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Love at babyhood of

- Mother, I want to get married with Nastya!

- On what Nastya?

- Well, on Nastya, from yaselny!

- And why you want to marry it? It is pleasant to you?

- (with a sigh) Yes, on it platyishko such beautiful was, with the pussycat...

“There now, came“, - I thought. The most interesting was the fact that feelings which I had to pain reminded notorious jealousy. The son is 3,5 years old, and here some little one already applies for part of love which by right has to belong to me and only me! Also chose - that whom! The biggest and impudent girl who besides constantly tried to stick into an eye to my younger child when we came to take away Deniz. No, that big-eyed Sonechka or modest Sashenka! Unexpectedly I remember that the potential bride of my son also likes to fight.

- Deniz, and Nastya unless does not offend you?

- Well if I strike it, then offends and if I play with it, then too plays!

several days when I already almost convinced myself that the desire of my son “to get married“ was momentary Later and passed

also suddenly, as well as appeared, Deniz pleased me with new news:

- Mother, and I got married with Nastya today!

-!? And she - that agreed?

- Yes, she nodded and spoke: “Yes, Deniz, I will marry you!“ Also left!

- the Sonny and why it exactly chose you? You four together play: you, Sasha, Danil, Nastya. Why she not and not for Danila married Sasha?

- (with feeling) Yes because she very much loves me!

I tell

the next morning to the teacher about an important event which took place literally at it near by yesterday, she smiles, and, repeating my thoughts: “It is necessary, chose the most fighting girl!“

I Tell

to the husband, parents, girlfriends, and as if from it I get used that now in life of my son there is still a girl Nastya. I cannot tell that I was not visited by thoughts of type: “And whether it is normal?“ Mother added fuel to the fire: “When you with the brother were small, with you it was not!“ Still! I, judging by her stories, in general to 5 - ti in a corner of group preferred to sit years with anybody without playing where there till a marriage!

Though is not present

, I remember, in the senior group (it, probably, when I - left a corner) I liked one boy, but he obviously sympathized absolutely with other girl, by the way, very much even fighting, even it still I remember a name! So, maybe, it is worth being glad for the son, his feelings are mutual?

I I began to look narrowly at my Deniz`s darling. Whether it seemed to me, and whether indeed she became somehow better to behave? And Kiryushe already in eyes does not climb, and, on the contrary, in group conducts him, shows small fishes in an aquarium, stretches toys, and obviously rejoices, smiles to Deniz when we come. And then in some of magazines for parents I read that if the child falls in love and wants to marry, then it means that he grows in a family where parents love and appreciate each other, and, looking at them, the child understands that to love - it is healthy, to have a family - remarkably! With pride I quote to mother of excerpt from article and now absolutely I calm down.

the summer Came, and I took away the child from a garden. The subject of his “marriage“ was somehow forgotten partially, but costed to somebody in any occasion to tell something it seems “it`s nothing“ or “will grow up, you will have a wife, children...“, as stubborn right there followed: “I already married!“ And once we discussed a housing question with the son - I explained to him that when they with Kiryusha grow up, they need the certain room.

Probably, the word you “will grow up“ exerted decisive impact on the subsequent train of thought of the son because it all of a sudden suddenly gave out:“ And Nastya when to me rebenok will degenerate? When it to me rebenok degenerates, Nastya my darling? (Pause) I according to Nastya, my wife, missed... “I swear, it is written down literally because, having at all forgotten about recommendations of psychologists “at all not to laugh at feelings of the child“ and choking with laughter, I ran to search for the handle to write down these touching sincere outpourings! Having calmed down, I decide to continue conversation (more for the purpose of correction of mistakes, you see, the word “will degenerate“ hardly it is possible to consider harmonious).

- And you as think when Nastya to you children gives rise?

- Well, likely, when I grow up. (Pause.) And when it will grow up, it still the child, likely.

- Well, here you see what you at me clever! You perfectly understand everything!

I here long-awaited day of return to group. We come and... we learn that the girl Nastya passed into other garden. I do not know who is upset more, I or the son. Deniz in a minute cheerfully runs away with the friend Sasha, and I go home and again I am surprised to the feelings. As though it me, but not the son, was separated from the person to whom he became attached. As though it was talked not of three-year-olds, and of adults.

And whether it is necessary to accept everything so seriously? Who knows how many he still will be in life of my child, my children, such attachments, and really I will endure all this together with them? Though if to look on the other hand, maybe, it and is quite good, and when time comes and my boys get families, I will be already ready to accept and fall in love with the one who is loved by them?