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One day of mother

having many children “Mother, it is possible to read the book?“ - diligent whisper of Varya awakes me.“ It is possible“, - I answer, looking one eye at an alarm clock. Beginning of the eighth. The beginning of new day … though about half an hour I can quite have a sleep. Masha is the average daughter - still quite sleeps. With an alarm clock Kolya who sleeps in other room works for us. To hours to eight he already manages to perevorotit everything in the bed: he for some reason considers that the oilcloth under a sheet is especially for it every time mother diligently renewable toy …

8 - 00. All right, absolutely it is time to rise - eight hours. I run behind the Koliny breakfast down (in our cottage a big kitchen - the dining room - on the first floor) …

Here all woke up and joyfully rush on our floor: Vavka (3 years and 6 months), Mashka - a huligashka (2 years and 3 months) and Kohl - Tysh (1 year) behind them on all fours. And I would even not tell that the set is a lot of them … quite. By the way, all three are C-section babies so stair-steppers after Caesarian too actually are :).

On Kolya`s feeding (cottage cheese with kefir), collecting, clothing and a zapletaniye of braids nearly an hour leaves. We come downstairs under a joyful “kukarek“ - it mother turned on the light at quails. They live in a boiler room, but crow on all house. Long forthcoming day pleases me …

9 - 00. Breakfast. It is impossible to tell that I strongly trouble myself preparation of a breakfast: porridge with milk quite suits all. Though is not present, Vavka declares that he wants for breakfast of “hrustyashka“. Yes please, now I will fill corn flakes. We have breakfast: children joyfully make a din, Kohl - thousands something knocks, our father hurries for work, I rush, I give everything to all … Ability to eat quickly - very useful quality for mother having many children :).

“Perhaps today we will go to base?“ - suddenly the husband reports, he just decided that this morning he can shirk a couple of hours of work. Children joyfully cry out, I convulsively write a list of foods, thinking that we already ate and that we will eat in the long term … In the big three-storyed house we live in a large number: we with the husband and three children, my parents, my brother (20 years) and the grandmother therefore we buy nearly a year the main food on wholesale base, in - the first, cheaper significantly, in - the second, time …

is very much saved by

9 - 30. At me is minutes 20 before Kolya`s laying and our departure. Girls the next time lay a table and feed animals, Pricking something rolls on a floor, I run and … I call this process “targeting of illusion of an order“. On unfolding in initial places of dresses, pants and diapers at me about an hour a day already leaves … I console myself in the fact that I will charge to divide the huge washed heap to Varya soon.

9 - 50. I send already run Kolya to sleep on a balcony. At me all babies sleep on a balcony in the afternoon: on cold better it is slept and internal house events do not disturb. I order all the rest to put on socks. The main thing to track, that Mashka of their plot earlier, than will be in time where - nibud with them to dash away and there to lose.

10 - 00. We leave. “You will drive?“ - the husband asks.“ Is not present as - nibud another time“ - though I will sometime sit quietly. Quietly, but it is very loud. Parents in the car - personal production of Mashka - talkers. And as loudness at it not diminished, minutes through the 15th left ear begins to ask on pension. I too … But me not soon.

Sellers be touched stair-steppers. The main thing that they did not do something at this time. Already I know from own experience that the message of the fact that houses are one more child, continues to touch not all people therefore already I do not tell it :).

We load with

our “Field“ so that she, poor, squats. We with children takes seat between boxes with cookies and a box of tomatoes. We drive off: it seems children broke nothing, almost did not fight, “got“ two cookies … While eat - quietly, but it is short.

11 - 30. Arrived home, the husband quickly unloads the car, good time came to an end - he hurries for work again. Oh! It is time to awake Kolya, and that he will not fall asleep the second time! He will have dinner our wiped soup. I look in a pan - we will hope that will be enough for all, I honestly welded yesterday 5 liters of borsch. For half an hour - I am proud of myself :).


