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Farewell, disobedient ringlets! You also did not notice

how gentle curls on the head of your baby turned into magnificent curls? As it happened unexpectedly! Until recently the baby slept peacefully the most part of day, and now she hardly can stay at you on a lap five minutes. Once its world was limited to toys over a bed and your embraces, and now before it the whole Universe with which she hurries to get acquainted.


it is not surprising that the baby does not sit minutes in place, she needs to learn about the world very much. In it there is so much energy that sometimes it is difficult to cope with it. Even usual combing is quite often preceded by a fascinating game of tag now, you so want to see the little daughter beautiful and accurate.

experts of JOHNSON`S Baby present to

Especially for little fidgets, and also their parents who should untangle disobedient locks a novelty - JOHNSON`S Baby “Easy Combing“ shampoo. Thanks to its special innovative formula with vegetable components hair of the baby do not sputyvatsya during bathing. They become soft and silky to the touch, and it is easy to comb them both damp and dry.

Shampoo contains a unique formula “There Are No More Tears TM “ which is also delicate to eyes as clear spring water. It foams easily and quickly and washed away without the rest when rinsing, recovering children`s hair natural purity and health. Shampoo is tested by dermatologists and is hypoallergenic.

With new shampoo from JOHNSON`S® Baby hair of the baby will be such silky that it is easy to comb them even after the most active games. And babies who like to turn in front of the mirror especially will like Easy Combing shampoo, it is enough to them to make several easy movements a hairbrush now to turn into the real beauties!

JOHNSON`S Baby “Easy Combing“ Shampoo is ideal

for the child because it: