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Anesthetics of

As it is correct to choose the anesthetizing preparation? What tablets from each other differ in? The assistant to department of clinical pharmacology of the Voronezh state medical academy Yulia Mikhaelovna Dronova advises.

the Correct approaches

Main in application of analgetics - not to forget that it is necessary to reveal and remove the causes of emergence of pain. At many illnesses the anesthetizing drugs are not necessary in general.

So, at menstrual pains and intestinal colic often enough application of spazmolitichesky preparations - for example, but - shpa happens. From - for congestions of gases effectively reduces intestines pains espumizan.

At pains behind a breast needs to apply vasodilating means - nitroglycerine. At the unpleasant feelings connected with diseases of a gullet and stomach antatsida - almagel, fosfalyugel help. Headaches from - for increases of arterial pressure remove hypotensive drugs.

Dangerous self-treatment

some disturbing symptoms at which it is strictly forbidden to accept analgetics Exist. Their reception can confuse a picture of an illness and lead to wrong tactics of treatment.

Sharp and severe pain in a stomach can be a consequence of appendicitis, intestinal impassability, hemorrhage in an abdominal cavity at women at extra-uterine pregnancy. At such pains it is necessary to call “Ambulance“ as soon as possible.

At the severe squeezing pain behind a breast needs to accept nitroglycerine, at inefficiency - in 7 - 10 minutes one more tablet. If pains do not pass, it is necessary to cause “ambulance“.

the Dangerous sign - a headache combination to loss of consciousness, drowsiness and vomiting. The stroke or encephalitis can be the cause of such state. In this case it is extremely undesirable to drink analgetics without consultation of the doctor.

the Combined preparations

best of all are suitable

For a satisfying of severe pain the combined preparations. Most often they contain caffeine, codeine and phenobarbital. These additives strengthen action of an analgetic. What component the tablet contains, it is easy to find out from the summary to a preparation.

Caffeine strengthens action of an analgetic, makes the toning impact on an organism.

Codeine possesses own powerful anesthetizing action. It treats drugs therefore the nonprescription combined tablets contain codeine in very small doses. However children of medicine with codeine are not recommended to give.

the Example of the combined analgetic is solpadein which costs 70 - 80 rubles. In its structure - paracetamol, caffeine and codeine.

Strong anesthetic is the new combined preparation with codeine - a nurofen plus which costs from 85 to 105 rubles.

Phenobarbital has the calming effect and strengthens action of an analgetic. An example of a preparation with phenobarbital is pentalgin. Caffeine, codeine, phenobarbital, analginum and paracetamol are its part. The price of 10 tablets - 60 - 70 rubles.

needs to be remembered that codeine, phenobarbital and some other additives cause drowsiness. Therefore the combined drugs are not recommended to drivers and during the work in those spheres where concentration of attention is necessary.

At the pains caused by spasms the preparations representing a combination of analginum and a spazmolitik are effective

. Spazmalgon, baralgin and spazgan cost from 20 to 40 rubles for 10 tablets.

the Effective and inexpensive preparation for simplification of the pains caused by spasms is novigan at the price of 20 - 30 rubles. In its structure the ibuprofen is combined with spazmolitiky.

Despite variety of anesthetics, their basis is in most cases presented by four preparations.


One of the most popular drugs around the world - acetilsalicylic acid or aspirin. The preparation is well studied and rather effective, especially at a combination of pain and the increased temperature.

However it cannot be applied at inflammatory diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path - gastritis, stomach ulcer. It is not recommended to drink aspirin and at menstrual pains. The preparation is contraindicated to children and teenagers as it can cause complications from a liver and a brain - Ray`s syndrome.

it is better for p to take the Pill of aspirin after food, washing down with water or milk for reduction of an irritant action on mucous a stomach.

aspirin Costs absolutely not much. For 2 rubles it is possible to buy the Russian acetilsalicylic acid, and for 40 - 60 rubles - sparkling tablets of the French or German production.


the Least toxic medicine for treatment of pain is paracetamol. It less than other analgetics, causes side effects and is almost safe for a stomach.

paracetamol works with

At the increased body temperature softly, reducing temperature gradually. It is allowed for use for children and pregnant women.

However in high doses paracetamol negatively influences a liver. Therefore when using paracetamol it is especially important to observe a dosage.

Besides, paracetamol is the weakest by efficiency in comparison with other analgetics.

the Russian paracetamol can be bought

for 2 - 3 rubles. Import preparations of paracetamol cost from 25 to 65 rubles. Relatively recently in drugstores the new preparation panadol an asset at the price from 55 to 75 rubles appeared, he acts quicker than usual paracetamol.

the Ibuprofen

It quite seldom causes side effects. Its anesthetizing action is stronger, than at paracetamol.

the Ibuprofen has anti-inflammatory effect therefore it is successfully applied at joint pains. Also well helps also at menstrual pains. As well as paracetamol, an ibuprofen can be given to children.

the First day dose are accepted in the morning to food, by other doses - for day after food.

the ibuprofen can Sometimes cause damage mucous a stomach. However for zheludochno - an intestinal path it in general is safer, than aspirin. At prolonged use injury of kidneys therefore it is recommended to use an ibuprofen incidentally is possible.

of 100 tablets of a domestic ibuprofen cost 30 - 40 rubles. The same active ingredient as a part of a nurofen and a solpafleks. These preparations cost from 40 to 95 rubles, but in their packing of only 12 tablets.


of WHO is negative to its use in medical practice as it negatively influences the haematogenic system, a liver and kidneys. It is recommended to use analginum incidentally, only at inefficiency of other anesthetics.

However analginum nevertheless has some pluses. First of all, it is the expressed analgesic effect and existence of a high-speed dosage form. Analginum can be applied in the form of solution to intramuscular or intravenous administration. Besides, the preparation is very available at the price: tablets cost about 2 - 5 rubles.


Advantages are the expressed analgesic effect and lack of influence on a stomach. The preparation is effective at joint pains. Its soothing effect long - till 12 o`clock.

However messages on negative influence of a nimesulid on a liver appeared in recent years. Due to the insufficient study in many countries it is not recommended to children.

From - for possible drowsiness is not recommended to take after application of a nimesulid the wheel and to work in those spheres where concentration of attention is necessary.

Nimesulid under a trade name “Nayz“ can be bought

for 35 - 45 rubles, nimesit a little more expensively.