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Courageous beauty of

in beauty shops looks Today every eighth male Muscovite. A strong half with pleasure does a pedicure, tries on on itself cosmetic masks and even ventures an epilation. In what forces men to look after itself, the correspondent of “SP“ Ivan Marchuk

If to trust official statistics understood, men of Moscow spend every year more and more money for personal care. According to Mosgorstat`s data, at the working Muscovite goes on cosmetics from $20 to $39 a month. However, purchase of shaving gel and deodorants - only the first step in difficult science of personal care. According to cosmetologists completely to correspond to a spirit of the age the real city handsome man has to visit also beauty shops.

All conditions for this purpose in Moscow are created to

- in the city more than 2,5 thousand salons accepting both men, and women work. According to the Shop of Ready Business company, the volume of the Moscow “saloon“ market made $1,3 billion in 2005. At the same time 10% of clients of capital salons - men. In 2004 the share of man`s clients did not exceed 6% at a total turnover in $1,05 billion

to Become more beautiful
  1. realize, what is the time and money you are ready to spend to become the best. It is possible to register in consultation to the cosmetologist
  2. choose salon which suits you by all criteria
  3. begin with a hairstyle, manicure, a pedicure. consult with experts whether the rejuvenating masks and other specific procedures
  4. are necessary to you
  5. get a cosmetic set for men, means for care of nails. It will allow to maintain appearance “at the level“ irrespective of whether demand it at work or you dream to become a metrosexual

Visit of salons demands already considerably big investments, than purchase of cosmetics.“ The average price of a hairstyle and manicure in capital salons for men about $50-80, add to it two more cosmetic procedures like massage and a sunbed. It will turn out that regular visit of salons with the smallest set of cosmetic services will cost somewhere $100-150 a month“, - the owner of a network of beauty shops “Bagira“ Irina Popova says.

Representatives of beauty shops say that they conditionally divide male all the clients into three categories. Office workers and businessmen till 40 years, for them the well-groomed person and a body - part dress - a code without which the success in career is impossible enter the first.

the Second group - men are more senior than 40 - 45 years trying to hide aging traces. Her brightest representatives are the politicians, actors and other public people by the nature of the activity forced to remain “forever young“.“ To look after itself - a sign of good taste. And for young and the more so for the man aged, - the screenwriter Victor Merezhko told SP. - I without fail regularly do face peel, masks. Male skin is more subject to irritations and peelings, than female and stresses we test more. Not to look an old wreck, I regularly visit the cosmetologist, without manicure and a pedicure I am not shown in public. A sunbed and a gym - needless to say“.

the Term “metrosexual“ was introduced into circulation by the British journalist Mark Simpson. He used it in the column in the The Independent newspaper. This word the journalist called “the modern men of any sexual orientation having pronounced esthetic taste and spending a lot of time and money for improvement of the appearance and a way of life“. The term has the Greek word “subway“ - “capital“ in the basis. According to Mark Simpson, metrosexuals - the phenomenon widespread only in the large cities

At last the third group - the people who are simply not conceiving of themselves without regular cosmetic masks and an epilation only for image reasons. This group the smallest, but it sets fashion for all other consumers of the industry of beauty. Scientists thought up the special term for these people for a long time - “metrosexuals“ (in more detail - see the reference). So far it is no more than 1 - 2% of such clients in Moscow of all visitors, but representatives of cosmetic business hope that their share will grow, so far man`s beauty in fashion.

the Difficult beginning

Cosmetologists notice that the most difficult for the man is to venture to come to them for the first time. The correspondent of SP was influenced by it, having decided to descend for the first time during material preparation on manicure and a pedicure: it was required in the afternoon to lift a tube and to register in reception by phone. However, salons know about natural shyness of men and do everything not to frighten the new client.

“At the majority of salons - special approach to clients - to men, - IP Irina Popova told. - For example, men agree to different procedures easier if by phone they are recommended by the man. Sometimes separately state in price lists:“ man`s manicure “, “ mask for men“. I even met once “a man`s sunbed“ though everything is identical to both floors. Everything becomes with one purpose: the man who for the first time addressed to beauty shop should not feel like the black sheep“. According to statements of cosmetologists, there are several services sufficient for an image of successful office worker: it is a qualitative hairstyle, manicure and a sunbed (though 80% of men in beauty shops are limited to the first position). There is a company hairstyle 650 - 2000 rub

the Famous stylist Sergey Zverev told SP that he is convinced of need for any man of the following step - processing of nails in salon.“ For us it so far opening, and abroad manicure and a pedicure is done by all average men - it is as teeth to clean“, - mister Zverev says. There is a manicure about 500 - 1000 rub. It is possible to agree with the stylist at least because in many companies corporate rules often insist on a well-groomed type of hands.


