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Travel to the Kazakh Switzerland of

This fantastic place is called Burabay from the word of “Drill“ that in translation from Kazakh “camel“ means. The Russian name of the settlement - Pine-forest, so it was named from - for dense a pinery, surrounded the resort with a wall.

the Trip promises

good rest at reasonable price there, it is chosen by many residents of Tyumen who are not wishing three days to shiver by train to the Russian South or to spend a heap of dollars in hotels of Turkey. By an example of fellow countrymen, our family decided to direct the feet in Pine-forest, having refused services of travel agencies and having chosen the car as a vehicle.


we began to Sunbathe, without having reached the resort yet. Thanks for it to the Kazakh frontier guards - our customs we crossed in 15 minutes, and here on their border we stayed three and a half hours, expecting when the terrible man in the uniform tells us: “Pass!“ During this time people manage to burn, get acquainted with “neighbors“ in turn, to get a holiday romance (or customs?), to eat couple of boiled eggs and to drink three liters of water.

We were frightened by the Kazakh frontier guards, said that very much they are captious. Anything similar! Quite lovely people, itself it was convinced. When my sister stretched to the frontier guard the passport, he suddenly began to mutter something absolutely wild: “A sea cucumber, cabbage, smoked sausage …“ “Precisely went balmy, - I thought, is precisely from a heat and tension“. But here my sister began to echo the frontier guard: “Is not present that you, not sea, but pickled cucumber!“ I was terrified: “And at this the brain was injured!“

it was p, all have all with the head as it should be, just my sister wrote down in the passport a pencil the recipe of salad (well it had no other piece of paper near at hand!) and the frontier guard to us read all ingredients of a dish. He a little bit scolded the sister for such address with the document, ordered to erase written and with a tender smile let go in peace.

In my opinion on border besides that “clouds go gloomy“, - such powerful sheep-dogs capable of any criminal to bite to death in a minute. At us I in general did not see any dog soul, only huge fat crows, is proud sitting on a trash can. Kazakhs with it everything is all right - had a dog. Black spaniel, very small and quick. It cheerfully jumped, attached for a string to the huge box in which five more such as it could live.




It is expensive to Pine-forest passed without adventures. Horror stories about angry GAI officers were fiction, any guard of the road did not stop us. We reached the resort in the tenth o`clock in the evening. The problem where to spend the night, was resolved at entry into the settlement: having seen the car with the Russian numbers, to us rushed as obsessed, locals with posters on a breast “I will lease housing“ and wild shouts: “The apartment it is necessary?“

to Tourists offer

anything - the earth behind a fence for tent, the room in the apartment, part of the house and the whole house. The most expensive housing, naturally, in the center Pine-forest. There the two-room apartment will manage in 1600 r in days. Residence in Okzhetpes (it is such poselochek in 5 minutes of driving) already cheaper - the two-room apartment will cost 1100 rubles. We chose the second option, having judged, as Okzhetpes is good for those who have a car.

the Apartment appeared

quite decent, near the house shop and the parking - 30 rubles per day whereas in Pine-forest - 50 - 60 rubles. By the way, in our little shop the prices were lower, than in the center and in the market. Here and one more plus of Okzhetpes.

the Beach

Beaches in Pine-forest do not test “overpopulation“. Here it is possible to go, run, jump and play freely a ball, without being afraid to crush somebody a leg or to zapulit in an eye. The secret is simple - tourists disperse on three big lakes whose beaches stretch for hundreds of meters.

Local sight - absence in places of bathing of men in boxer shorts and knitted boxers. In Tyumen men think that it is possible to bathe in any underwear what in a case was overlooked, and blow the mind of ladies the washed-off swimming trunks covered with pellets. In Kazakhstan fans to bathe in underwear internally gather, leave a subject of a toilet lovely to heart and dress normal bathing pants. In this season on the coast of Blue lakes swimming trunks with drawing of the burning decline and palm trees on its background were actual.

have some

of Entertainments on the beach: catamaran, boat yes scooter. The first option is good for those who want to survey slowly the water area, to admire a lake bottom, and at the same time to pump up muscles of legs, twisting pedals. For fans of fast driving - the scooter. When you rush on a water smooth surface with a wild speed, and to you in a nape the nice-looking brawny instructor breathes, there is a wish to rush, rush and rush where - nibud on the world`s end. However this desire completely disappears at thought of the price in a minute of a trip, and also that ashore there were valuable things - a floor - a water-melon, the camera and the husband.

the Market in Pine-forest dazzled with the announcements inviting to walk on a sailing vessel, but how many I did not peer into lake distances, a sailing vessel me was not noticed.


Practically all men delighted with Kazakh cuisine. Still, from time immemorial here meat was and remains the most popular product. The main traditional course of Kazakhs - beshbarmak. It is usually given to guests and eaten with hands (“beshbarmak“ means “five fingers“). Train him from fat mutton and pieces of a smoked horse-flesh and delicacies from a horse-flesh - a kaza, shuzhyk.

On my taste matchless. National drinks in Kazakhstan - koumiss and tea, begin with them a meal and finish it. Koumiss is sold everywhere where it is only possible, glasses and in liters, and tea is given to cafe the whole teapots.

the Way of each tourist who appeared in the market in Pine-forest inevitably lies through a small fish row. At first you become stupid a little from loud appeals of sellers to try food of the gods which on their understanding fish and crayfish is. Then you begin to peer into the pyramids and towers put from fish bodies and to vnyukhivatsya in a smell of smoked products. All this terribly hypnotizes, and you in some unconsciousness get a purse and spend money.

you recover consciousness at a beer booth from a sound of own voice:“ To me beer bottle, please“. Yes, it is valid, fish without beer that a tango without partner. You gripped a bag of five fishes of different size and the name, and to them in addition - a sack of crayfish “the freshest, the most tasty and the huge“. In a consequence it turns out that crayfish so-so, saw and is fresher, and here fish … such it is possible to eat not with pieces, but kilograms, forgetting about all other products and a terrible oath to observe a figure.

of Excursion

What can be done in Pine-forest except how to bathe and tasty to eat? Of course, to okulturivatsya by means of excursions. For lazy, but inquisitive (like me) there is a bus travel “Pine-forest - a pearl of Kazakhstan“. If you have two hours of free time and good memory, you, having surveyed beautiful vicinities and having attentively listened to the guide, will strike friends with knowledge of local legends. My husband, the fan of active recreation, went to conquer mountain peaks. It returned in four hours, tired, wet from legs to the head (got under the heavy rain) but scary happy.

our daughter was delighted with a zoo - she in the similar place never was. The adult to such places to go already not so interestingly - we notice, as wolves could be more fat, and deer not with such sad eyes and a lama it is necessary to be more fluffy. But children do not pay attention to such trifles and, costing under the big poster “animals not to feed!“, with pleasure treat Przhevalsky`s horse with corn sticks.