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To the road with a stomach (part 1) of

Part I. Pregnancy and travel

Emergence in a family of the kid enough considerably changes the mode and style of your life, especially if it is your firstborn. But already during pregnancy the woman should limit herself in food, entertainments, to reduce physical activities, to change the plans concerning holiday. Having learned about the interesting situation, future mother begins to worry: whether will damage it and her future child distant travel. Most of doctors agree in opinion that if the pregnant woman feels normally and there are no medical contraindications, then she can go to a trip, up to 27 weeks, following at the same time some rules.

Should consider the new situation and if earlier long foot walks on the city, visit of theaters, restaurants and discos were an integral part of your daily schedule, then now it is worth slowing down rate of life because one of the parties of pregnancy is fast fatigue. It is absolutely unreasonable to go to cycling and ski trips. For a while forget also about your hobby for extreme sports (surfing, mountaineering, underwater swimming with an aqualung, mountain skiing). Otherwise there can be a situation when you have to give birth in the place unadapted for this purpose. Perhaps, years through two you with a smile remember it. And, of course, the child all the life will be proud to tell yours to friends that it was born not where - nibud, and at top of Elbrus, in inside of the landing plane or in a rocket cabin at start. All this, of course, is fascinating, but it is better to esteem as it happened to someone another. So go on the vacation to less exotic places better: to the sea, to the resort, in boarding house.

Travel to time of pregnancy is an opportunity to enjoy rest together with your future kid and at the same time not to pull along lots of toys, small bottles, diapers and a stroller. Doctors consider that the second trimester of pregnancy (14 - 27 weeks) - ideal time for travel: there were behind morning indispositions, your organism already got used to a new state, you are full of strength.


Choosing the vacation spot and transport by which you will reach, consider all their pluses and minuses whether they will suit you in your situation. Pregnancy obliges you to concern more attentively to itself and your future kid. Before going to a way, take an interest in advance whether there correspond living and sanitary conditions in the chosen vacation spot to your situation.

Being going to go to Asia, Africa or South America, learn where and what vaccination surely will be required at entry into the country. As it is better for you to avoid the use of any drugs during pregnancy, consult at the doctor what medicines are contraindicated to you . Avoid the countries with a hot humid climate where danger to catch a fungal infection is big. Also in advance learn how expeditious and qualified medical care you can receive on the place where you go. It is unlikely you wanted to find premature fights during a safari in the middle of the African savanna.

If you are going to fly on the plane or to float by the ship, receive the written decision at your doctor that you passed survey by experts and in the next 72 hours childbirth is improbable (at the big term of pregnancy). Upon purchase of the ticket you will not be asked, most likely, about pregnancy term, but at registration can take an interest the planned date of childbirth and without medical certificate can discharge of flight. Also in advance take an interest in agency or help service what restrictions exist at airline which services you are going to use.

Now concerning the road to the vacation spot. If you travel with change, learn whether you will have an opportunity to have a rest or take a shower in a break between trips.

during a trip to you should sit long in one place that can cause violation of blood circulation in legs. As the result, legs swell up, the probability of developing of thrombosis or varicosity increases. To avoid it, try to nestle as much as possible. If the place near you is empty, put on it legs. Periodically do simple exercises: sitting or standing strain and relax legs, since a heel; carefully bend a leg; rotate foot; move toes; you walk on pass. You wear special antivaricose stockings (it is desirable to put on them still lying in a bed and to carry all day). Remove footwear that legs have a rest, but consider that during a trip, they can swell up, and you should leave transport barefoot that will look quite strange.

Whenever possible you sit down about pass not to disturb other passengers when you need to leave. Use any stop in way to use the bathroom or to warm up numb legs.

during pregnancy you the constant feeling of hunger can accompany

, now you should eat for two. Take with yourself to the road light nutritious meals (croutons, nuts, dried fruits) and enough drinking water. Consult with your doctor, let, he will prescribe to you vitamins and mineral additives. Take with yourself mint or lemon lollipops - it will help to reduce feeling of weakness.

it is the best of all for p to Put on in free cotton clothes. Instead of overalls it is better to put on wide trousers or a skirt with a shirt. In a narrow toilet and it is so heavy to turn with your increasing dimensions, and here still straps of overalls will sweep the floor or will fall directly in a toilet bowl.

If to you it is heavy to p to bend, then you wear shoes without laces. It is good to have spare couple to change clothes in the second half of day. And surely take with yourself a bactericidal plaster in case you will bring down legs in way.

Ideal for you, of course, is travel with light baggage, especially, when owing to any circumstances, you go to a trip one. But if your baggage turns out volume, get a traveling bag on castors with the long handle or call a taxi to the destination. When you travel alone, have to be sure that you will cope with the arising problems. If you are sure that to be necessary for you the help, learn in advance in agency or information bureau what additional services are offered: porters, taxi etc. Perhaps, you need special food or medical maintenance.

I surely take date of your return into consideration if only you do not plan to give birth there where you go: what term of pregnancy you will have at the end of rest.

be adjusted by

Before a trip on good mood. In an organism of the pregnant woman grandiose hormonal reorganization happens. Any, even the most insignificant problem, can cause inadequate reaction, for example, absolutely unreasonable shout or tears. So you treat life with optimism and be not afraid to ask for the help. Eventually, the world not without kind people. And successful to you travel!!!