“In the majority of the large corporations occupied in services industry of clients from personnel needs a well-groomed look including hands, - the specialist of agency on staff recruitment “Anchor“ Anna Artyuk told SP. - Directly registered requirement that men went to manicure to beauty shops, I did not meet: to the employer all the same, how exactly you will put nails in order. But most of men are not able to do manicure - to them to register in beauty shop much more simply“.

Though “the man`s manicure“ often appears

in the price list a separate line, actually from female it differs only in the fact that the varnish or will not be used at all, or will be colourless. Besides, men practically never resort to the accompanying procedures like building or painting of nails. Sharply also the relation of the stronger sex to a sunbed which was considered as entertainment for ladies several years ago changed. Now men under the Moscow ultra-violet lamps to 40% of total number of visitors. The reasons are obvious: procedure cheap (on average 20 - 25 rub in a minute), fast (about 10 minutes) and useful to health.“ Many men began to consider a sunbed even not as cosmetic, but improving procedure“, - Irina Popova explains.

Hunting for men
the Share of man`s cosmetics makes 9% of total amount of the cosmetic market in Russia. The biggest complexity, according to sellers and producers of men`s fragrance, that the methods of sales suitable for women, here do not work at all. First of all, all man`s cosmetics is on sale in specially developed packings. In color scale dominate black, blue and steel tone, the design is executed in straight lines.
the Checked marketing mix - free samplers of man`s cosmetics are given as gifts to customers of female production, the cosmetics for men in 30 - 40% of cases is acquired not by men, but their wives or girlfriends. The hall for man`s cosmetics is recommended to be separated from female, but it is necessary to place them under the same roof: attempts to create the separate shops of man`s perfumery (undertaken, in particular, in London by the Boots company) still failed. Counters should not be overloaded - representatives of a strong half of mankind do not like to spend much time behind purchases and have to have an opportunity at once to find that it is necessary for them.
specially train the selling assistants knowing the main feature of men For communication with men - buyers of cosmetics: they in it badly are guided, but prefer to buy all line of goods at once that it is more to question not to come back.

the Man`s pedicure (its price across Moscow fluctuates from 600 to 1200 rub) by men it is yet not so demanded as manicure. At offices all the same all walk in boots. Interest in a pedicure wakes up, as a rule, by summer when those to whom allows dress - a code change the shoes in a sandal. As the specialist of the center of beauty “Esthetics - club“ Olga Zarina told SP, the man`s pedicure differs from female a little. There are three types of processing of nails of legs. Classical when foot is steamed out in a tray then dry callosities and natoptysh are cut off, and nails are processed. At a hardware pedicure of a foot soften special substance, then process the special machine with various polishing nozzles. At last, there is SPA - a pedicure at which influence legs thermal water, dirt, seaweed, plant extracts and mass of other cosmetics. After that problem places standing smooth out srubs or the same grinding device, then massage of foot follows.

At men the greatest popularity the hardware manicure - the most painless and fast enjoys

. SPA - a pedicure is considered mostly female so far.

my years - my expenses

At men for 40 favourite cosmetic procedures: here the main fight goes for preservation of young appearance. Correction of a figure and war with wrinkles are most popular. As show last year`s researches VCIOM, seriously a third of the Russian men at the age of 40 - 65 years wants to be engaged in the appearance. However, there is enough time, forces and money not at all.

of Types and ways of correction of a figure a set - from classical massage to SPA - procedures. Last novelties: in a cedar barrel of which only the client`s head outside sticks out steam from an antler concentrate moves (pant - the cut-off deer horns - a maral). There is such pleasure from $150. To this procedure the detoxication when the steamed-out body is wrapped in an alga is similar in influence. Other popular method to clean “years of tens from shoulders down with“ - microcurrent therapy during which it is possible to tighten a belt and to pump up muscles. You lay down on a couch, electrodes on which there pass microcurrents are attached to your body. There is no pain, only an easy pricking. The recommended course - 8 - 10 procedures. The price for everyone - from 1500 rub. By the way, in precisely the same way it is possible to strengthen a face form if cheeks stubborn aspire out of its limits.