“Girls, awake Kolya!“ . It is unclear why, but process of a buzheniye someone causes a delight storm, and it is necessary to take measures that special enthusiasts did not awake babies once again. To Gray soup. From above the offended cries are heard. Aha, did not divide who will open a door for the first. Well, all right, girls still, maybe, also did not reach Kolya, but precisely woke him …

11 - 50. My gold time. Girls went to walk with the grandmother, Kolya something rattles in the nursery, I can quietly go about the own business. If the heap of things washed yesterday not such and big, then I even manage to sew …

Me is still amused with what Kolya plays absolutely in a different way, than girls. He from the very beginning searched for not numerous machines among all toys and joyfully rolled them. Here and now drags to me an engine … “Thanks, I am very glad. Only I will press a pedal at the machine“. It was necessary to drag off Kolya back and to construct to him a lodge of cubes. Slowly left … It seems, normal process is heard - it is possible to sew further. The trained hearing and the trained “scent“ - business for mother having many children necessary.

I like to Sew

. In the first maternity leave I took sewing lessons from the good seamstress, it turned out that it is absolutely not as difficult as it seems. Now I completely sheathe the children, up to winter jackets. The matter is that I have a complex, probably, as at many having many children that my children have to be very well dressed, it is better than an average. Besides, it was interesting to organize so that they were probably dressed that it was visible that sisters. Difficult to find really beautiful things in shop moreover and on several children. Here I have also a good time:).

12 - 50. Lunch time. I am already not so glad to it to long day. Girls in eager rivalry tell how they cut mushrooms. Honestly, mother shows the whole saucepan of the cut birch mushrooms. “Good fellows, girls! Remarkable assistants!“ . With Kolya mother of a half-hour volunteered to take a walk.

13 - 30. All children play above, I cut greens for quails. I hear shouts Are boiled. I come. “Mothers, what color at a squirrel a dress?“ . It should be cried out so! Few weeks ago the first time presented to the person a coloring. Now paints, previously with the Vavkiny pedantry learning from me color of each detail.

All three turned out with a miscellaneous absolutely character, each absolutely certain and special person. And the most amusing that and other your children will be absolutely new people … even the eleventh :).

13 - 50. Drove girls into a bed (they sleep on two-storeyed), I read them books before going to bed. Kolya tries to take away the book, Mashka from above shouts that it is not visible to it, Vavka asks what is drawn on the following picture to which I did not read up yet. What awfully long day!

14 - 00. Kolya is put to sleep on a balcony, girls pretend that they lie quietly. Hurrah! I go to bed in the room together with girls too. It is simple to guess that from us fills up with the first :). Today I was lucky, children everything fell asleep without additional gavkaniye.

15 - 00. Well, but a little. My alarm clock calls. Today we agreed with mother to reach to shops and to buy me something good. By summer I, was, grew thin to former student`s scales and joyfully bought a heap of the corresponding things (the last summer I carried out with a huge paunch - Kohl sat with comfort, then long was in maternity hospital: Caesarian is few weeks in hospital: at first in “pathology“ - before, then in maternity hospital - after) … But now they for technical reasons do not fit me any more :). Well and it is good that my organism contrived all - to get a dityavka. In my opinion, if and to have many children, then surely stair-steppers. And Kolya needs the brother in a set too, Varya with Masha so remarkably play and in general very much love each other.

Went down to eat something. It is the next pregnant hang-up - after a day dream I die of hunger. But as in a bad dream - in all pans mushrooms, all other food were unexpectedly eaten. I have on mushrooms an allergy, I do not eat them. And this year on them an improbable harvest. We have absolutely nearby a wood, so there of them is full. Here we with the husband gathered yesterday 2 buckets, the grandmother in the morning and mother today during the lunchtime so they in all pans … All right, found something and ate. “Mothers, went!“ Ahead even good long day.

Children sleep. I instruct the grandmother: to girls to allow to look at books if wake up earlier (without demand they cannot get out of a bed). To feed Kolya with porridge if suddenly wakes up.

