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Travel by Mikhail Kalinin motor ship of

(Moscow - Valaam - With - St. Petersburg - Kizhi - Moscow, on August 5 - 17, 2006)

All people different. In particular, they are divided into two groups in relation to river cruises. One will joyfully subscribe under words of a song of Ostap Bender:“ Remove and sell the last shirt and buy the ticket for the steamship“, and others consider that, dangling 7 - 10 - 15 days onboard an iron vessel, it is possible to go easily crazy.

As you, probably, guessed, I (as well as my daughter) belong to the first category. Dispute, as a rule, business senseless especially as as “material evidences“ I will not be able to apply the feelings and feelings. And 491 photos any e-mail “will not pull“. Therefore I decided to do without emotions, to give only the facts with the minimum comments. to

our house for 13 days of cruise the Mikhail Kalinin motor ship - four decks, two restaurants, three bars, a conference - the hall became p>

of A little general information, pure it is white - blue decks, on the solar deck - a sunbed. Motor ships of “our“ project - the longest on Volga. All cabins - with all conveniences (a shower, a toilet, a sink, the conditioner). Cleaning of cabins and change of towels for the person - daily, change of bed linen - time in 4 days.

Feed with

very tasty and variously. A breakfast - a buffet (three - four types of cheese and sausages, cutlets or sausages, eggs, three types of juice, two types of fruit salads, pancakes, cheesecakes or fritters, rolls, muesli, tea - coffee - cocoa etc.) . Lunch: snack (salad) - without order, the first, second and a dessert - by request, juice. Dinner: snack (salad) - without order, a hot dish and a dessert - by request, to children - juice, the adult - wine. For all the time of cruise of a dish never repeated.

we Floated more than 3 thousand kilometers across the Moscow Canal, Volga, the Rybinsk reservoir, the Sheksna, Vytegra Rivers, Kovzhe, Sviri, Neva, on the Ladoga, Onega and White lakes.

Day the first

From Moscow we sailed on August 5 at 14 hours 30 min. During terrible tropical heavy rain. To finish a weather subject, I will report that the sign about what to go to a rain - to success, in our case completely came true. It seemed, someone all-powerful and kind since morning of the next day holds the magic umbrella which is not passing a rain, but generously giving us heat over our motor ship.

Right after departure we were invited in a conference - the hall to “Captain`s cocktail“ where all got acquainted with team and animators, drank champagne or juice and let out cheerful pack of balloons in the rainy sky. Then the schedule was not less saturated.

16 - 00 - For children - “Tell Day of acquaintances about yourself“ in the game room

16 - 30 - Information meeting

17 - 00 - Demonstration of the documentary about Moscow

18 - 30 - Conversation about locks

19 - 00 - the Dinner

20 - 30 - the Concert “We will be familiar“ with any cheerful competitions for children and adults

21 - 30 - “Play an accordion“ for adults and a children`s disco

22 - 00 - the Movie “St. Petersburg FM“

22 - 00 - In the bar animators sing favourite songs

23 - 00 - the Disco for adults.

All this time we floated on reservoirs and the channel to them. Moscow

Day of the second

we Float across Volga. Right after a breakfast floated the Kalyazinsky belltower which is sticking out directly in the middle of water. And till a breakfast, as well as every day further, persons interested did exercises on the solar deck with the instructor. I provide the further schedule, omitting “permanent“ feedings “, play an accordion“, songs and discos for adults and children. By the way, for victories in all competitions and active participation in actions little and big passengers were given the so-called “chances“ granting the right at the end of cruise to participate in a sure-fire lottery.

9 - 00 - “Sea“ day in a nursery

10 - 00 - Tants - a class for children and adults

10 - 00 - School of etiquette

11 - 00 - Demonstration of the movie “Romanov. The beginning of a dynasty“

11 - 35 - Demonstration of the animated film “Forest Friends“

12 - 00 - the Sit-round gathering to the guitar

14 - 00 - 18 - 00 - Arrival in Uglich, a sightseeing tour (The Kremlin, Dmitry`s church - on - blood, Resurrection Monastery), free time

20 - 00 - the Concert of classical music (in flight we were accompanied by graduates and the graduate student of the Nizhny Novgorod conservatory - a trio of a violin, a viola and a violoncello).

22 - 00 - Demonstration of the movie “Memoirs of the Geisha“.

For those who already swam by motor ship across Volga in any direction the first day could not bring to

special opening - Uglich does not pass any motor ship. But we with pleasure wandered on the wonderful town which left the tragic mark in the Russian history.