“All types of correction of a figure are not single procedures, - SP the cosmetologist of the Moscow beauty shop “Prestizh“ Natalya Ananyeva warns. - It is necessary to be adjusted for long work on itself. To each client the individual approach is developed“.

Face care, by recognition of cosmetologists, in comparison with impact on a body, so far the Moscow consumers is demanded a little.“ Procedures for face care of the man do not differ from what is done by women, and are even seldom allocated in the separate price list - the same facial massages (from 450 to 750 rub - SP), the masks helping to moisten skin, to saturate it with necessary substances, to reduce stress and fatigue, - the cosmetologist of beauty shop “TERRA-FITNESS“ Ekaterina Pugacheva tells. - But, though procedures and identical, cosmetics different. Leading companies developed the creams considering features of male skin“. Skin at representatives of a strong half of mankind differs in the bigger density and elasticity. It has higher acid balance therefore women`s cosmetics suit men badly.

of the Most demanded among men remains the rejuvenating mask which in different salons can have different names: “youth mask“ or “mask of instant beauty“. The price - from 450 rub“ Instant beauty“ (actually the mask is put for 30 - 40 minutes) is provided by means of the plasticizing effect of a mask: put on her face in the form of liquid gel which in 15 - 20 minutes stiffens, turning into dense “armor“. Skin at the same time is pulled together, in it blood supply and a lymph flow amplify, food and breath of cages are normalized. Pleasure, of course, not for the faint-hearted. Cosmetologists claim that rather young people when it is necessary to hide traces of rough days off by all means sometimes resort to such mask also.

the Real metromen

Only every 100-th visitor of beauty shops, according to their workers, can be considered as a metrosexual true. These are those men who use practically all range of services, initially thought up for women. Here both hair-dyeing, and nail extension, and face cleaning (if, of course, its need is not dictated by severe acne rash).

One of the most rare procedures in the man`s environment on which the metrosexual unmistakably comes to light, - an epilation. Despite small popularity, this service is offered for men in a set of options: from the mechanical epilation which is carried out by means of tweezers to laser and photoepilations. Depilate all parts of the body. There is even an epilation of hair in the person which “will help to forget for a long time about problems with shaving“. The prices begins from one thousand rubles for processing wax of a small part of the body.

the Hairstyle at half price
In any salon the conflict is possible
: the hairdresser can burn hair during a chemical wave, the cosmetologist - to burn skin with wax at an epilation. Not always accepts the client a shape of nails or a hairstyle. If peacefully to solve a problem it did not turn out then it is necessary to address the law
According to Rules of consumer services of the population in the Russian Federation if to you cut off a shred of hair or covered nails at all not with that varnish what you wanted, then it is possible to beat down the price, to ask everything to remake or just to leave, without having paid. As a last resort it is possible to file a lawsuit against salon. However, lawyers of it to do do not advise. As the head of expert department of the Moscow society of protection of consumers Elena Gerasimova told, legal costs considerably will exceed the damage suffered by the client and salons in most cases try to solve such conflicts by the world. If the court is a matter of principle, then it is worth working as follows: to write a written claim addressed to the head of firm - the performer, to attach to it the check and to file the petition. The court in turn will appoint examination. It costs about 1 thousand rubles. Carry out it, as a rule, in the Federal center of independent examination. Examination will also answer the main issue: who is right, and who is guilty.
Sometimes problems after visit of beauty shop arise not with appearance, and with health. Such complications as an allergy to different types of masks and cosmetic procedures or infection with hepatitis at manicure and a pedicure via badly disinfected tools meet. In such cases experts recommend to appeal to court at once. To avoid unpleasant consequences after visit of salon, experts advise surely to take an interest on the place whether cosmetic devices and the cosmetologist`s hands are disinfected, and also to learn whether the mask contains allergens and to inquire about existence in salon of antihistaminic preparations.
“Everyone resolves an issue of existence of hair on a body by

in an individual order. They are even pleasant to someone, - the master of beauty shop “Studio Fashion Designer“ Irina Agafonova tells SP. - Behind such services in salons as governedoh, young people - till 30 years go. First of all actors, dancers. Obviously frightens many men that the epilation becomes in several calling and it is sometimes connected with unpleasant feelings“.

