother, open the brother, - it tycht in my stomach

- the winter Will begin, the snowball will drop out - then the brother and will be born, - I explain.

On the TV was seen by snow.

- Mother, mother! Snowball! Open the brother!

still the Subject tells

A to all:

- on a carriage I will roll the Brother. To feed with a squash...

A still should feed him with a squash from a spoon - appetite so by two years and did not appear. We, however, thought up game: as the child of porridge will eat - at once becomes strong. Such strong that maybe to overcome the folder.

Since morning wakes up and states:

- does not have Force.

- It is necessary to

, I speak, porridge is.

we Eat

. There are several last spoons, and in them, as we know, force. Having swallowed the last, runs to the father.

- Uf! Zaborol! - the child is happy.

A to become rather strong, it is necessary to play sports. The punching bag hangs at us in the room - the father with it sometimes is amused. Artyom is the man too, and just like that cannot pass by it.

- the Handbag..., - yours faithfully he


- Same not a handbag, the sonny, - I correct

- Apple...

But, despite belonging to the stronger sex, the sonny will not miss an opportunity to observe how I will bring in a make-up.

- made up Sponges? - he specifies

- Made up.

- made up Eyes?

- Ugu, - I say.

Touches my eyelashes:

- Fir-trees. Prickly...

A once it stole my ink from a cosmetics bag. But boys are not painted, even babies know it. My friend with the one and a half-one-year-old daughter, Olesya came to us on a visit. Long the Subject tried to catch the running-away Olesya, and, at last, it managed it. In a couple of minutes Olesenka appeared before us in a new image - with the eyelashes which are made up by ink, and, at the same time, and with lips, a nose and eyes.

Olesya is the girl independent too and spits on any there conventions. Very much she does not like to visit dressed and prefers to be exempted from hated shorts and trousers. Thanks to it my child made tremendous discovery.

- Mother! - it runs on kitchen, - At the Subject pisya is, and at Olesya - no!!!

Sometimes, however, my sonny brings me the pranks to white heat. Will cover with drawings wall-paper, will hide flat keys so that it is necessary to begin repair that to find them, will put the posudka in an oven and will include a temperature regulator on a maximum. Sometimes, I do not maintain, I break.

- At you mind is? - I shout at the played mean tricks kid.

- Is not present

, - he quietly speaks, - Left.

A I understand that mind left at me for a long time:-).