Further floated on the Rybinsk reservoir.

Day the third

we Float on the picturesque Sheksna Small River, across the Vologda region.

9 - 00 - “Fantastic day“ in the game room

10 - 00 - Tants - a class for children

11 - 00 - Tants - a class for adults

Tants - classes were further daily therefore I will not write about them any more. Here not only learned to move and dance, but also prepared numbers on the date of the Neptune and farewell gala - a concert.

13 - 00 - 16 - 00 - the Parking in Goritsakh and excursion in Kirillo - the Belozersky monastery. Goritsa - the village with 300 inhabitants on the bank of the river of Sheksna. Here, directly ashore, there is a Voskresensky convent founded by Ivan the Terrible`s aunt. But we did not visit this monastery, carried us by buses to the city of Belozersk (6 km. from the Mountaineer) where there is one of the largest in Russia man`s Kirillo - the Belozersky monastery. Its walls, towers and temples still blow the mind the sizes and power. Besides excursion, we had enough time to visit the operating temple and to wander on monastery walls. And having returned to Goritsy, passengers were engaged in “souvenir shopping“.

17 - 00 - “A sweet holiday“ - entertainment program for children.

20 - 00 - “A musical kaleidoscope“

22 - 00 - Demonstration of the movie “Hunting for a Piranha“

I Remind the Competition for children and adults to

that about discos, accordions and songs, I just do not write not to repeat.

in the Evening, after a dinner, reached the Sheksna River confluence with Lake Beloye. Confluences the destroyed church, a tremendous decline stands still, and the lake strikes with the beauty. I write - and words turn out some pale and hackneyed in comparison with what saw and I remember …

Day the fourth which had to be “onboard“, but …

we Float on the river Svir. Probably, the most beautiful small river on our way - twisting, ashore - stones and rocks.

9 - 00 - “Zagadkin put“ in the game room

11 - 00 - the Master - a class on a list of nested dolls

12 - 00 - “Mother, the father, I am a sports family!“ Here it is worth praising organizers for flexibility. The matter is that many active children wishing to participate in competition (and my daughter including), traveled without fathers. It is good that to us allowed to establish “temporary families“. As a result the daughter as the daughter entered “Kalinin` Family“ (see the name of the motor ship) where the father became 20 - the summer student Valya, mother - the fifteen-year-old schoolgirl Lera etc. However, they lost to team with two real fathers in pulling of ropes, but in general were satisfied and occupied honourable 2 - e the place (from three).

13 - 00 - Demonstration of the movie “Dobrynya Nikitich and Zmey Gorynych“

15 - 00 - Demonstration of the movie “Oh, Marvellous Island of Valaam“

17 - 00 - “Vodka - Pancake - Show“ - entertainment program. Children and adults not only drank tea, vodka and ate pancakes with different “greasings“, but also sang chastushkas, told tongue twisters, fought pillows and so forth and so forth.

20 - 00 - the Concert of classical music

should make by

A derogation from the program here. Because, thanks to happy combination of circumstances (quickly there passed locks), we received a gift - unforeseen the program the parking in the strange town Mandrogi. It is such fantastic poselochek from wooden carved towers on the bank of the magic river of Sviri. There is everything for rest - the house where it is possible to stop on a lodging for the night and longer life, cafe - bars - restaurants, the museum of vodka, driving on horses, the huge wooden mountain.

But us was struck by the Curved seashore! To get to it, it is necessary to pay 70 rubles and on the small ferry to be transported on other coast of the big stream falling into Svir. By the way, the young ferryman with pleasure conceded an opportunity to twist a ferry wheel to our children, and they with enthusiastic squeal brought us to the destination. And here, in the real wood, we were waited by wooden monsters, and live animals in cages, and, the most important, two a losenka in the open-air cage to which it was possible to come, stroke and play with future forest giants. However, character at Lada and Lelya already now imperial, whimsical - both try to butt, and strive to kick. To our delights there was no limit! And there was no wish to leave Mandrog! But it was necessary.

22 - 00 - Demonstration of the movie “Turkish Gambit“

the Fifth day

On Sviri`s river we got to Lake Ladoga at night - the largest in Europe, by the way. It seemed that we float by the sea, coast it was visible not.