16 - 00. It is difficult to choose a worthy thing, however, all this is so known. I treat pregnant clothes with addiction as I like to go with a paunch and at the same time to look good (on my belief, each pregnant woman is obliged to look adequately :)).

17 - 10. Returned. Rather late, it was necessary to go quicker, than usually. We live in the suburbs - minutes 15 on foot from the city. Houses order: Kolya sleeps (or already again the bed cleans gradually), girls watch books.

17 - 30. Full speed! Girls are dressed, braids are braided, Kolya is fed, too is dressed, but for a while :). To take a walk, perhaps, to leave with them?“ Mothers who makes a dinner? All right, you undertake, so I will go for a walk“.

Varya rides on the yard a bicycle, Masha plays in a sandbox, Kolya near me sits and twists wheels of the filled-up toy carriage. We walk.

18 - 20. Hurrah! the Father and the grandfather arrived from work! The father asks whether not to mushroom with girls on a half-hour. Of course, to go!

18 - 40. Left for mushrooms. We with Kolya remained above. Ahead long good evening. To make useful? Aha, it is time to wash the floor. A mop with an automatic extraction - a great thing. I wash three big rooms in 20 minutes. Kolya sits on a trampoline as he is a companion very careful, and on a wet floor slides and is afraid. Interestingly, this … cowardice - about the man do not speak … care is because to him in maternity hospital got, or and was? At Varya, for example, dashing courage could and take away.

Even remained a little bit to time to sew... Hurrah! Day is lived not for nothing - for sewed to the husband pants today :).

19 - 50. The table is laid. Kolya is fed - sits in the table and eats a bagel. Girls with the father came - again brought mushrooms. Oho, there are a lot of white. “Yes, yes. Tomorrow you will surely cut them“. We sit down to have supper.“ We will watch an animated cartoon? Today short“. How they manage to eat still something, almost continuously talking?

20 - 30. I put a short animated cartoon about a pipe and a small jug. Kolya plays above, the father writes something - prepares for work, I with pleasure iron children`s dresses. Earlier I did not like to iron, but now all actions lowering surrounding entropy bring satisfaction to me. The main thing that Kolya did not notice that I iron - it is the only thing action, incompatible with it, as he tries to touch the iron from below.

20 - 50. We collect with children of a toy. Here “the Father`s Fairy tale“ begins. Whole half an hour the father tells the fairy tale to the lying children. Brisk exclamations are heard and the plot is discussed therein. Who where by train goes or to what guests goes - me is badly heard, I stack Kolya, in a “house“ bed this time. Now my free time. I go to feed quails, to reap a crop of eggs. Perhaps, for tomorrow to bake pie? Sand with cottage cheese I knead in 15 minutes. Well, there is a raspberry, it is put too from above … Children should manage to lift evening compote by the end of the fairy tale.

21 - 30. All children are laid. Kolya sleeps. Girls as if too. While on the street was light-, they managed to play there so quietly (Mashka got down from above) that the fact that they do not sleep, it was possible to recognize only by a flop of bare feet, audible in kitchen which is located under the nursery. So remarkably played that it was even a pity to disperse them - did not rustle, did not argue, did not arrange sharing of toys … Already so do not play - darkishly, only ask to pee still few times :).

22 - 00. All children sleep. At us is an hour or so more on different affairs - the whole long good hour! It is necessary to clean in kitchen, to check mail on the Internet, to bring order to “perepelyatnik“, to hang up wet things from the washing machine … And it is possible not to do and read all this the book or to write the story (if mother washes the dishes and the grandmother will hang up linen :)).

23 - 30. It is possible and sleep to gather. The last business before going to bed - to start the bread machine. The main thing, the weakening brains is correct to think the necessary time for the timer that by the morning, by the time of my descent behind Koliny cottage cheese, bread was ready.

23 - 50. The last business - to lift children on a pot and to sleep - to sleep -

A tomorrow again good long day will sleep …