However, even the most exotic for the majority cosmetic procedures - not the main and only sign of metrosexuals.

“The metrosexual is not only the person with well-groomed nails, - the independent psychologist Tatyana Roshchina says. - Here it is necessary to consider the whole complex of questions: fashionable clothes, the style, ability to understand fashion. A well-groomed body - only one of criteria. In general this phenomenon is connected with development of feminism: in the world where women begin to play the increasing role, men take themselves some of their qualities“.

the Stylist Sergey Zverev claims that metrosexuals - the phenomenon out of time and categories.“ They were always, just at us learned about them quite recently, and that thanks to stars. In England the metrosexual is David Beckham, and in Russia - I, - Zverev says. - I regularly visit beauty shops. Same huge pleasure: to do a hair, to dye hair plus manicure, a pedicure clearing masks. The man is obliged to watch himself. What pleases: now you can come into any beauty shop in Moscow and will see men who tint hair, do correction of the person“.

meanwhile psychologists and culturologists predict

that the fashion on well-groomed men will pass. Survey conducted in May of this year in the USA by the analytical company Harris Interactive by request of the automobile company Dodge showed that women want to see men courageous again. 61% of the interrogated Americans declared that the man has to have rough hands, tired out, but not with manicure. Only 16% noted that at the choice of the partner they are guided by “compliance to fashion and personal care“.

the Most juicy scandal
the present around cosmetic services burst in
in Germany in 2002 before elections. In January in the German mass media messages that the chancellor Gerhard Schroder tints the hair to hide a gray hair appeared. The rating of the chancellor dropped by several percent. Schroder filed a lawsuit against DDP agency which reported to the first about it. The court was won, and the press had to bring official apologies.
last year the government of Great Britain in response to inquiry of opposition prepared the report on that how many public funds the current prime minister spends for cosmetics. It turned out that in six years of being the prime minister Tony Blair spent 1050 pounds sterling for a make-up for public statements. Besides, in the last two years about 790 pounds from treasury were spent for services of the makeup artist. The Gardian newspaper counted that here Blair overtook the average resident of the country which spends no more than 200 pounds a year for services of the makeup artist.

Falling of fashion on the metrosexuals understanding cosmetics is not worse than women, is more noticeable also in Western Europe: in 2005 sales of man`s cosmetics in France increased by only 0,3%, and in Germany even dropped almost by 5%.

the Market of man`s perfumery, nevertheless, continues to grow at

in Russia: in 2005 jars and flakonchik for men sold almost for $500 million - 13% more, than in 2004.“ Despite big expectations, introduction of new means on care of skin for men faces serious obstacles, - says vice-the president of an expomediagruppa “The old fortress“ Anna Dycheva - Smirnova. - The main problem - conservatism which activists of metrosexual revolution did not manage to break“.

B 2005 there was only one new really metrosexual brand - Le Male from Jeanne - Paul Gaultier who offers not only means on care of skin, but also decorative cosmetics for men. For example, the matting powder, a planimetric pencil for eyes, means on care of eyebrows and eyelashes. All other novelties were more conservative. For example, the Nickel 2005 brand of year of birth defines the clients as “the young, successful people leading a social life and who are not deprived of sense of humour“. Some means of a new ruler are packed into tiny canisters and carry not banal names - “Fire extinguisher“ (after shave balm), “Superman“ (face treatment). Not absolutely womanly esthetics.

Generally speaking, brands which traditionally are associated with courage and aggression begin to feel better. To it, for example, Hugo Boss belongs. As the official representative of brand Philip Volff explained SP, “the last man`s series was started in June, and the advertizing campaign will be focused on traditional values: force, courage and confidence“. And, respectively, production for them mister Volff considers appearance of metrosexuals as “the temporary and already passing phenomenon“.

However and in a set for “the real macho“ from Boss the face scrub moistening the gel restoring the cream tightening serum and cream for a century is. Nobody says that if the fashion on metrosexuals passes, then already and it is not necessary to look after himself. Just now producers have a task to sell cosmetics to anti-metrosexuals who are proud of the inattention to fashion and appearance.