9 - 00 - In the game room children work on collective application “At the bottom sea“

with 9 - 30 to 11 - 30 - Groups of passengers in turn visit excursion to the steering cabin

11 - 30 - the Master - a class on twisting of napkins

12 - 30 - table tennis Tournament

15 - 00 - 21 - 00 - Excursions to the lake of Valaam. Actually excursions two - at first pedestrian on monasteries of Valaam near which there is our motor ship and then on the boat we go to the central estate of Spaso - Preobrazhenskoye of the monastery and we examine it. The nature of Valaam, especially shkher who it is possible to examine from the boat is very beautiful while you go to the central estate. But on the monastery and monasteries of time is taken away a little, we literally rush “very quickly“ where the place demands slow contemplation.

is Told, the church is not interested in tourists in Valaam and in the future the island can be closed for tourists. Such prospect, of course, frightens, but, on the other hand … After excursions we had about 40 min. free time, we took a walk in the wood near the mooring. How many dirt! Packages from - under chips, banks from beer, bottles … Do we have something sacred? Perhaps and the truth, let only those who understand what the place on the earth is come to Valaam?

the Evening program by motor ship went under the own steam - songs, the movie “Casanova“, discos for small and adult. But we did not leave the deck - such declines as on Ladoga, I did not see yet. Thanks to the digital camera, it is possible not to save shots.


was Filled up Day of the sixth on Ladoga, woke up on Neva.

8 - 00 - 17 - 00 - Excursion across St. Petersburg with Aleksandro`s visit - the Nevsky Monastery, the Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Isaac`s Cathedral, “Aurora“, the temple of Saviour - on - Blood and Kazan Cathedral (the last two objects - only external survey). Everything is good, two moments - poor “dry ration“ (it is unclear, by the ship fatten) and - only spoil impression that it is even worse - the awful guide. Forgets words, confuses names, bekat and says hum and ha. Called the queen Anna Ioannovna Peter I`s daughter, and Anna Alekseevna. Shame! And it in the cultural capital of Russia!

It is good that we in St. Petersburg not for the first time, already saw everything, heard, we know, and therefore with a sincere heart we leave excursion and we go to cafe, to a meeting with the St. Petersburg relatives. And still - thanks to organizers of cruise that from the subway to a motor ship parking lot (“Utkina a creek“) the special bus constantly plies.

21 - 00 - Demonstration of the animated film “Ice Age - 2“

23 - 30 - 02 - 30 - Additional excursion for persons interested “Night St. Petersburg“. Beauty, but it is very heavy, especially for children, since morning tomorrow - Peterhof!

Day of the seventh

9 - 20 - 15 - 30 - Bus excursion to Peterhof with visit of the Grotto and Nizhny Novgorod of park with fountains. In Peterhof we were too earlier, but visited the Grotto for the first time, and learned a lot of interesting about how the well-known Peterhof fountains operate. And walks on parks of Peterhof in good weather are always fine! We even “poluiskupatsya“ in the Gulf of Finland - that is wandered in plenty on warm water, having rolled up jeans are higher.

From St. Petersburg sailed in 20 - 00. Someone hurried on a concert of classical music, and I, as always, admired a view. Coast of Neva are not desert for a long time, we floated Alexander Nevsky`s temple, Nevsky the patch. Long ago darkened, but the people crowded on decks - waited for fortress the Nutlet. Those who waited did not regret - a majestic show!

Day of the eighth

we float on the river Svir Again. In the morning I see the shaking gray heron, ashore then - sea eagles!

9 - 00 - “Day of a toy“ in the game room

13 - 00 - Arrival in Svirstroy, bus excursion in Sacredly - Troitsk Alexander Svirsky the monastery. One more holy site in Russia. And very beautiful. It is a pity that in the monastery the lunatic asylum - the shocking neighbourhood still is located.

17 - 00 - Departure in flight

17 - 30 - Demonstration of the animated film “Madagascar“

20 - 30 - the Beer party - entertainment program only for adults.

22 - 00 - Demonstration of the movie “Angel - And“

Day the ninth

we Float across Lake Onega. A set of islands, on them - houses, small chapels, meadows with haystacks. Fishermen in boats.

9 - 00 - 12 - 00 - Excursion in state the historian - the architectural and ethnographic memorial estate in Kizhi.

In Kizhi I already was, but long ago and in bad weather. But now, when the sun fills in all island when lake water blue - blue, and domes of churches cast silver, at me literally tears welled up from this beauty! As well as in the childhood struck Oshevnev`s house - the whole economy under the same roof! And as it is good that there was time quietly to wander on the lake with the daughter and a flock of her girlfriends, to sit on the bank of Onega, to see a shchurenka in its transparent water! Perhaps, the loveliest to heart day on this travel!

