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Anapa, Big Utrish, Lagoon. Attempt of a unification with the nature of

We long ripened and at last ripened to a trip to the tent town of our Parental school, on the coast of the Black Sea, near Anapa, in a reserved zone under the name Big Utrish. We there already were, and in Anapa, and on a visit from school came to our friends, watched how they live there. So where we go, we knew.

Went, as usual, by car. It already our sixth automobile travel. Reached perfectly and very quickly! Though on the road passed 4 thunder-storms! I do not know who with whom caught up:-). We reached in 20 hours with all stops, having a snack and walks on fields with sunflowers. The key to success - a trip to plan “at night“. Night is special time! On the road there are no heavy trucks, do not repair bridges, there are no traffic jams in the cities which you pass on the road. Well and, of course, what to hide there - there are no valorous employees of road inspectorate under each bush; -).

we as a result arrived at 8 in the evening to Utrish, the boat to the place does not go any more, and we had pekhy to drag our burden of the tourist on stones about 3 km. It appeared very much even really and it is not difficult at all.

we Coped perfectly, even Max reached the place. Also helped to devastate occasionally bags with fruit and cookies. We came to camp exactly to nightfall. That is it is possible to tell were in time. But! We did not manage to put tent already in any way, without having experience of installation of tents with shaggy 198 - any year. But our men began to be picked with our huge, high, two-room, 3+3 tent. And as a result just inflated air beds and went to bed under the open sky, in hope that the fifth thunder-storm - it will be already just indecent.

Here it is Utrish in all beauty! A look strongly from above on our lagoon

the Photo of our place of dislocation:-). Almost everything is visible. Both tent, and 2 tables at the edges from tent, and a tree our favourite. And - and - and! Still there was a hammock! All was very convenient, we by inheritance from the previous inhabitants got a table and benches, trees there just especially for convenience of the person grew. Also do not forget if you go to have a rest to the sea, an awning and a lamp. A convenient, big lamp, the IKEA suspended feature with shelves and a sachet with pockets. It superudobno!

A here so we equipped a tree with a ship rope. Lianas for our children - monkeys turned out!

cormorants Often came. So they dive cool! Followed a max. example! When dived for a long time, said that he is a cormorant;-). For the third day to us the raccoon came to camp. Also came then 2 - 3 more days, ate all sugar who had it, all sweet. Then “administration“ told that such visitors in camp are dangerous, especially, at night: and we it asked to leave.

the mantis Came to us.

the unicorn beetle Came crawling.

on a spark hedgehogs Often came. Big and small.

Even sea guests at us were! The sturgeon was snared. Small still. Showed a sturgeon to all kids and let him go in peace in the sea.

B one of days we went to Gelendzhik. To dolmens. I wanted the whole year, since the moment there as we arrived from there last year. What there power! Not without reason dolmens are more senior than the Egyptian pyramids. These are really just impossible, inexplicable impressions … And I again there want …

the Central dolmen - Year Jara.

Went also on falls, and how without them? Only this time did not reach a love Bowl. Well why in days only 24 hours? Passed Novorossiysk. Here really port city! The show is very interesting!

there in general everything was just first-class

With leisure! Played table tennis and volleyball. In the evenings - a guitar, a fire, stars, noise of a surf... Everything as it is necessary. Children our averages, those to which from 10 and above, organized the fire, with the games, the conversations. We had also holidays. Once a week - absolutely precisely. In camp there is a lot of kids, all of them are creative natures, and of occasions - is more than enough! Birthday, of course, the most frequent occasion. We had both a holiday of circus, and a rainbow holiday. And Pushkin`s fairy tale was dramatized.

As we went to the nature, with ourselves did not take any toys. Purposefully did not take. Nature, and only it. And what was pleasure of my son when after a holiday of a rainbow there were paints, brushes and paper! And if there are paints - that can be drawn anything. “What do we should build the house? Let`s draw - we will live!“ Here my artist also started. Creator! To show all masterpieces very long. I will show the most, in my opinion, interesting. Drew salute - we shout hurrah! Drew a candle and right there I will eat a song:“ - burn with Gori clearly …“. And then both stones, and hands, and backs were put to use …

With life turns out everything simply too. To erase in the sea - continuous pleasure! Pressed a pebble and have a rest. The sea will wash everything:-). Any detergents! To rinse ware - a couple of minutes and is on a heat not especially and there is a wish. To wash we went to falls. 15 minutes from camp. Water holooodny, bodryayayashchy! Beauty!

On the way to a lagoon from falls - such beauty!

A what different, but all declines very beautiful there:-).

from the medical point of view everything is provided by

I. The best doctor - the sea! Cold overtook - to rinse a nose in the sea! Something is coughed? On pebbles warm it is possible to lay down and same from above to be covered. Warming up - the highest class! The ear ached? The same hot pebble will warm up also an ear:-). And about wounds - ssadinka I will not write at all. All of us know disinfection properties of the sea. On herself tried this miracle!

But here it is time for p to leave. It is a pity. It is a pity. Two weeks are very little on the one hand, but also such had a rest I did not feel also after a month of sea tour. Though it is less, than for a month I did not go to the sea. In total - the separation from a civilization, from vanity gives a lot of things. I understood that I am sure, I would not understand anywhere... This experience is invaluable, it cannot be described, it should be tried. How many I heard stories about such wild rest, such different, but always positive. But the feelings - they are special. I felt the nature. Really, the nature - mother! Now we unambiguously choose for ourselves such rest! Join;-).