Rus Articles Journal

List of references, 11th class

  1. A. P. Chekhov Thick and thin. Fidget. Ionych. The person in a case. Death of the official. Teacher of literature. Sweetheart. The lady with a doggie. Chamber No. 6. The house with an attic. My life. Beauties. The Cherry Orchard. Three sisters.
  2. I. A. Bunin Autumn wind. Salt smell. Village. Antonovka. Gold mine. Night conversation. Life bowl. Thin grass. Easy breath. Sunstroke.
  3. A. I. Kuprin Listrigona. Lolly. Olesya. Sulamif. Garnet bracelet. Duel.
  4. L. N. Andreyev Story about seven hung up. Red laughter. Judas Iscariot.
  5. B. K. Zaytsev Athos. Anna.
  6. I. S. Shmelyov Light of reason. Bogomolye.
  7. V. V. Veresayev Rush. Star.
  8. F. To. Sologub Small demon. Book of transformations.
  9. A. White St. Petersburg.
  10. D. S. Merezhkovsky Future boor. Jesus is unknown. Gogol: creativity, life and religion.
  11. of A. T. Averchenko Splinters smashed.
  12. of A. N. Tolstaya Purgatory. Peter I. Prince silver.
  13. M. A. Sholokhov Quiet Don.
  14. M. A. Bulgakov Master and Margarita. Heart of a Dog. White Guard. Theatrical novel. Run.
  15. A. P. Platonov Tchevengur. Ditch.
  16. V. L. Kondratyev Sashka.
  17. A. I. Solzhenitsyn One day of Ivan Denisovich. In a circle the first. Cancer case. Nobel lecture.
  18. V. I. Belov Usual thing.
  19. V. G. Rasputin Farewell to Matyora. Fire. Live and remember.
  20. Yu. V. Trifonov Exchange.
  21. V. M. Shukshin To the third roosters.
  22. F. A. Abramov Pryaslina.
  1. of V. P. Astafyev the Tsar - fish. Last bow. Shepherd and shepherdess. Sad detective.
  2. A. A. Beck New appointment. Volokolamskoye Highway.
  3. V. V. Bykov Round-ups. Obelisk. Centurions. Trouble sign.
  4. B. Vasilyev The Dawns Here Are Quiet.
  5. A. V. Vampilov Eldest son. Farewell in June.
  6. of K. D. Vorobey It we, My God. Are killed near Moscow.
  7. B. C. Grossman Life and destiny.
  8. V. P. Nekrasov In entrenchments of Stalingrad. Small and sad story.
  9. E. M. Remarque Three companions. All Quiet on the Western Front.
  10. B. L. Pasternak Doctor Zhivago.
  11. A. Saint - Ekzyuperi the Planet of people.
  12. E. Hemingway Unbeaten. Old man and sea.
  13. I. Ilf and E. Petrov of 12 chairs. Gold calf.
  14. V. Erofeyev Moscow - Cockerels.
  15. V. Voynovich Lyubov on correspondence. Life and extraordinary adventures of the soldier Ivan Chonkin.
  16. V. Shalamov Kolyma stories.
  17. K. Shakhnazarov Courier.
  18. S. Dovlatov ours. Suitcase. Reserve. Zone.
  19. M. Pavlik Hazaria dictionary. The last love in Constantinople.
  20. Yu. Poles Apofigey. State of emergency of regional scale. Correction of mistakes.
  21. V. Aksenov Island of Crimea.
  22. V. Khlebnikov, A. Blok, A. Akhmatova, V. Mayakovsky, S. Yesenin, N. Gumilev, V. Khodasevich, M. Voloshin, F. Sologub, V. Ivanov, A. Bely, S. Cherny, I. Severyanin, M. Tsvetaeva, I. Brodsky, V. Vysotsky, B. Pasternak . Poems and poems.