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Safe periphery. It is checked and proved!

“My child will have everything the best“. Each parent holds this phrase at himself in the head, but not always puts it into practice. Sometimes there are not enough means, and often brightness and external appeal overshadow usefulness. Who will want to see an ugly toy in hands of the child and the kid has to have such that it was visible from far away sneakers.

The is become more senior by the child, the more requirements at it appear. And it is much bigger, than we had their at their age. If at kindergarten age it is possible to meet all requirements of tutors, then school days will force to sweat even the most firm parents. Only one purchase of the computer can many if not to dement, then to bring to a condition of “foamy backs and the shivering hands“, especially when neither the father, nor mother understand the computer equipment.

A so wants to be bought “sistemnik“ with such configuration that it was possible not only to work at the computer, but also to play. Moreover that resources of the car lasted at least for few years, but not for the next half a year. Plus to everything it is necessary that the bought equipment was safe - health of the most expensive to you the person depends on it.

What to do? How to pick up the equipment that it also worked normally, and did not do harm, and costed it is commensurable with opportunities? Council can be only one here - buy both computers, and the peripheral equipment to them only from already proved companies.

If to speak about already ready solutions proposed by domestic collectors then more and more or less clear - usually they gather from accessories from the famous producers who passed certification and completely meet domestic standards. As for the peripheral equipment, it is necessary to choose as a trial and error method here. There is no guarantee that for the hour spent in shop in search of that mouse or the keyboard, a choice will be made correct.


I matter is not that you buy the device which will be entirely stuffed with toxic substances. As for various accessories, quite recently the European Union accepted the directive RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances - a ban of harmful substances) thanks to which since July 1, 2006 in new electronic equipment use of a number of the substances harmful both for health of the person, and for environment is forbidden. Mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chrome, and also lead which is used as solder got to a black list. So here we all - were secured, at least, tried, and now it was necessary to look what from this will leave.

With accessories more and more or less clearly: practically all global manufacturers supported the directive of the EU, and now “interiors“ of our computers with guarantee will be safer, than earlier. And here what to do with the periphery what there are quality standards here and what first of all it is worth paying attention upon purchase to, especially, if you buy devices for the child?

In my opinion, besides functionality, should be looked, first of all, at convenience of this or that device in work. All of us are different, and each of us has features so before purchase it is desirable to try the device in work.

If to speak about children then it is harder and harder. Often the child chooses not so much a convenient thing, how many beautiful. Therefore at the choice of any device, whether it be earphones or a web - a chamber, it is necessary to look for golden mean: it is practical and is beautiful.

can give production of the Logitech company As an example of such devices. Her developers give huge value to ergonomics and at the same time do not forget about external appeal of the products. All products which are turned out by the company before getting to sale pass careful test thanks to which release on the market of the inconvenient device is almost impossible. In general It should be noted that practically any structure of this Swiss company answers definition “ergonomic“. If it is a mouse - that is thought over everything, from weight to color scale and effort which needs to be put for rotation of a wheel of scrolling.

At the choice of the keyboard for the school student, very much I advise to pay attention to models from Logitech. Reasons a little. Let`s begin with the fact that Logitech - the only company which production underwent testing for compliance to special requirements sanitarno - epidemiological service of the Russian Federation so, its production is absolutely safe. It confirms the conclusion at number 77. 99. 98. 408. 007294. 08. 06, given out on August 16, 2006 by Federal Service for the Oversight of Consumer Protection and Welfare. One this fact already says that the company seriously treats requirements of the market and tries to have the highest reputation at the consumer.

answer with

of the Device from Logitech to the most modern multimedia opportunities of computers, and directly from the keyboard it is possible to cause all most often used applications, both office, and entertaining. Well, but also, the attractive futuristic design can make more attractive even process of preparation of homeworks. To solve mathematical problems, for example, it is far simpler if it is possible to present that you sit at the panel of the spaceship rescuing the Galaxy!

I, at last, shop around. It seems to me, you will be able to be convinced that among a model range of production of Logitech you will be able always to find the models disproving words that production of the famous producer surely has to be the road.