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Cosmetics for lenses of

of the Woman, the carrying contact lenses, have to look after in a special way skin around eyes. What here nuances?

is Told by the cosmetologist sankt - the St. Petersburg salon “May“ Svetlana Kiselyova.

It is known that skin century the most gentle and thin. There are first mimic wrinkles which have an appearance of “goose pads“. Before everything they are formed at those who suffer from sight violation. Short-sighted people got used to squint and tighten a finger an eye corner to a temple. It injures skin around eyes, provokes its flabbiness.

the Problem is aggravated also with carrying contact lenses. They need to be removed and dressed, delaying an eyelid that too provokes risk of development of wrinkles. And if the mote got, the woman begins to rub desperately eyes that too is very harmful to skin a century.

can Protect eyelids by means of the correct leaving. But at first it is necessary to modify sight adequately. It will relieve the person of excess mimic loading.

Try to use the special, not showered cosmetics. It surely has to be hypoallergenic. Eyes constantly adjoin to polymeric material of which lenses are made. From - for it skin the century and eyes become very sensitive. They react to the slightest irritation reddening, dacryagogue or an itch. Here nobody will resist desire to rub an eye a hand, and it is that just it is not necessary to do. Therefore it is the best of all for p to buy by

cosmetics on which packing letters “V will appear. A.“ . It means that it passed ophthalmologic control. Such cosmetics is recognized safe for those who carry contact lenses.

also the consistence of decorative means is of Great importance. If powder and blush can be friable, then shadows have to be densely pressed. In this case the probability of their hit in eyes will decrease. It is better to choose ink dense and dense.

I one more important detail. The woman carrying contact lenses has to be engaged in the appearance in strictly certain order. At first it is necessary to be engaged in a hairdress. Then to cause spirits. And only after that it is possible to insert lenses. Otherwise there is a danger of hit on their surface of parts of aerosol cosmetics - a varnish or a deodorant.

Then there comes the turn of a make-up: at first tone, powder, blush and lipstick are caused, eyes are made up in the last turn. Shadows are put with easy strokes and carefully shaded on skin.

it Becomes by means of porolonovy applicators. It is better not to use Q-tips or brushes. Also it is not recommended to comb the made-up eyelashes. Parts of the showered ink surely will get on a lens surface. Then it should be pulled out, washed out and inserted back. At the same time skin of a century stretches once again.

should Remove a make-up in lenses too. Eyelids and eyelashes need the special solutions intended for makeup removal of eyes. All movements have to be dot, getting wet. Then it is necessary to wash away ink by means of two damp cosmetic small pillows: one is put on a lower eyelid, and the second is driven along eyelashes from top to down. In this case paint does not get on a surface of lenses.

should apply to

After removal of cosmetics cream on eyelids. Many companies - Christian Dior, Lierac, Vichy, L`Oreal - let out the means intended for correction of “goose pads“. Some of them need to use not regularly, and courses for 3 - 5 weeks.

Besides, time in half a year it is necessary to replace one cream with another. There is an opinion that skin gets used to active additives and ceases to react to them. Therefore cosmetologists do not recommend to use the same means several years in a row.


apply creams in a certain order. On a lower eyelid it is necessary to move from temples to a nose bridge, and on top - from a nose bridge to temples. The movements have to be not stroking, and patting. The so-called rejuvenating creams need to be applied for the night, and moistening - in the afternoon, before a make-up. If the woman follows all these rules, then the risk of developing of premature wrinkles will be minimized and carrying lenses will not do noticeable harm.