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The night invention of the sun (the story about my daughter Antonina of 5 years old) of

on August 2, 2006, 23 hours 15 minutes

to Sege in kitchen, I solve the Japanese crossword puzzle. In the apartment silence, a TV set it is impossible to include, the small investigator right there will come running. Confident steps from a nursery, rushes on kitchen. The person spiritualized very much.

- Mother, I have to talk to you.

- My God, Tos, you do not sleep yet?! It was silent, I thought you sleep long ago.

- I have to tell you one invention... And you have to write down it, go, take the handle, there, and that else...

- Stop disposing of

, go to sleep. Was stunned, perhaps, time the twelfth hour!

- Where?

- That where?

- the Twelfth hour where?

- Fie you, Tosa, go to sleep!

- And the invention?

- And to wait till the morning?

- It is impossible for

, in the morning I another will invent something.


it is Efficiently attached on knees. - What you draw? Give I to you crosses I will write, and that at you ugly.

- And how the invention? - I try to get rid from knees.

- Give the handle, - puffs, trying to keep.

- Perhaps on the way to a bed you will tell? - all - got rid, the truth together with the magazine and a cloth.

Unwillingly goes, tries to curtail into the big room.

- Tos, I see everything!

- Here there will arrive the father from business trip...

- do not distract, march in a bed! What at you in hands? When you all are in time? Give and lay down!

- Lay down nearby and listen. And so - the invention, - made serious mosyu.

- Tos, only fast and at once to sleep, well?

- it is good

. It is necessary to take a zheltenky ball. Well, here that... well, you know... well, which...

- I know, quicker.

- Here you take it... you take... Do not cover me.

- do not distract.

- And you do not cover. Find a ball!

- Aha, now! Ran up!

- That you tell, mothers. There is no place to run up. I will help you, - almost slipped from a bed.

- Back! To lie, tell! Quicker!

- Here you take a ball... also you vtykivat in it toothpicks! It turns out...

- the Hedgehog! Fine! And now go to bed.

- Mother! You did not understand! I invented the sun! - already costs on a bed and shakes by handles. On a face a pleased smile.

- It is tremendous!

- And if to tie to it a brush... - begins to walk up and down on a bed, - and to entangle threads... - person inspiration.

-... that it will be possible to go to bed, - I finish.

- Well, mother!

- My God! This child and Chinese will learn if only to sleep not to lay down!

- Give


- What give?

- to Teach... Chinese. Only we have no book. Mother, you what, you know Chinese? - a look something like happy inspiration.

Mother in a miss. I creep out of the room of crying from laughter. The child diligently represents laughter in support. Otsmeyavshis and having recovered the breath in kitchen, having found on the way a cloth and the magazine, I notice that I in the house am silent. I come back to the nursery. The cub sleeps and even under a blanket. Also the truth can, to try to be engaged with it before going to bed? Time she so wants to delay dream time that it agrees even to Chinese? Almost new pedagogical technique. Here will just wait for me in the mornings?