12 - 30 - Rehearsal of a holiday of the Neptune

14 - 30 - the Master - a class from the chief - cooks “Cookery secrets“

16 - 00 - 21 - 00 - Bus excursion across Petrozavodsk and a trip on the Kivach falls. The falls, though small, flat, were pleasant to us. The Karelian birches did not blow the mind, but all bought souvenirs from their wood. After bus excursion and a dinner wandered on new Petrozavodskaya Embankment, whispered desire in an ear of a “pozhelatelny“ tree.

22 - 00 - Departure in flight

22 - 00 - Demonstration of the movie “Elizabettaun“.

Day the tenth

we Float across Vytegra, but as it became clear later, not on the river Vytegra (it absolutely small), and across Vytegra - the channel.

9 - 00 - 14 - 00 - Excursion across Vytegra. Yes will forgive me vytegor (residents of this city), it (or it so are called) makes burdensome impression. There is nothing to look here, the remains of ancient Mariinsky water system (locks) do not show to tourists. It is good that this year delivered the submarine here and made of it the museum. Both adults, and children with interest examined it, and the most courageous even climbed to the very top of the boat (to me it was terrible, but we made it!).

15 - 00 - Rehearsal of Day of the Neptune

16 - 00 - Game for all “Two ships“ (at first competed, then rushed on all ship in search of treasure of pirates. My poor joints!)

17 - 30 - the Neptune`s Holiday. It is necessary to recognize, not best of what I saw, but we will not begin to carp.

20 - 00 - the Concert of classical music

22 - 00 - Demonstration of the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean Sea. Chest of the dead person“.

in the Evening we floated on the river Kovzha. The entertaining small river - colors of coffee with milk. Actually water in it absolutely transparent, but only when there is no navigation. The matter is that a bottom in it clay, and passing vessels “confuse“ the issue.

Day the eleventh

We again on the Sheksna River.

10 - 00 - 18 - 00 - the Green parking in Irma. Irma - a small village with the hilly coast with church, roosters, beautiful views of the opposite coast, shops with souvenirs, sandy plyazhika. Who wanted - bathed, someone walked or played badminton. And we even found mushrooms - birch mushrooms, from kilograms approximately. Also bathed in Sheksna - the invigorating pleasure! In 15 - 30 persons interested treated with shish kebabs, wine etc.

18 - 00 - Demonstration of the animated film “Tsyp`s Chicken“

20 - 00 - the Quiz “The game“. Upon termination of quizes “Baker`s dozen“ (questions were answered in writing by everyone, questions distributed at the beginning of travel) and a competition of stories about travel on a letter “P“ summed up the results (i.e. all words in the story had to begin on this letter).

22 - 00 - Demonstration of the movie “Gangsters“.

Day the twelfth

we Float across Volga.

9 - 00 - 11 - 00 - Excursion till to Myshkin (visit of Mouse Museums and valenoks). We in Myshkin were last year therefore did not go for excursion, and with pleasure wandered on small, nice to the town, waved from the deck of the steamship to the Mouse and Kot meeting and seeing off all good-bye.

11 - 00 - “Myshkin put“ in the game room

11 - 30 - Rehearsal of gala - a concert

14 - 00 - Demonstration of the animated film “Big Travel“

16 - 00 - the Master - a class on production of a textile beads

17 - 00 - Summary rehearsal of gala - a concert

18 - 00 - 20 - 00 - the Green parking in Sosenkakh. Walked on the wood, again found mushrooms. Some bathed in Volga, many ate shish kebabs again, fans of sport played outdoor games.

20 - 15 - the Captain`s dinner

21 - 30 - Gala - a concert. After a concert played a lottery. On merits our “mother“ got the first prize in a sports family - very lovely, active and capable girl Leray.

Day the thirteenth - the most sad, farewell

10 - 00 - Demonstration of the movie about our travel

11 - 00 - Demonstration of the animated film “Wheelbarrows“

15 - 00 - Arrival in Moscow

the Conclusion

Of course, at desire it was possible to miss also on this travel. But it is difficult. We with the daughter led a different life by motor ship: she - active (participated in everything, earned chances what she in a lottery received two calendar cards for, two certificates of honor and a lighter), I - it is active - contemplate (participated only in some actions, constantly was on the deck with the field-glass). But both received the mass of impressions and pleasures and right there upon termination of travel began to wait for the following - in navigation of 2007!